Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I was actually inspired to do this card by a fellow poker player. On New Year's Eve she had on a great pair of silver high heels and was talking about how she loved shoes and didn't think a woman could ever have too many. To my delight I was excited when I saw this stamp at Stamp Club a few days later.

Supplies Used:
Cricut Forever Young cart
Basic Grey Eva Colletion
Doodlebug Glitter Paper
Various Cardstock
Clear Translucent Sheet
Stampin Up Marker
Hot Fix Gems

I did add a small strip of paper at the bottom of the inside of the card because I had some extra. Usually that is how an inside of a card gets decorated, I just happen to have a few scraps LOL.

I chose to do the heel and sole of the shoes the same color as the shoe since that seems to be the style of the shoes these days. Besides, it was just easier *okie cracks up laughing*. I did pop dot the top layer onto the bottom layer to give it some dimension. I also added a few little bling blings too liven the shoes up a bit.

I plan on giving one of the cards to my poker friend when I see her again. I think she will like it!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Fab Online SU Party! Thanks Kristen!

I just want to give a shout out to Kristen Long, Stamping UP Demo extraordinaire for being the demo for my first ever online Stampin Up party. I know it was a lot of work for her and she was great about follow up with people, answering questions, changing orders and all the while being sick!!

I first met Kristen on the Cricut messageboard years ago, probably not long after I joined. She was asking members if they wanted to make layouts for a young mother who was a scrapbooker and was suffering from cancer. The mother wanted to leave a legacy for her two boys be able to remember her and know how much she loved them. I can't remember the total number of layouts sent but it was in the hundreds. I thought it was so nice of Kristen to do this for someone and during this time was when I found her own daughter had battled cancer. Lindsey was only 15 months when she was diagnosed. When I joined the board Lindsey was close to her one year anniversary of remission. I remember going to Lindseyann.net and reading the whole story and just sitting at my computer and crying for hours while I read through each and every entry. I knew from that time on that I would have a special respect and awe of Kristen.

This will be Lindsey's 5th year anniversary which is a HUGE milestone. Instead of me retyping how they are celebrating I am going to post what Kristen has said about this year's celebration on One In A Million: Lindsey Ann

Celebrating Lindsey's 5th Anniversary!!!!!

Well Lindsey's Anniversary is next month. It with be the big "5" year anniversary.  Which means they will consider her cured!!!  

Each year on Lindsey's Anniversary we have taken up a collection of items to take down to the local Oncology department and Ronald McDonald House. 
Her first Anniversary we took Beanie Babies.
Her Second Anniversary we took Stickers.
Her Third Anniversary we took Books.
Her 4th Anniversary we took craft projects!

This year we want to make the donations extra special!!  Many have sent suggestions and I like them all!! Thank you all for the ideas..  So this year I have decided we will take anything and everything to the hospital!!  Someone suggest Pillow Pets! I love that Idea!!  Someone suggest we take down some birthday celebration items, like hats and blowers and things like that!  Perfect idea!!  I love it!!  Had a suggestion about crayons and coloring books!!  Awesome!! Lets do it!!  Also crafting items, like stamps and paper and pens and glue and stickers!!  Wonderful idea!!

So... with that being said.. We plan to take these items down on Valentines day.  There are many different ways you can help!  I think everyone can help!  I totally understand if you can not send any items, if you cant do that how about sharing Lindsey's story with someone?  Right now she has about 600 fans, I would love to increase that!  Just share her facebook page, or her website, www.lindseyann.net.   That would be a wonderful way to help!  I would love to spread the word, so please share with family and friends. Thank you so much!!  Here are ways people can help:

Make Valentines for the Children at the hospital and/or Ronald McDonald House.
Send a pillow pet or send donation to have a pillow pet purchased for a child at the hospital.
Send any sort of crafting supplies -- Some ideas are paper, scissors, pens, adhesive, paper, stickers, die cuts, scrapbook albums, crayons, coloring books, Cricut Accessories, any old Cricut Cartridges that you no longer use, or a donation to purchase any of these items.
Send Party Supplies such as hats, streamers, decorations, horns, noise makers, anything to celebrate a birthday and/or anniversary!
Anything else you can think of!
Share Lindsey's facebook page and/or website with family and friends!

I hope to make this the biggest year ever!  If anyone would like to make a donation you can send paypal to mail@lindseyann.net or contact me for a mailing address.  I will definitely post pictures! You can view some from last year with our buggy full of goodies to donate to the Ronald McDonald House!  

