Sunday, July 24, 2011

Adventures from, er evening 3

and start of day 4!!!

During some of our craziness Carmen made the suggestion we drive to Louisiana and go to a casino. We all laughed about it but then somehow it became serious business. Laurie had went to get her friend Michelle who was getting off work at CKC and mentioned it to her. Michelle said she wanted fried clams, crab legs or something and was up for the trip. So yes, we drove 3 hours to the Isle of Capri in Lake Charles Louisiana!!

Now let me warn you guys, if you are ever kidnapped by a bunch of crazy scrappers make sure you have friends you can call and let them know your whereabouts in case you do not make it back safely *okie is so glad her new phone has the little GPS find me feature*. Oh also another might want to invest in some Depends!!

Laurie kept talking in her Poncho voice and we were all dying laughing. Now let me tell ya about Poncho *okie hopes everyone remembers her bringing up Poncho in yesterday's post*...Poncho evidently is a very dear family friend and hand of Laurie's family and has been with the family back from Laurie's grandfather. Poncho as you might have guessed is Mexican and Laurie says he doesn't understand English that well. But then again I think I remember Laurie mentioning she believes he understands better than he lets on. Well it seems if Laurie talks with an accent Poncho will understand what she is saying better so all the way to Louisiana and most of the way back Laurie was in Poncho mode. Carmen kept calling her Pedro *okie shakes head and really worries about Carmen sometimes*.

I think we figured out where every McDonalds was on the road in between Houston and Lake Charles because we had to stop and each one and use the bathroom because we were laughing so hard and so much *okie is really surprised no one peed themselves the whole trip*. I had sent out an SOS on Facebook that I had been kidnapped to see if anyone would come save me. Lori even posted on her page they kidnapped me and was open to ransom for my safe return. Sadly, no one offered anything...*okie is beginning to see she really just doesn't know who her friends are after all*. At least Kristy M., who is also from Houston, did post back to Lori and say "I was thinkin' but I'm not parting with any of my Cricut stuff, besides, you have everything I have anyway :)". Not sure that is much of a consolation though!

In hopes of being rescued I posted a few pictures on Facebook of my captors...well at least some of their body parts. Carmen had taken a picture of Lori's feet and I posted on Facebook "here are the toes of one of my captors" and then I was trying to take a picture of Laurie and Lori and Carmen jumped in front of the camera and when I posted it on facebook I said "this is the tongue of another of my captors".

I did finally manage to snap a picture of Lori and Laurie without interference. Now you see the older gentleman in the background? Well before we left out of there he was looking at us, shaking his head and laughing. I believe we decided that he either figured we were all completely nuts or he was glad someone kidnapped me! Of course they are saying they kidnapped me all loud and chit right there in McDonalds. I think Laurie was beginning to wonder if the man was going to call the authorities on them. We were close to the state line by this time so it would now be a case for the feds.

Our final bathroom stop was at a rest stop and by this time I think Michelle was irritated with the rest of us. She wasn't laughing like the other ladies and I were so she didn't need to go to the bathroom like we did. We left her in the vehicle to guard it while we took our final bathroom break.

We finally made it to the Isle of Capri in Lake Charles around 10pm. Michelle, Lori and Laurie went to see if they could find seafood, which they did not get because the buffet was like $26 a person. Carmen and I head toward the slots. It was hot as heck down in the area Carmen and I were in so I went upstairs to watch for the other gals. There wasn't good phone service but luckily were able to meet back up. Laurie sat at a machine I just got off of and won like $35! I tried telling her 20 of that was mine but she didn't listen. We got lost in the casino a few times but then found our way back to where we had came in. Laurie, Lori and Michelle left Carmen and I at the casino while they went to find something to eat. I ended up leaving with $140 more than I went in with so that was pretty good.

The trip home was much more quiet than the trip there. Everyone was exhausted! Michelle told Lori she should feel honored because Michelle let Lori ride up front with Laurie. Michelle evidently got sick from what they ate at The Wafflehouse and was in the back with me *okie is so glad Michelle didn't puke because okie would have puked right back on her*. Carmen was in the very back. Lori and I tried to keep talking so we could keep Laurie awake while she was driving. We stopped for gas at one place and I wanted to pick up some cowboys but the gals wouldn't let me *okie smiles remembering how nice those wranglers were fittin one cowboy*.

We finally made it home around 5am I think. Laurie had made arrangements for a late check out so she and Michelle could get some sleep before heading back to the Austin area. Lori was only going to be able to get a few hours sleep because she had a meeting the next day. Carmen of course had to tend to her family's needs so I guess I was the only lucky one about being able to sleep!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Adventures from 3

I thought I should continue my Houston story since I have been back home for over a week now and haven't finished it. I think either I am use to the heat of Oklahoma again or maybe having the new vehicle with AC is helping or maybe....oh well, what ever the reason I am gonna try to finish my adventure.

