Friday, May 30, 2008


Does anyone else have a thing about envelopes?? I DO!! I want cards that fit into them. Well the Criss Cross card didn't fit any envie's I had! So I had to make a CRISS CROSS CARD ENVELOPE!

I have never done this before so hopefully it works.....well not the envie but the printing of the file. It is a PDF file and I hope it prints out right for you guys! I made my template then made one out of plain with card stock so I would have a sturdy pattern. I have made about 4 of these today and they fit great with the criss cross cards. So now if you are wanting to mail a Criss Cross card you can make an envie to mail it in!!

This is a screen shot of what the file should look like printed off.

I did put the instructions on the pattern. So once you get it cut just score, tape and fold! POOF that easy!!

If you are wanting an recipe for envie adhesive there was one on the MB last week. I subscribed to the thread so I could find it when I needed it. I haven't made any yet but sharing the recipe anyway. I will probably just use tape......I am lazy........HA HA HA

Envelope Adhesive

6 tablespoons white vinegar
(4) 0.1 oz. packets unflavored gelatin
1 tablespoon vanilla extract (or any flavor that you like)


Bring vinegar to a boil in a small pan.
Add gelatin and stir until dissolved.
Add extract and stir until mixed.
Brush on thin layer onto back of an envelope flap...Let dry.
Moisten to apply.

Be sure to store unused portion in an air tight container!

Thursday, May 29, 2008


IMPORTANT UPDATE: IF YOU DOWNLOADED THE TRIFOLD CARD BEFORE THIS TIME (MAY 30TH, 6:50 PM CENTRAL TIME) THEN YOU WILL NEED TO DELETE THE RECTANGLE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ENVIE. Thank you to Sandy for pointing this out to me. The correct file will download now. The file you have will work, just make sure you delete the rectangle that is in the middle of the oval on the envie mat! Then click save and the file will be correct.

So I did some work on it and while a true trifold card can't be cut on the baby bug I was able to make a bottom flap to make it into a trifold card with the little bit of help from tape!!

Okay enough of that. Here is the TRIFOLD CARD made for the baby bug! Oh and using all George of course. And remember if you need to see more detail in the pictures you can click on them and make them bigger.

These are the cuts you end up with. You should have enough paper left after cutting the main envie to go ahead and cut the bottom flap. I did place it on another mat so if you used patterned paper and wanted to match up the paper you could. I chose to have my paper going a different direction.....I like to be different...HA HA HA HA.

There are score lines, actually more like dots where you will score the main part of the envie. So score those. I didn't put score lines on the flap becuase it is cut at angles on one end. That is the end that you will adhere to the main part of the envie. After adhering you should end up with a piece like what is in this picture. I inked the edges at this point. I like ink.......*okie drools as she thinks about inked edges*.

Next you will apply tape to the bottom flap and fold up. TADA you now have your trifold envie!

Next you adjust where you want your band to be. I just stuck a little tape to the center so I could keep it in place where I thought I wanted it.

Now fold the edges over.

Tape down one side. I just did a vertical strip. Then do the same for the other side of the flap.

And after taping this is how the back should look like.

And this is how the front should look like after the band is in place. Of course you can put the band where you want it. I didn't measure, just placed it where I thought it looked good.

Next adhere your mats together, lining up the sides equally.

I do have rectangle tags included in the file but for this card I used the scallop circles. I did make the scallop circle with George so the file only uses one cart.

Embellish how you wish!! Okay to be honest I messed up stamping in the original circle I cut. So I just stamped a piece of blue paper and then cut around the line of the stamp. I really liked this one! It is one of those See D's stamps that you can usually find for $1. I did cut a yellow circle that is included in the file. I then put the yellow on the brown circle and then the blue on the is that clear as mud? Anyway...ya know you can make it how you want.

I also did use a small hole punch and then added ribbon to the top of the card so it would pull out. But forgot to take a picture of that. OH OH OH! And guess what! This will fit inside the standard invitation envelope if you decide you want to make one and mail it!!