Thank you all!!

If you would like to help out you can contact Kristen at the above email, or donate directly to the email address given via Paypal.

Old Boots - Get Well Or Birthday Card

I got this image from Stamp Club one time and stamped a whole page of the boots. Linda and I came up with the brilliant idea one time to stamp a whole page and then we could scan, copy and print the images if we wanted to use them again. On this particular image I colored one of the images and then scanned the colored image and then printed multiples! Yes...it is okay to say right at this moment "OMG OKIE!! YOU ARE A FREAKIN GENUIS!" *okie smiles as she basks in the glow of being called a genius and thinks she will never tire of hearing that phrase*

Supplies Used:
Printed Stamped and Colored Image
Cricut Old West Cart
Cricut Marker
Various Cardstock
Creative Imaginations Printed paper
Cat Eye Inks

I had a hard time finding a sentiment I want and I did find one from a Leaning Tree card. I thought it just seemed to fit this card perfectly. I had to find some western themed fonts since I didn't seem to have any. Do you guys know how many western fonts are out there?? HUNDREDS!! How are we suppose to pick out of HUNDREDS? I think this sentiment would work for either a great birthday card or a get well card. I love having cards that can have more than one purpose.

I took a close up picture of the boots so you could see how nicely the colored imaged scanned and printed. You can't really tell the difference. If you are wanting to make quite a few of the same thing and don't want to color all the images then this would be the way to go. I did use my ProMarkers to color the original. If you would like the sheet of the images you can contact me and I will email them to you. Since I don't know the in's and out's of the copyright details I don't want to make it available to all the public.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Four Years - TODAY!

Today is my anniversary. No I didn't sneak off and get married sometime or another. It is 4 years today that I started my blog. For 4 years I have been posting projects, cut files, stories of my life and any other nonsense that my fingers would peck out on the keyboard. It also means that now my relationship with my blog and my readers has lasted longer than any romantic relationship I have experienced in my life. Oh sure there was the one that lasted over 5 years, but it was off and on. My blog however, it has been consistent!

I started this thing a little over a month after getting my Cricut. I was so excited about anything I made and was fascinated about how that machine could cut out those shapes so easily. If truth be told, I am still fascinated by that and just watch it cut a lot of the time and wonder how the heck it knows to do it *okie figures she will get some kinda technical information from her friend Linda, aka LGuild, about how it works and okie's eyes will start to glaze over and Linda will notice and then stop verbalizing the information that okie really doesn't care about*. The general reason I started a blog was to share my projects with my family and friends without me having to email them pictures all the time.

I want to share with you a little story about how the Cricut and my blog changed my life....

I entered a depressive state back in October of 2006. Not a major depression mind you, but more dystymic. I was trudging through the days not really feeling happy, but not feeling like the world was going to end either. I would try to find joy in things that I once loved to do but it just wasn't there. First off, I thought I was going to be able to buy a house and that fell through. The day I was go to with my sister to the bank the man who was selling the house decided not to sell. I was heart sick. Right after that I had a breast cancer scare. My mammogram came back abnormal and I had to go to the city for a more professional exam and screening. When that came back abnormal I had to go back again. Usually something like that wouldn't bother me and I wouldn't worry until all the tests came back but since I had cancer before I knew it could be devastating. The day before I was to go to Oklahoma City for my second round of tests I got a call that Gary Keith had died from injuries in a car wreck. For those who don't know, Gary Keith was my first love and I still love him today and will until the day I die. I wrote about him a few months ago when I was nervous about going to my class reunion. At that point I told my doctor I needed some anti-depressants, they helped a little but I still just couldn't get back to my former self. My test results did come back okay from the mammograms and screenings so I found some relief in that.

For the next year I went through my day to day routine knowing I was not being fair to my daughter. She was use to having a mom that was happy, laughing and always ready to do something. I got to where I didn't want to leave the house. There were some things going on with her as well that added to my depressed moods. We had always been close since it was just she and I in the home. She had gotten a boyfriend that, well...he was not a good one, I will leave it at that. I tried many things to help her see it wasn't a healthy relationship but nothing seemed to work. I was torn that my darling beloved daughter was suddenly a stranger to me who talked back, disrespected me and was angry all the time. *okie smiles and softly laughs* I remember thinking that God had abandoned me and wasn't listening to my prayers. I now know that if it weren't for God that I probably would have slipped away completely emotionally and mentally.

