Thursday, April 26, 2012

Random Thoughts - April 25, 2012

I sprayed my yard with weed and grass killer before going on the cruise. I wanted to kill the weeds out before the Bermuda started growing, and besides this is what Linda, aka LGuild, told me to do *okie giggles at herself thinking about people believe okie always does what Linda tells her to do*. Of course some of the weeds do come back but not as bad and I will still have to mow. Truth be told, I wouldn't care if it all died out if we are going to have another summer like we did last year and since it is the end of April and we are already hitting close to 90 degrees the outcome isn't looking good at this point. But I am going to have faith that there will be cooler weather this summer than last summer.

I had to go out and mow since the grass did grow and some of the weeds came back *okie is now considering Linda's tale about a flame thrower spot treating yards...and believes her whole yard is a spot but isn't sure how she would convince the fire department* and  and when I mow my mind tends to wander off here and there. Actually my mind does that quite a bit anyway, but when I am mowing I am less distracted by other things...unless there is a SQUIRREL *okie cracks up knowing her Facebook friends will get the meaning of this one*.

While mowing last night I got to thinking about how I don't mind mowing until it gets hot. I remember years ago when my mom was alive I would tell her "every summer I remember why I need a husband" and she would laugh and tell me that is true but there are other good things about husbands beside having them to mow. I would have asked her to explain but I am afraid of what my mother might have told me and let's face it, there are somethings we never want to hear our mother's say! You can just ask my daughter if ya don't believe me HA HA HA, uh...but seriously, ya could! Oh and just to clarify, this is not a picture of my daughter but rather some random picture I found on the internet that I thought was too cute not to use to get my point across.

This little trip down memory lane lead me to thinking about reasons I have never been married. I actually think about this a lot, it's only normal since our society and nature is set up for people to be paired up. I have been paired up a number of times in my life but nothing that ever worked out. I started thinking about the relationships I have had in my life and what was wrong with each one and then I had an epiphany! Ya know the perceptive insight kind, not the appearance of a manifestation kind. There was nothing wrong with the relationship it is with my perception. I tend to see only the good in a prospect *okie cracks up at saying prospect but thinks it fits since the man is a "potential or likely candidate"* and then when the newness starts to wane I only see the bad. By focusing only on the bad I am then ready to let go and move on. I am trying to decide if I have a hard time compromising in situations and when it comes time to compromise I focus on the bad, which I don't think I honestly do, or if I just give up to easily because I don't want to put forth the effort it takes to make something work.

I suddenly felt like I was going to have a revelation in my life and then I noticed a callus on my hand and well ya know how my mind works.........SQUIRREL!! So I guess I will have to finish contemplating this thought the next time I mow.


  1. I think your random thoughts posts are my faves, even though I love looking at all your projects! I find it so encouraging to know there are other Squirrel! people out there. hugs to you, eileen

  2. It is so funny when you 'go off' like this, makes me laugh every time.

  3. Okie, you won't do. I too also enjoy when you go off on your random thoughts. They are usually so true and it is often what we all think but don't have the courage to voice. Thanks so much for being the person you are!!!