On Saturday we had a trip to Archivers planned. I had never been so I was excited. It was a nice store and they had a lot of stuff. I told Carmen I was not really too impressed and that I think it is because I do so much shopping online I had already seen most of the items they carried *okie wonders if the internet takes some of the excitement out of life sometimes*.

I did buy one item at Archivers, this great Pagemaps book! You guys know how I love their website and swear by it. Well the book is totally awesome and you also get this deck of cards that are in the back of the book for you to punch out and the box to put together to store them in.

Pam, aka TheBugBytes, actually had the deck of cards and showed us at lunch at Olive Garden. Since Lori had the foresight to print off coupons for all of us I was able to get 30% off the cost of the book. So now I can say I did get something at Archivers!! I think Lori and Laurie thought about getting it but when Laurie scanned it with her handy dandy smart phone she found that she could save a dollar and some change by getting it on, so she opted to wait. I did ask the clerk for my Native American discount, which I did NOT get *okie just so doesn't get it when she doesn't get that discount*, but it did start the personality of Poncho coming out in Laurie. You will hear more about Poncho...believe me.

I also got to meet Mom2SidSquid while at Archivers. She had wanted to meet up at CKC but we missed her somehow and she had gotten a hold of me via pm on the message board. I gave her my number and let her know what our plan was going to be. It was great to meet her and her son. He is undoubtedly a fantastic scrapper since he had a great eye for embellishments! Sadly I did not get a picture of Demita.

I was able to snap this picture of Laurie and Carmen hiding behind the Basic Grey collections. Ya know for scrapbookers we sure suck at taking pictures of our awesome friends and getting our pictures taken with our awesome friends! *okie wonders if maybe she is hanging out with the wrong people in her life*

After we got done shopping we headed back to Carmen's so Lori and Laurie could drop us off. Carmen made the comment "oh we should go to Louisiana to the casino". We already had plans to meet at some place called Willie's Icehouse and I had gotten a hold of my friend Angela to let her know but hadn't heard back from her. Somehow Carmen's comment became reality and and the next thing I knew we were all making plans for a road trip to Louisiana....


Friday, July 22, 2011

Got a new vehicle!

Or at least a new to me vehicle! My little Metro has been on the verge of biting the dust and the battery died on Monday. I got a new battery and everything SEEMED fine. I went to see Naomi on Wednesday evening and when I left there my car wouldn't start. After some walking in the heat, cooling down, and having a dear friend give me a ride I made it back home. Another friend, later that night, took me to get jumper cables and we jumped the car and got it back home. I turned the car off and POOF, it wouldn't start.

Car trouble is the one thing that will frustrate and stress me beyond belief. I was posting my woes on Facebook when my Aunt Betty posted she was selling her Kia Sedona because she got a newer vehicle and "it runs great and the A/C works" *okie now wonders how she has been able to survive two summers without A/C in her car*. Being the wonderful aunt and uncle that my Aunt Betty and Uncle Perk are, they are allowing me to make payments to them for the Sedona! *okie knows God has truly blessed her with a wonderful life* After a quick trip up to my aunt and uncles I now have a mini van that my daughter has dubbed "The Shaggin Wagon" *okie thinks her daughter deserves a thump on the head for this one*.

When we got back home yesterday I had to take my daughter to the doctor because she hasn't been feeling well. Come to find out she has pink eye and strep throat. She kept saying she wanted to drive "The Shaggin Wagon" and I thought she was kidding. She told me she had never driven a mini van and wanted to know what it was like. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to take her picture! Notice the glossy red right eye, great pic huh! HA HA She also said something about "OMG! CAN YOU SAY ROAD TRIPPPP!" I don't think she will be allowed to drive it very much because there is no telling where it might end up!

Today I decided Lucy needed to go for her first ride. I was going to go get a diet coke and my friend Nancy called and she was right outside my house so I told her she could go with us. We were driving around and I told her to take a picture of Lucy riding. Lucy looks like she approves and will enjoy the mini van *okie is so trying not to continue to call it the Shaggin Wagon*. I think Lucy liked being able to ride in a vehicle that had A/C and she has plenty of windows to look out of and ample seating to lay down if she gets tired. Okay I really gotta laugh at this point because when my daughter was younger I would haul her friends around in my Metro and they would be all cramped up. Now that she is grown and I have Lucy at home with me I have a mini van to haul Lucy around in!

I had posted pictures of my new vehicle on Facebook and I got tons of comments about how much scrappy supplies it will hold. While I am quite sure there is plenty of room for just about anything I might want to stick in there the sad truth is that now I am flat busted and have no money for scrappy supplies, especially with a car payment. But on the positive note, well I already have enough supplies to last me a few years so I don't really need to shop for any scrappy supplies. So in the end it will all work out just fine!