I was at a place in my life where I felt I was all alone, that no one really cared. Of course I know I had my family and friends who loved me and cared about me but that's the odd thing about depression, it convinces you that you are worthless. In December of 2007 I had my Christmas Party as normal, I had started it two years prior and my girlfriends all looked forward to it so I kept the tradition even though I was not feeling festive. About a week after the party my friend Andrea came to me with a gift card. She said they had wanted to chip in and get me a Cricut because I had talked about wanting one for almost two years. Andrea told me that not everyone had chipped in like they said but she and her mom wanted to pay the rest so I could still get the Cricut. She had planned on going to Walmart and getting one since it was on sale for $119 but since it was after Black Friday the lady told her the price had went back to normal. I could see the disappointment on Andrea's face when she gave me the gift card. We discussed using the amount on the gift card and then me paying the rest so I could get the Cricut.

On my birthday, which is December 23rd, my daughter and I went into Walmart to pick up a few things before heading to my friend Andrea's to spend Christmas with her and her girls. We went back to the craft department and there was a Cricut. The price was something like $189. My daughter told me that she had some money left from her check, she was working at McDonalds at the time, and would give me $20 to help. I told her that I didn't have the rest at the time because I was broke from Christmas and what money I did have we needed for bills. For some odd reason she suggested that I price scan the machine. I put it in my buggy and we did a little shopping before scanning the bar code. When we did the price came up $119! My daughter was ecstatic and told me "MOM!! YOU HAVE TO GET IT! YOU HAVE BEEN WANTING ONE FOREVER!" and she started digging in her pocket to give me her money she had stashed back. At her insistence I did get the Cricut. We went to Andrea's and told her and the girls about it and we all discussed how lucky I was to get it for that price. How lucky I was we just didn't know at the time.

I was intimidated by my Cricut at first. I took it out of the box and just started at it. I read the manual about how to power it on, button functions and all that good jazz. It sat on my craft table for a few days, me being afraid to touch it *okie cracks up laughing now remembering her staring gaze at that little machine and feeling like it was going to explode or something if she touched the wrong button*. About 4 days after buying it I figured I should register it. I went to the Cricut.com website and registered the machine and saw a banner that said "Free Design Studio Trial". After registering the machine I downloaded the trial and OH EM GEE! I was so excited to see that I could see the mat on my computer screen and place things right where I wanted them so I knew where things would cut. And then I noticed I could weld shapes together...WHAT?? HOW COULD THAT BE? THE POSSIBILITIES MUST BE ENDLESS!

I also happened to notice a link that said "Messageboard". I remember thinking "oh I bet there is some information there". I jumped in on the messageboard with both feet and I was posting like crazy, asking all sorts of questions. I remember how patient everyone was with me and I would have answers to any of my questions within about 5 seconds. I let them know how nervous I was about the machine and of course they laughed, but were supportive and understanding. I got in the Design Studio forum and before I knew it I was considered one of the experts. Everyday I couldn't wait to get home and get on the computer to check the messageboard and to open Design Studio. I quickly knew the little tricks of the program in and out. At that time Capadia and SusanBlueRobot were two of the most knowledgeable about the program and between the three of us there wasn't much we couldn't answer.

I started emailing my family and friends things I had made with my Cricut. It seemed like I was emailing a lot. I also started emailing .cut files I would make to people on the messageboard. One night after I spent almost two hours of filling requests for .cut files I decided there had to be a more simple way. There were already people who had blogs and would allow others to download their files so I knew it could be done. I had a few files I sent to a group effort blog but I didn't want to keep that route since they were in control of the files and blog. I decided to start my own blog.

Being on the messageboard daily allowed me to get to "know" a lot of people. The greatest gift was that I had made friends with some great women who would end up being some of my now best friends. I have been blessed with being able to meet a lot of folks that I talk to on the messageboard and now Facebook and put a real live face with a name. I have had Cricut people from Ohio, Texas, different places in Oklahoma come and visit me in my home. I have people all over the world that I talk too and know about their lives, as they know about mine.

Well now here I sit 4 years later one of the happiest people on earth. I have found peace with paying rent the rest of my life, at least I don't have to worry about coming up with the cost for roof replacement, fixing the floor if the water heater breaks, tearing up sewer lines or any other major job. After many years I was able to let go and remember Gary Keith with fond memories and accept that I will always love him. My daughter who is now 20 and living on her own, is able to acknowledge the pain she caused me and still apologizes from time to time.