CRISS CROSS CARD - Instructions and pictures

Okay.....whew!! I got it pretty much fine tuned and ready for the blog. Oh...I mean the CRISS CROSS CARD of course, uuhh yeahhh that is why the title of this post says it. THIS IS AN UPDATED VERSION: You will actually be cutting parts to make two cards at once. You will need to cut each side of the envie base twice but the other cuts include two. Thought since there was room on the mat you might as well cut two and save time! *sometimes okie impresses herself with her economic thoughts, other times not so much - like when she sees a clearance sale*. OH yes and it is with George!

If the picture is too small you can click the picture and it will open bigger so you can see more details.

These are the cuts you end up with. Okay so you will end up with a set of two on the mats, all except the envie base and then ovals. If you want to make two cards at once just cut both sides of the envie base and ovals again.
There are score lines on the card where you will score for the angles to fold in. You will want to tape the right side on top of the left side, lining up the bottom and top and sides. They aren't lined up in the picture because I wanted to show a better shot of what I meant.

Next you will tape the triangles on the angles of the envie. Just line them up at the bottom and the sides of the envie. Turn it anyway you need to so you can line it up. I have it folded out here but when I get ready to tape them down I actually have the flaps turned it because I think it is easier that way. If you are wanting to ink your edges this is a good time to do it.

Next you will want to tape the angles down. I put arrows (which you might not see in the small picture) of where you will want to put your tape. Of course I used my handy dandy ATG gun.

Next you will fold the left hand side flap in. Pressing down to make sure it is adhered well.

And next you fold the right flap in. Again press to adhere well.

Next you will want to do the band. Line up the band on the back of the card almost to the edge. I did do a line of ATG tape so it would hold in place. Then apply tape the the small flap that is sticking out and fold into place.

This is how it will look in the front after the band is taped on.

HA HA HA I forgot to take a picture of the mats being put together but I think most of you know how to do that. Just line up equally on all sides and tape or glue down. I made the scalloped oval with George. It is optional but I liked the idea. I stamped the mat and then the inside of the oval.

TADA!!! This is the completed card with the card inside the envie.

This is the second cut I used. I did decide to use a different color cardstock for the second card, and actually I like these colors better!! OOOO AAHHHH!! *crackin up laugh* I didn't stamp anything on this one yet because not sure what I wanted. But I was able to make two cards at once with this version of the file.



Uhh.......yeah.....don't have the file yet but I did make one. Well okay I do have the file but trying to do some options for it first. Anyway.......I ain't sharing it yet HA HA HA HA *in wicked evil laugh that is between the wicked witch from the west and Cruella Devil*. Hopefully later today, I will have time to do the instructions for the Criss Cross card and do the Trifold card then also. The trifold isn't a true trifold, since it only folds twice.........okay I will call it a double fold from now on. I don't have enough room on the baby bug to make it a true trifold.

Anyway I think I am rambling here, maybe because it is so late. Maybe it is because I am almost out of ice tea and have no more tea bags. Maybe it is because I am almost delirious because my dessert recipe swaps will be in the mail by the deadline! WOOHOO! Okay I gotta give props to my daughter on this one. I was so tired from taping and gluing earlier I had to take a break from them. I looked over there and that girl was getting the stickling done on them! *Seriously did ya think I would be able to do one without stickles?*

OOHHH!! How do you guys like the new look of the blog? I was playing around with it last night and thought I needed a new look, something more me! I need to do some fine tuning on my banner but for now it will have to do.

Okay think I better get to bed before I fall out of this chair! Well okay maybe just a short cruise through the MB before heading off to bed.........

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Criss Cross Card

Okay I don't have pictures yet, or my instructions ready. I have made two CRISS CROSS CARDS with this file so I do know it works! I will try to get to the instructions and pictures this evening sometime. But wanted to go ahead and post the file. I think I might even bust into my Butterflies and Blossoms that Raechase sent me more the Spring Glitter Stack that Softbrn sent me. THANK YOU LADIES! Little did they realize I hate to use pretty paper! HA HA HA

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Okay so my dessert swaps have to be in the mail by the end of the week. No problem, got most everything cut and I can put them together really fast. No worries about running out of adhesive as my 12 rolls of ATG tape came in today! WOOHOO!!