WOW Time flies!!

I was going through my video's on YouTube and saw this one of Lucy. I can't believe that has been almost a year ago! How so much has changed in my life and so much stayed the same....

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's not safe....

for me to do any posting at this point. I have gone from a happy go lucky person to being a pissed off bad attitude individual! While they are saying Oklahoma City has had 29 days of 100 degree or more temperature this summer I don't think they are including my town because I swear since the beginning of June we have had maybe...MAYBE...5-6 days where the temperature didn't hit 100+.

I was a good sport for awhile. I kept thinking it was a fluke and we were having a few days of August in June. But now here it is middle of July and we are still in this heat dome *okie still thinks she wants to shoot the heel out of the man on tv that was explaining it, especially when he said "and there is no relief in sight"*.

So my dear readers I apologize for not being able to post but at this time I don't think it is safe for me to do postings because they would likely not be very nice!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Interupting the regular scheduled....


I had planned on continuing the story about my Houston trip but due to technical difficulties I am unable to do so at this time. Okay the truth is I really need to post some pictures and explain some things and I honestly don't know how to get the pics off my new phone and into the computer! I will have to wait until my daughter can show me what to do or I get a chance to email them to myself so I can edit and finish the posts.

However, never fear I will continue the story once the technical difficulties are resolved.

I will be going home today and likely passing out once I get there. At least that is what I would like to do but I gotta hit the poker room tonight and see if I can win a hot seat in the 3 card poker tournament at the end of the month. The top prize is $2,500 and that will buy a lot of pretty paper!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Adventures from 2 CKC

I wasn't sure what to expect from CKC. I know my friend Linda, aka LGuild, went to the one in Tulsa and she said that GASC in Arlington was way better than the CKC she went to and guess what....GASC was a lot better than CKC in my opinion too.

However, the company was FAN TAS TICK!! Carmen, Laurie and I took the Oh So Beautiful class sponsored by Clear Scraps *okie thinks she will wait for another post to post about that*. We actually talked Laurie into going to the class, well maybe not so much talked her into it as we went and paid for her to go so she didn't have a choice *okie and Carmen are not a force to be reckoned with when they set their minds to something*. After that we met up with Lori and chatted for a bit before they had to go to class. At that time Carmen and I went shopping. I tell ya the shopping at GASC is SSOO MUUCCHH BEEETTTERRR! *okie hopes she emphasized that enough* But even then Carmen and I was able to pick up a few bargains.

After shopping we waited for Laurie and Lori to get done with their class and we had decided earlier to go to Olive Garden to eat lunch. Our friends Pam of The BugBytes and Karen joined us. We were able to snap a few pictures of us together, even though people were complaining about not being able to walk through. I thought it was very rude of them, I mean after all THEY ARE SCRAPBOOKERS AND SHOULD APPRECIATE THE MOMENT!! *okie gives a huge eye roll*

Here are some pictures of the things I got at CKC.

I got almost every new color of the 9 available of the Stickles. My friend Carmen did as well but when we got home she found out she had them already! *okie thinks scrappers need a pocket inventory of supplies they have so they can avoid getting duplicates*. But they will be put to good use by someone. We are sending them out to a dear friend of mine from Ohio. I found the clock stamps for like $2 or $3 and couldn't resist them. I even got a set for my friend Linda, aka LGuild. I was excited to see Eyelet Outlet there since I needed to restock my pearl brads. I love using those for flower centers. They were having a door prize giveaway and I was filling out the little card and had written my name and was writing my email address when the cashier saw it and said "HEY! I GO TO YOUR BLOG!". I started laughing and told her "well thank you!"

I didn't buy too much paper, this is it! I couldn't pass up the package of polka dot and paisley paper. Carmen and I are going to split those. The other paper is Fancy Pants, the stripes in the front, and Imaginesce Posh collection, or at least part of it. I think the Posh will make some nice layouts and some great cards *okie thinks of Rock Princess with the Posh*.

There was a lot more paper that was 6/$1 but I restrained from going crazy *okie thinks she needs to give herself a gold star for that one*.

I finally broke down and got me one of those handy dandy scrappers drink holders! I have been wanting one for a few years and never ordered one. I couldn't resist the good sale on the little Prima Sprites *okie wonders about folks who say they have too many flowers since okie doesn't thinks that is pure utter nonsense*.

We were suppose to meet up with some other ladies but I think class schedules got in the way a bit. Lori and Laurie had promised me Olive Garden and by golly I wanted them to keep their promise! So off to Olive Garden we headed! Karen and Pam joined us there as well. I think the waiter got tired of us since he sent someone over and she said "I will be taking over so let me know if there is anything you need". Maybe it was because we laughed so much, or kept asking for more to drink *okie wonders if she should say it was non alcohol but then decides she will just let people think what they want*, or if we were at the table for over 2 hours, anyway he just couldn't handle it I guess!