So how did the Cricut and my blog change my life? Simple...I was able to find joy and happiness again through cutting paper, meeting people, sharing myself with others, accepting encouragement and also learning that God blesses us in some odd ways sometimes but if we open our eyes and listen around us we can accept that He does answer our prayers. I have come to cherish people, friendships and experiences that would never have been possible without my Cricut or my blog and I thank God for knowing just the right thing to send into my life to keep me from slipping away.

So my dear readers, that's the story. I know some of you have heard parts of this before and for some it is all new. I would like to say thank you for you folks that read this chit, and a double thank you for those that read this chit daily! *okie shakes her head and wonders about the sanity of some of her readers for coming back everyday*. You guys have made it a great 4 years and I truly appreciate knowing there is someone on the other side of this screen who has enough interest to read my efforts.

Friday, January 27, 2012

My Friend Carmen - Layout

I was sitting at the craft table the other night and wanted to make a layout. I grabbed an envelope of pictures and was flipping through them when I came across a picture that Carmen took of me and her right before we left for the airport for my flight home when I was visiting with her in Houston. I started laughing when I looked at the picture because literally before going out the door we realized we didn't get any pictures of us together during my stay *okie looks at the picture now and thinks what a kick azz tan she had*.

Supplies Used:
Basic Grey Ambrosia Collection
Pebbles - polka dot paper
Petaloo Flowers
Prima bling flourish
Janome Sew Mini
3/8" Grosgrain Ribbon
Micorsoft Word
Stampin Up butterfly punch
Martha Stewart butterfly punch
Cat Eye Chalk Ink
Pagemaps book for layout idea

Since the layout was to only have one picture I wanted the picture to be focal but still have embellishment on the page. I chose to use a large flower insetad of several smaller ones and then accent with the flourishes and a few punched butterflies. I added another smaller one right below the journaling for some added interest in the lower right hand corner.

Since I wanted the journaling to be key on the layout I kept the title small and chose to print it along with the jouranling instead of using my Cricut and cutting out letters. I was able to print directly on the polka dot paper by measuring the area for the title and journaling and then set margins in Microsoft word to match. I first printed on plain paper and then took my polka dot paper and added some re-positionable adhesive to the back and laid the polka dot paper on top of the plain paper so I could get the printing where I wanted it. If you would like to see how I do this method you can watch a video HERE.

I took a picture of the layout with my phone and sent it to Carmen. She texted me back and asked if I was trying to make her cry. I guess she got all mushy about the journaling *okie rolls her eyes*, and then she asked if I made her a layout as well! I told her I didn't because I didn't know what she would want to say! I always find it difficult to scrapbook for others because I never know what they might like to say on their layouts. Of course Carmen can always copy the layout if she chooses, but she ain't gettin mine!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Double Walled Tumbler and Vinyl

The double walled tumblers make great gifts. Especially when we have Cricuts and vinyl that can really decorate them up! My friend Lisa had a birthday this week and last weekend she came over and I made her a tumbler. Okay so I didn't make the tumbler but I did decorate it. She chose the design for the tumbler and was thrilled with it once it was complete.

Supplies Used:
Double Walled Tumbler
Avery Outdoor Grade Vinyl
Cricut Storybook cart
Cricut Home Decor cart
Transfer tape

I have learned that when cutting vinyl the settings differ for the types of vinyl you use. Some of my vinyl is thicker than other colors. I get the majority of my vinyl from my friend Wendi who has a friend that owns a sign shop and gives Wendi scrap pieces of vinyl. Now when I say scrap, I don't mean small pieces. The smallest is usually at least 10 inches wide by several yards long. These are great sizes for use to use on projects *okie thinks to herself that she is so lucky to have such great friends that share*.

The tumblers I use are ones I ordered from DISCOUNT MUGS. The link is to the 20 oz tumblers because I couldn't locate the 16 oz that I had ordered. I bought a case of 25 tumblers when my daughter was joining a sorority thinking I would make them for her sorority sisters, however since she failed too many classes she was unable to continue her initiation and I still have the tumblers. Discount Mugs is having a free shipping right now and they run that special quite often. You can sign up for their email and they will email you when they are having specials.