But then tonight I get a pm....evidently I entered a card swap. WHAT? I didn't remember entering. The MB member laughed and said she would take my name off. I told her NOO!! I don't want people to think I am a flaker! For those who don't know...that is what someone is called when they enter a swap and then don't follow through. OKIE IS NO FLAKER!!

Here is the lifesaver.....I am going to make some of the little square cards that I designed the cut file for a few days ago. See God must have known that I forgot about the card swap and thought He better have me prepare subconsciously. He is soooo good to me!!

All I can say is thank goodness for Design Studio!! It sure makes my life easier! Anyone agree?

I got my cards done!! I didn't use the square card. I actually used one that was posted in the MB some months back that I had downloaded. BUT I GOT THEM DONE!! OH YYEEAAHHH! *in her best Kool-Aid voice*

Monday, May 26, 2008

Waterfall Card

My friend LacyGilbertson had posted a video for a Waterfall Card. I just loved the card but I sure hate to have to do a lot of measuring. When I was watching the video I thought "DANG! I could make that with DS and then all I have to do is cut!

Well so I went to designing. And then thought I should go ahead and post directions on my blog in case someone needed them. So when I got ready to cut I took pictures. Hopefully my instructions will be easy to understand.

I did do two is the WATERFALL CARD - GEORGE and the other is WATERFALL CARD - PLANTIN SCHOOLBOOK since I know some people don't have George. The instructions are the same for both versions. You can click on the pictures to make them bigger if you want to see closer details.

I used some sky blue card stock for the base, some My Mind's Eye paper for the mat, some brown card stock for the strips and stamped images mat. And white for the stamped images.

These are the cuts you will end up with. The mats are labeled for easy identification. I don't have a 1 inch circle punch so I just made the circle cutout with DS....saves time don't ya think!! Also I have included scoring lines on the long strip. They are two tiny score lines for each fold. Just score on those and you have to do NO measuring *YEEHHAAWWW*. Just score on those lines and then fold.

Next line up your mat on top of your card base. The circle cut outs at the bottom will line up, this also helps with getting your mat and base straight. And no need to go out and buy a 1 inch circle punch.
The base measures 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inches. The mat measures 4 x 5 1/4 inches.

I lined up 3/4 x 4 inch strip about 1 inch from the bottom of the mat. I did use a tiny bit of adhesive on the ends to keep it in place while I punched holes for the eyelets so it would stay straight.

Here is a picture after the eyelets are attached. I used a lime green eyelet since I thought it matched the mat paper well.

Next I stamped my images on the 1 7/8 inch white squares. I used an autumn leaves stamp I had since I thought it went with the paper well. I used a sky blue Color Box Cat Eye Ink pad.

I colored the little flower outer centers with a copper metallic gel pen. And I did my doodling around the square with the same pen. I used a celery Rose Art colored pencil to color in the flower. I then centered the stamped images onto the 2 inch squares, used my ATG gun of course! HA HA HA

Next I slid my long strip under the thin strip. I then ran 3 lines of ATG tape onto the thin strip. Then making sure my thick strip was where I wanted it I folded down the part of the strip that has the score lines on it. Which is easier to see what I am talking about in the next picture.

Once had my thick strip down good I put a line of ATG tape at the top of each square. You can see the score lines pretty good in this picture. I then attached each square STARTING AT THE BOTTOM at the score line (or a hair below).

Here you can see where the square is taped in reference to the score line.

This is how the card looks with all the little images attached.

For the pull I just used some ribbon and a mini brad to attached it to the bottom of the long strip. You can either write or stamp a sentiment to the long piece of the card that pulls out. Which I forgot to do, but since I don't know what I will use this card for I think I will wait and do it later.

