Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day 7 - At Sea, Project 4

The last day of the cruise was a bit melancholy for me, I was feeling sad about the cruise coming to an end and having to leave my all my friends, not only BFF Karen but also the new friends I had made. I was wishing we could just have two more days to spend together where we had no classes or no plans but just time to relax and hang out together. I know many others were just ready for it to be all over, including BFF Karen, but then again she as stressed about just moving to Florida and starting her new job. Wendi was ready to get home and see her kids as she hadn't been away from them that long before. I think Sandie and I were the only ones ready to just stow away and spend another two weeks on board.

Our last project of the cruise actually took up both class times and the ProvoCraft team was great about not rushing us as we all wanted to make sure we got this one right because it was THE BEST PROJECT EVER! Although, I did accuse Dan of them stealing the idea from my blog when I had done a PHOTOTRAY when I was on Joy's Design Team last year.

Here is a picture of Christy showing us the project before we got started.

I swear that woman has the patience of a saint putting up with everyone in class. She seemed to fret, as did Richard and Sharon when I would sit and do nothing and tell them "it's okay" when I didn't have all my pieces or room to work. I guess I should have explained to them that I don't scrap well with others. Hmmm, maybe some thank you notes are in order! Sounds like a good weekend project!

Here is the example we had for reference. I would like to thank Annette, a fellow cruiser for allowing me to use some of her pictures. I am sure there will be others I will thank in following posts about the cruise since there were a lot of things I didn't get pictures of.

Here is the photo tray I completed, again once I got home. I did get some of the parts done during class but I knew I wanted to add pictures so I chose to finish up at home.

The ProvoCraft team pulled all the stops out on this one. We used pleather, vinyl, sand, and even did etching!!

We added sand that we gathered from the beaches on the words Mexico and Jamaica. This was done by adding Glossy Accents on the lettering and then covering with sand. If you try this method I will say don't over use the Glossy Accents or it will be hard to read the letters. We also added sand in the little bottles, one for each place we ported.

I wanted to choose pictures from each place that meant something to me so for the Cozumel I chose the picture of us in front of the ship when we were going to board.

I used my photo program to size the pictures to the correct space I had allowed. I love the passport embellishment!

For the picture at the Caymans I chose the picture of Karen and I with the pirate, it just seemed like a fun picture to use! It's a bit hard to see and you might have to click on the picture and make it bigger, the year 2012 is etched on the bottle of sand. I actually didn't have enough shells to finish this project from what I got on this trip but luckily I had some from my stash from last year's trip. I figure at least they all did come from the Caribbean Sea so it is still pretty authentic.

For the Jamaica picture how could I not use the one of me and our taxi driver? Although, I might have to cover his eyes when I take a shower or go to the bathroom!

The picture was a little more difficult to do because of the shape. I had put plastic over each of the pictures since this will find a home in my "beach" bathroom and I don't want steam messing up the pictures. I did finally decide that brads around the picture would hold the plastic in place.

The embellishment in this little area was designed so nicely and I absolutely love it!

I did add one other little special thing to my photo tray! My friend Sandie had made me this little chotchkey and brought it to me on the cruise. Since it had an ocean theme, it was given to me on the cruise and Sandie was on the cruise I thought it was a perfect way to display it!

I loved it so much that I ordered a bunch of the Memory slides, frames and other supplies from Blitsy so I can make some of my own!

Tomorrow's post will be about the Closing Social and the fabulous gifts we all received! So stay tuned, it isn't quite over yet!


  1. OMG! This is REALLY CUTE! I love all the detail and the different things you did to it. I am sitting here laughing thinking that Jamaican man has no idea how many women are drooling over him since he's been on your blog...LOL! He would be quite thrilled!

    HUGS! Joy

  2. This is a really neat project!!

  3. I SOOOO enjoy your blog! It has been great fun to read about the cruise and see your projects. I love all that you have done with the tray. This is such a cute way to have a visible reminder of the trip. Nice work!

  4. Oh WOW! This turned out FABULOUS! I LOVE all the details you added to it! I'm sure if you did it on the cruise you may not have gotten to add all your little details which pulls this whole thing together nicely!

  5. VERY nice !!!