If you are wanting to order but don't want that many it is nice to have a friend to order with. I have sold a few of these and sell them for between $12-$15, depending on what the individual wants on the cup.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Online Stampin Up Party! SALE-A-BRATION!

I am hosting a online Stampin Up party, and just in time for their Sale-A-Bration event! If you don't know about Sale-A-Bration it is when for every $50 of Stampin Up products you order you get to pick and item from the Sale-A-Bration catalog for FREE....YES! FREE! If you order $100 worth of products then you choose two items, order $150 and you choose 3 items, etc etc etc.

Just find the products you are wanting to purchase at STAMPIN UP and email the list to Kristen Long at EMAIL KRISTEN  and she will email you back with the total that will include product, tax and shipping. DO NOT buy directly from the website, please email your order to Kristen. Kristen is also offering a break on shipping so shipping isn't having to be paid twice.

All orders and payments will need to be turned into Kristen by midnight on Saturday January 28th.

Everyone who orders will be entered to win a few cool door prizes!

If you have any other questions contact Kristen by EMAIL KRISTEN and be sure to put
Okie's SU! Party! in the subject line.

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Reason I Scrapbook And 1,000th Post!

I have been trying to think of what to do for my 1,000th post. I thought about making some great elaborate project, but let's face it folks...we know I am too lazy for that! I thought about doing some kinda of giveaway, but I like all my chit and want to keep it. So instead I have decided to share the reason I scrapbook.

I have been quite busy the last few days with making some layout kits. I have a swarm coming up the middle of February and I wanted to get my kits done so I could be prepared and not just sit and get nothing done, which I have done a few times.

I remember my very first swarm...it was disaster! Linda, aka LGuild, and I decided we would attend a Swarm in Norman. We weren't sure what to bring or what we wanted to make. I think we both packed up about half our supplies and paper. We wanted to make sure we had everything we needed to work with and get a lot accomplished. All we accomplished was feeling overwhelmed, wandering around the scrapbook store, visiting with everyone and being tired from lugging all that chit in the store and then back to the van! Now we both try to be much more prepared. I make layout kits to work on and Linda gets together card kits for her to work on. It really does make it so much easier and the supplies we take can easily fit in our scrap totes with some room to spare!

As I was putting the layout kits in the holders I got from Michaels I noticed that 3 of them concentrated on my daughters father...or my ex for all intents and purposes. I got to thinking about a few years ago my daughter asked me "Mom why do you keep scrapping pictures of daddy?". I told her "because one day you will appreciate having these pictures". Of course my daughter being who she is rolled her eyes and mumbled some rather not quite so nice things. They have never had a close relationship for various reasons, but mostly because he was never around. I got pictures of him when he and I started seeing each other again a few years ago and then he lived with us for a year and I kept hoping for them to build a relationship. Things didn't work out between the two of us and it came the time for me to tell him it was time for him to go, and he did *okie smiles a little thinking that he didn't have much of a choice*. My daughter and her dad were able to build a better relationship but of course not perfect. I am not sure my daughter will ever completely forgive him for not being there when she was growing up but at least she no longer questions if he does love her. Anyway, about a year after he moved out she was looking at the layouts of her dad was talking about when he lived with us and some of the happy memories she had of that time. She turned to me and smiled and said "Momma, I'm glad you have these pictures of  daddy that you scrapped".

I know a lot of people think scrapbooking is for old, boring fat ladies that have no life. I even heard people on the radio making fun of the stereo-typical scrapbookers that most people think of. I will admit to being fat, but I am not old, nor am I boring by any means *okie cracks up laughing and thinking what people would think if they really knew just how NOT boring okie is*. But what these people who make fun of scrapbookers don't understand is that I do it, WE DO IT, because we want our families to cherish the memories of our lives and help them keep those memories close and dear. So while my daughter might have some bad memories of her father she will always be able to look at those scrapbook pages and remember happy times with him and it can bring a smile to her face and even a laugh from her heart about some experience they shared together. To be honest I don't know if this would be possible if she didn't have those scrapbook layouts to look at and jog her memory of the happy times. And that my dear readers is THE REASON I scrapbook!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

All Occasion Card

I think this was another Pinterest layout idea. I keep getting the Pinterest and the Sweet Stop Sketches confused in my mind!