Okay I am trying to show a video of how the card works when it is done. I hope it turns out okay. I just used the video feature on my digital camera so the quality might not be too good, but I wanted you to see the card in action.

OMG THE VIDEO WORKED!! I know the quality isn't good but at least you can see how the card works. It was kinda hard to do having to hold the camera and move the tab! You can see how the long piece comes out.......that is where you can write your greeting!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Gotta share a funny about my cousin....

My cousin who use to live in Wichita Falls TX called me this morning. She now lives in Ohio. She moved up there last month but her husband is staying in Texas to get the house sold. She is trying to keep track of her finances carefully since they have two households to take care of in two different states right now and she emails her husband about her credit card use so they can keep track since she has the receipts in Ohio and he has the bill in Texas *okay I need a husband like that! HA HA HA........uuhh....but seriously.....anyone know where I can find one??*

She forwarded me the emails about the latest report she sent her husband, she thought she was being funny, but his response was the killer!!!

This one is hers....

on 5/12/08

Life uniform...........................138.06

Shoe Carnival.........................56.29

on 5/18



It was a pleasure doing business with you

This was her husband's reply........

Ms Crosby,

Although you sent me the info for two purchases below from the last billing period, I already had the necessary charges registered in the official log as I extracted the info from your sources approximately one week ago. As for the purchase on 5/18, I appreciate the timely response as you know proper documentation prevents potential errors and financial problems down the road. My staff would appreciate it in the future if you consult them prior to any substantial purchase as they reserve the right to refuse service to you.

Please feel free to contact me with any concerns or comments you may have regarding this memo.

Thank you and I look forward to conducting business with you in the future as you have been a contributing factor in my client having a superior credit rating.

Good Day,

Your Husband,

DBA, BJC Financial Services, Inc.

Now how he comes up with stuff I will never know!! *crackin up laughin*

Card frustration.....

I really like square cards. I don't know why. Maybe because they are different. Well with only having the baby bug my abilities *maybe sizes rather than abilities* are limited. But I was determined today to make a square card with an envie!! So after some calculating, and recalculating I was finally able to come up with one!!

I do have a file for the PLAIN 4.25 SQUARE CARD. It is with George. This one is the basic card cut. Nothing special really, but at least I have a file for one now!! It does have score lines on it. I don't have a Scor-Pal or Ultimate Crafter's Companion yet so I need score lines *okie will be getting one of these one of these days*. I am really leaning toward the Ultimate Crafter's Companion as it has the same base as the Score-Pal but also includes the envelope maker!! I saw the Ultimate Crafter's Companion on HSN and I thought "WOW! I NEED ONE OF THOSE". Evidently I said it out loud because I was at my neighbors house watching it with her and she said "and just why do you need that?" *BIG SIGH* Those who don't paper craft just don't understand do they??

I also have a WINDOW 4.25 SQUARE CARD. This one is also with George. This is nice to have that way you can pop in what ever you desire in the window. Just remember to burp the image so it will cut right!! The inside of the window measures approximately 3 inches. So quite a bit of room to put an image or wording in, if ya don't try to write a novel anyway.

I did get some cards made with the window card. This one is the SQUARE WINDOW LADYBUG CARD. Of course my first one will be a ladybug! HA HA HA I used George and Doodlecharms on this one.The swirls are done with some Studio G stamps. There is room if you want to add sentiments also. I have quite a bit of this blue paper and that is the main reason I used it. The paper behind the ladybug is some silver metallic I have from a mat stack. This particular card will be going to a MB member's daughter who loves ladybugs also *okie likes this kid and has never met her, the child obviously has wonderful taste!*.

I was able to make a 4.25 SQUARE ENVELOPE that the card fits in just perfectly!! I only took a picture of the back of the envie so you could see how it folds nicely. Click the picture if you would like to see it bigger. There is even a little room in case you have more embellishment on the card than I have. Okay guys I have to say I was quite proud of myself on this one! I was on the phone with my friend Softbrn when I cut the envie. I told her "I sure hope this works!". Well it did! WOOHOO There are no score lines on the envie but I think you can probably tell where to score it. Here is a picture of the card next to the envie. I used my ATG gun to tape the envie together. For the flap I just used some re-positionable adhesive.

