Monday, June 14, 2021

HTV On Polyester Shirts - PITA!

I did several of these shirts a few years ago and let me tell you that I really needed to watch a video on how to layer HTV on dri-fit shirts. I did find out later that I needed to only press a few seconds to keep the HTV from shrinking on the polyester. Also I need to overlap the layers a bit when doing knockout to help with any gapping. I haven’t tried any since I did these but I might get a polyester shirt just to see if I can do it correctly.

Have any of you been able to perfect HTV on polyester? 

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Y’all I’m Scrapbooking!

I have big news! I will be scrapbooking again because I’m going to be a grandmother! My daughter had her gender reveal party this weekend and we found out IT’S A GIRL! She had me make a few t-shirts for the occasion and as you can see by the picture below she was team boy. I don't think she is disappointed though but more scared that she might have to pay for her raising! *okie thinks her daughter should be afraid, very afraid and then laughs evilly*.

Now if you know me you know I have a ton of supplies to probably complete 500 scrapbooks *okie knows that’s probably not an exaggeration* and now I have a pretty awesome reason to start using some of those supplies I've acquired over the last 15 years or so. 

It's gonna take me awhile to get back in the hang of designing layouts and making them since I haven't done this part of the paper crafting in, well longer than I care to admit! I got this layout designed and I've even cut the SVG elements and will work on putting some of it together this evening. When I get the layout done and make sure it goes together well I will share the SVG. YES, you heard me! I am going to start sharing SVG's again, simply because I like to share. 

So stay tuned because I’ll be posting more on here as time goes on but in the mean time here is the full design I'm going for. *okie hopes she can remember how to do this whole blog thing*

Sunday, May 23, 2021

I’m still around

 I’ve kept this website going because I have so many projects I want to refer too at times and with the ease of social media I wonder if people still use the blog format. I have a lot of projects I could add but not sure anyone even check websites anymore. I would love to share files again but after I had some people selling files I made, or reselling ones I had sold it left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Luckily I have enough people out there that know my work and alert me when this happened and I was able to confront a few of them. 

I do like having this website so I can easily refer to projects so I might start posting projects here again.