Supplies Used:
~Stampin Up Botanical Blossoms
~Stampin Up Spiral Punch
~Cricut From My Kitchen Cartridge
~Memento Ink
~Stampin Up
~Various Cardstocks/Pattern Paper
~Stampin Up More Mustard ribbon
~Cat Eye Chalk Inks
~Stampin Ma Jig

I truly believe in using a Stampin Ma Jig when you have layered stamps to use. It takes out a lot of the guess work and you can get a more accurate placement. Although, some stamps such as this one, is meant to be out of the lines a little.  I used a folder tab from the From My Kitchen cartridge for the sentiment on the front. The inside has been left blank.  I always feel it's good to have a few blank cards so you can write in something you want instead of it always being there.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happy Birthday - Good For A Guy

I know I got this card layout from Pinterest because I remember when I saw it I thought "HEY! A great masculine birthday card!" I think the original or was done in red, white and blue, but I think the browns, greens and blues I used also make it good for a man.

Supplies used:
~Stampin Up Punch A Bunch
~Stampin Up Small Star Punch
~Cuttlebug Diamond Plate Folder
~Grosgrain Ribbon
~Memento Ink
~Cordinations Cardstock
~Various Cardstock/Patterned Paper
~Cat Eye Chalk Ink
~Translucent Sheets
~Hallmark Studio

I printed the inside sentiment on the Translucent Sheets I got at the bargain store. I was able to get the paper for $1.80 a package and I checked Walmart online and it sells for like $10 a package! *okie's heart flutters at the great bargain she got*. It does show where I taped it since I used my ATG gun but I don't think it takes away from the card, but instead just adds a little interesting border.

To print on the Translucent sheets without any problems I set my printer on "fast", think the setting might be "draft" on some printers and it was ready almost as soon as I had it back to my craft table. I was worried about it smearing but didn't have a problem. I am really gonna enjoy using this stuff and it was a heck of a lot cheaper than the packs of Vellum I have seen!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Cowboy Boot - Birthday Card

See a pattern? A western pattern maybe? *okie acts like she takes off a cowboy hat and twirls it in the air and hollers* YEE HAW!!! Okay, it might surprise some of ya'll but guess what. I use to wear cowboy boots! Yep that's right...okie had cowboy boots. I mean did ya really expect me to wear loafers when it was time to go out and feed and work the cows? I even had a horse when I was a teenager, CrackerJack was her name. She was a half Paint and half Quarter Horse. I bought her myself and had to take care of her. She was a crazy horse and even threw my brother one time and he broke his arm. CrackerJack didn't care much for folks riding her. I could ride her okay but that was because we had an understanding, as long as she didn't throw me, knock me off under the trees or take me in the pond then she could eat! She really was a beautiful horse even though she was as crazy as a bedbug.

Oh but back to the card. I found some really cool paper that looks and has a leathery feel at my bargain store here in town when they got that shipment of scrapbook supplies in. I just knew I had to make some boot cards with it.

Supplies Used:
~Cricut Cartridge Old West
~Stampin Up Small Star Punch
~Janome Sew Mini
~Stampin Up Marker
~Cordinations Cardstock
~Various cardstock and patterned paper
~Hallmark Studio for inside sentiment

This card did take more time to put together than I thought but it was all the doodlin and sewing that took up the time. I think both really made the card look nice and polished. I came up with the inside sentiment on my own *okie is still so impressed on how clever she can be at times*.

I took a close up of the boots because I wanted you to see the detail of the "leather" paper and the boots. I sanded the coredinations before I cut the strap and the toe of the boot and I think it came out lookin a little like denim. Doing the stitching of the lines of the boots took a bit because it was hard to see the little cuts, next time I might just use a gel pen instead...it would go a lot faster! I cut the boot base twice so I could have the heel a different color than the boot. On the leather layer I just cut off the bottom for the heel and sole. It really made a difference on how well the boot looked.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Howdy - Cowboy Birthday

I got this layout from Pintrest I believe. There is a wealth of ideas on that site, especially if you follow fellow card makers. I have been buying western themed paper for quite some time, being an okie it only makes sense to have some western cards on hand!

Supplies Used:
Stampin Up "A Little Something" Stamp set
Stampin Up Scallop Circle Punch
EK Success Circle Punches
Various Cardstock/Pattern Paper
Cat Eye Chalk Ink

The inside sentiment is one that I stamped off at Stamp Club some time ago and I have no idea who makes it. I used the twine on the front of the card to tie in with the inside sentiment since it said "ropin".  The strips of paper were cut at 1" wide and I used a 1" circle punch for the scallop look at the bottom. 