Anyway hope you guys can use this one! I think I will be using this one quite a bit!!

Results of the Stamp Garage Sale.......

I went to a stamp garage sale yesterday here in town, and I did get a few stamps. There were so many I was just overwhelmed lookin at them all! I did buy quite a few card bases to use also, oh and some envies!! Never can have too many card bases or envies! NOPE NOPE NOPE

I did manage to get a few cards made with the Stampin Up "Going Out In Style" stamp set. I thought this one was just too cute and could be used for a variety of occasions! Okay if I could remember I would tell you what size this is.....but I am tired right now...I think it is an A2 card though. I also tried watercolor pencils for the first time. I like the results but it seems I am faster with my trusty colored pencils and Odorless Mineral Spirits method. The bottom one is the one I did with the watercolors. I got a set of 12 Kimberly watercolor pencils yesterday at the sale for $1.00, so figured for that price I could give it a try! Not sure if you can see in the pictures but I did use Stickles on the jewelry she has on *okay raise your hand if you are surprised I used Stickles HA HA HA* The inside of the cards say "Well behaved women rarely make history". I JUST LOVE THAT QUOTE!! *wonders why okie hasn't made history yet since she is rarely well behaved*

I also got a pumpkin stamp. I just saw this little stamp and thought I had to have it!! I know it is out of season right now but at least I will have a nice fall thank you card when the time comes! The "thanks so much" is a Studio G stamp. Oh the pumpkin stamp is Hero Art I do believe *NO I am NOT going to walk over there and see!* I used the Cuttlebug swiss dots folder on the card base and also on the brown oval. No Stickles on this one but I did use some Chestnut Cat Eye Ink for the distressing.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Graduation Card

My neighbor's niece graduated from college a few weeks ago. My neighbor asked if I could make a GRADUATION CARD. Well of course I said yes! *okie never turns down a chance to use her Cricut!* She told me what colors she would like to have and what she wanted it to say. Since she said she was going to give her niece a check for graduation I suggested I make a little matching purse for her to put the check in. I used a velcro dot on the flap of the purse so it would stay shut. And of course it is from the TBBM cart.

I used Tear Drop and Wedding Solutions for this card. The swirls are WS and can be deleted off the mat if you don't want to use them. The card fits in a standard size invitation envelope. I used black diamond stickles on the tassle on the front of the card. The black dots on the purse and the card are skittles that I colored the back of with my BIC markers and used mini glue dots to adhere them. The silver paper is from a metallic mat stack .

Another version of the Cross

This version is the GEORGE AND BEYOND BIRTHDAYS CROSS. Someone need a cross that didn't use SYI. I looked through the carts the lady had and then found the olive branch from the Beyond Birthdays and thought that might look nice. I am not sure I am happy with it but maybe someone might like it so I thought I would make it available for download. I will try to work on some more versions tomorrow, uhh.......make that later today!!

UPDATE: Crazyaboutscrapping (the MB member who need a modification) cut the cross and posted it on the MB. She was nice enough to allow me to post the picture!! Thanks Crazy!! They turned out great!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Recipe Layout

My BFF *ya know the travelin nurse that is in Texas right now* reminded me tonight that I hadn't posted a full picture of the recipe layout I did for the recipe swap. it is!! I didn't win the contest but, all the work was worth it! I got some fantastic recipe layouts in the the question is will I ever cook?? HA HA HA

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Paper Bag Album

I used 3 paper bags for the album.I had never made one of these before. I was pretty easy to do and I think they are just so cute!! There isnt' a whole lot of cricut on it. This was the first time I had tried embossing those brads you can get from Wal-Mart. I also did some tin foil pan embossing via the cuttlebug for the words on one of the pages. I used some Walnut stain on some of the paper to give it an aged look. I used some vellum die cuts also. I stitched on some of the pages. You can click on the pictures and make them bigger if you would like to see more detail.