Carmen and I headed back home after that and just kinda hung out and visited. We knew we had activities the next day with the girls, but we had no idea of what kind of adventure it would become!!

TO BE CONTINUED.....*okie thinks the next day might have to be a two part story*

Monday, July 11, 2011

Adventures from 1

I arrived in Houston safe and sound on Thursday. Yeah yeah yeah I know I am a little behind but in the posts over the next few days you will see why!! *okie doesn't think she has ever on the run so much in her life, and definitely never on the run with the likes of the wild and crazy women she has been around*.

Thursday when I got here Carmen and I met up with Lori, Laurie and Laurie's friend Michelle for a little shopping at Sam Moon. I didn't get anything that day but will be going back to pick up a purse for my daughter and hopefully find a matching wallet. After we finished shopping we went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Lori was nice enough to make a reservation for us. I gotta tell ya folks, you can talk to people on the messageboard and on Facebook but you never know how insanely funny folks are until you meet them in person!

The sad thing is that I didn't even get pictures of people...all I got was pictures of food! *okie thinks to herself...WTH okie! What kinda scrapper are you?* I guess there will just be a lot of journaling and maybe some printed pictures of avatars from Facebook on that layout!

This was the dish I had. I can't even remember the name but it was some kinda shrimp, chicken pasta dish and it was great!! I was only to eat only about half because there was so much.

Carmen and I had ordered a appetizer as well of Calamari, and it was delish as well!

I have to share a funny story with you and Carmen is gonna kill me when she reads this...We were sitting in the booth and Laurie is reaching over behind her and I look at her and she says "I am playing with my butt". Carmen who is on the other side of me doesn't hear Lori and right after Lori says that Carmen says "Well how is it?" Lori, Laurie, Michelle and I crack up laughing and Carmen is looking at us like we are idiots. Carmen was actually asking how my food was but since it came right after Lori's comment it sounded like she was asking Lori how her butt was!! *okie cracks up laughing just remembering this*.

Of course we had to order dessert! Lori had ordered the De Lucci Deluxe cheesecake *okie so knows that is not the right name but is way to lazy to go look it up and get it right* and I had ordered the Kaluha Coffee Cocoa Mocha or some sort of thing. The waiter mixed them up and I ended up with Lori's and said "this doesn't taste much like Kaluha!". So at least I did get to try Lori's cheesecake. Come to think of it I don't think the others offered me to try theirs! *okie is now wondering why they were so rude!*.

My cheesecake was delicious! I didn't finish it either though. Man they sure give you a lot of food at Cheesecake Factory! No one asked for a bite of mine, and if they had I would have given them a bite, a very small small bite.

After we got through eating we headed over to the hotel where CKC was being held to see if we could register but there was no one around. Laurie tells us the next day they found someone and was able to register. I think they cheated!! Carmen and I headed back to her place to try and get some sleep before our 8:30 class at CKC the next day....


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

This heat is killing me!

It has been hotter here for a longer amount of time than I care to remember! I can't even imagine what the rest of July and August is going to be like. I think I might melt away before then, but then again that isn't a bad thing.

I leave for Houston tomorrow. What is it about trips that make me so tired? I swear it takes me twice as long to get ready and then twice as long to recover than the amount of time that I am gone! I have Lucy's babysitter all arranged. My friend Andrea will be coming to stay at the house with her. My sister was a little upset because I wasn't taking Lucy to stay with her. I told my sister that I didn't want to have her watch Lucy again since Lucy stayed there while I was on the cruise. Ya know I don't remember anyone ever being disappointed when they couldn't keep my daughter for a week when she was little!! WHERE WERE ALL THE KIND HEARTS THEN? Oh yeah, I remember...they all knew how ornery she was and were afraid of what she might get into while I would be away.

Thought I should give a pool update. It is a little harder to maintain than I thought. BUT...a lady I talked to said a lot of people are having problems this year because of the heat. I will have to get a bag of salt tomorrow and add some before I leave on vacation. I want to make sure it is set for the time I will be gone. Andrea is coming over tomorrow to get instructions on how to rinse the filter and run the pump. Of course she can always call me if she needs to.

I am enjoying the pool and it does feel great on my skin!! I have even been able to work on my tan some!! My daughter had a few friends over last night and they swam for awhile. I cooked on the grill for them and they ate like pigs and swam like fish! *okie cracks up laughin thinking about her daughter and her friends being critters*.

I still haven't done any crafting and at this point I have even thought about it. I know I will do some crafting while in Houston since I am taking a class at CKC. I think Carmen has plans to work on some projects while I am there as well so maybe I will have something to blog about!! Well something craft related anyway.