This was a pretty simple card to make and it went together really fast. Well as fast as any card can when I am watching Storage Wars!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Got the BLAHS - BUT!

Ever so often things happen in my life to make me feel BLAH. Well I have been feeling BLAH BLAH BLAH the last few days. It was of my own choices and actions and it will be okay after a time, but right now it doesn't seem like it.

But as most folks know, there isn't much that can keep me down for long! I was able to get in and load some posts for the rest of the week, definite improvement of my mood! I occupied my mind this weekend a bit by making some layout kits for my BFF Karen and I to take and do on the Cricut Cruise for when we have crop time every night. I made the kits simple enough to finish so adult beverages won't interfere with the ability to get them completed.

Oh I have an online Stampin Up party coming up next week. I will post all the details on Tuesday, January 24th. Kristen Long was nice enough to be the demo for this and I decided to wait until Stampin Up's big Sale-A-Bration they have before having the online party. So if there are things you are needing from Stampin Up and want to hold off a bit you are more than welcome to join my party!! I will be having a few door prizes available. Winners will be drawn from names of people who make orders with Kristen. Oh and the cool thing, Kristen is not charging for the shipping from her to you! A W E S O M E N E S S!!! If you are interested be sure to check out my website on the 24th!! *okie thinks maybe a part is just what she needs to cheer up a little*.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Took Two Days Off...

From blogging that is!

I didn't get anything posted on Sunday or Monday, shame shame on okie! *okie smacks the back of her right hand with her left hand*. Actually I have cards that I could post but right now I am a bit tired *okie wonders if she should tell her readers it is actually Monday night when she is writing this* and I don't feel like going in and editing pictures and such. I have been having some headaches the last few days as well, think it is the dang arthritis in my neck getting at me.

I have gotten a few more .cut files uploaded, check the layout and altered item tabs. It really is going to take longer than I thought to get all the files uploaded. I was going to load some more layout ones but I think the files are on another computer and I will have to see if that one will even fire up. Thank you to all those who have left great comments and understand this is quite an undertaking! I guess I should have done it this way long ago but I don't even think the options were offered for different pages when I first started my blog.

I went a concert on Saturday night...Charlie Wilson, ya know "my name is Charlie, last name Wilson". He is DDAAAMMMM SEXY!! I danced and sang through most of the concert. I even had a man buy me a drink! WOOT WOOT! Shoot maybe I can even get my groove back when I hit Jamaica on the cruise!

My friend Chelle called me earlier in the week asking if I wanted to go to the concert with her since she had an extra ticket. We had a blast and it was the first time Chelle and I went out and did anything in quite a long time! We were on the fifth row from the stage in the center! AWESOOMMEEE! I think Chelle was even surprised at how much I danced during the concert. My daughter was totally jealous as she loves Charlie *okie just wonders who wouldn't love Charlie*.

I was able to get some layout kits ready to take on the cruise. I am doing kits for my friend Karen and I to work on during the nightly crops. Since I have all the supplies I told her I would just do a layout kit for her when I did one for me. I am leaving some picture areas blank so she can fill in with what pictures she might like, but most of them I had double printed and including the pictures in the kit. I find it hard to scrapbook for someone else but with Karen I am not as pressured because I know she doesn't give a chit what it looks like, she is just darn happy to have it done for her! LOL

I will try to get some projects loaded to post this week. Maybe I will feel better this evening and be able to get some done.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hello, My Name Is Okieladybug...and I am INSANE!

There are many things I have done in my life, and probably quite a few in just that last month, that makes me think I am insane. But this week...well it takes the cake!

First off I saw where Linda had reorganized her ribbon and I decided to do the same *okie thinks she still needs to get a post up of that* and after 24 total hours I had all my ribbon organized, or at least I thought I did until I realized I have quite a few rolls coming from Linda that we ordered and then I found a box of ribbon when I was reorganizing after getting the headboard.

Now for the SECOND insane moment, act or whatever you want to call it!

For you new readers, here is a little back story. For you oldies but goodies, just ignore the next paragraph.
When I first started my blog I did so thinking I would use it so my friends and family could see what I was making but it quickly became a vehicle for others to get my .cut files. Years ago when I first got my Cricut there weren't as many carts and everyone was hungry for images that weren't available. I would make anything from a card to a hummingbird to a pair of dice and load up on my blog available for download. *okie sighs wistfully* I was a true Design Studio star....there were several of us back in those days, Capadia and Susan BlueRobot, were two others who worked furiously on keeping up with requests from Cricut Design Studio Users. After a time there were more carts available and people didn't need the images we made as much. I was still uploading .cut files though, mostly cards and layouts so people could download and make easily, taking out all the guess work for them. It seemed that slowly people stopped using Design Studio and I stopped uploading my .cut files. And then when the website where they were stored became unreachable I gave up.

Not long ago I did post a few in Google Docs and it seemed to work for people to go download the files and I thought I would just do the new ones I make as people ask for them. But now...like I said...I AM INSANE!

I have decided to bite the bullet and reload all my .cut files! Yes you heard me ALL...well at least most all. I have made pages at the top of my blog where you will be able to go and see a picture of the project, a link to the original post and then a link to download the .cut file. There might be a few Gypsy files in there, but not many, most are for use with Design Studio. I know a lot of people love their Gypsy's but I keep hearing more and more of people who are still AVID DIEHARD Design Studio users so I thought maybe I should just take a deep breath, crack my neck and get busy on doing this.

The downloading of the files should be fairly easy. I asked on Facebook if someone would go in and test for me and a couple of people did and they said the files downloaded with no problems.

If you have a minute please click on the page CARD - .Cut Files and tell me what you think? Does it make it easy to find what you are looking for? Is it easy to see the picture with the original post link and download link and understand what to do if you want to download the .cut file? Uh...guess I should say though, not that I would change how I have done it, I would just like some feedback if it make sense how it is set up.

Okay, so be patient with me guys...this is probably going to take several months for me to get it all together and reloaded, linked and everything available.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Stamping Multiple Images - Card

I was so excited when I found a set of nice butterfly stamps at my bargain store two weeks ago. Linda, aka LGuild of Nothin' Fancy, and I love certain stamps and butterflies are one of them. I had mentioned before that I had picked up a set for her as well and she has been using them quite a bit. I finally got to use one of mine.

I have been wanting to try stamping an image over another and I really wasn't sure how it was going to look with the leaves stamped down first. I knew the color would come through on the butterfly but I think it still came out lookin quite nice even with the green being there. There was enough of the other colors that the eye focuses on the butterfly instead of the green of the leaves.

Supplies Used:
~Cloud 9 Butterfly Stamp set
~Stampin Up Best Blossoms (leaves)
~Stampin Up Elegant Greetings (sentiment)
~Imaginisce Hot Fix Pearls
~K&Co. Pattern Paper
~Various Cardstock
~Memento Inks
~Cat Eye Chalk Ink
~Grosgrain ribbon
~Terrifically Tacky Tape

I got the layout from either Pintrest or  Sweet Stop Sketches, I can't remember. Linda told me about the Sweet Stop Sketches site and it has some great card layouts if you are feeling a little stumped and need ideas. I often stalk sketch sites for ideas. I tried to find a fairly generic sentiment for the card and I wanted something a little elegant looking and I thought this one seemed to work just perfectly.

I stamped the leaves, using Memento Bamboo, from the Best Blossoms on the paper first and then stamped the butterfly with Tuxedo Black Memento ink. Memento works best with the ProMarkers. Stazon seems to smear when coloring with the ProMarkers. I used Amber, Pumpkin and Sunflower to color the butterfly.

Since the grosgrain ribbon was wide I just tied a short length in a knot and clipped the ends to make it look more like a bow. I used a little Terrifically Tacky Tape to stick the bow to the ribbon on the card. That stuff is awesome and you don't have to worry about it coming off....it's there pretty much for good once it is down. The addition of the pearls on the stamped image just seemed to set the card off just right. 

I am going to try and get a video made this weekend of my ribbon organization, how it looks and how it was done, so you guys can get a better idea of what works for me. WISH ME LUCK! *okie still thinks she so needs to take a video making class*

Thursday, January 12, 2012

When Aunt Carolyn and Cousin Frank Come To Town...

There is no telling what I might hear, find or do! Aunt Carolyn and cousin Frank come to Ada every now and then and when they do we usually meet for lunch and go to Salvation Army and anywhere else we might think of to go. Today they came to town and we went to Salvation Army so I could drop some clothes off and we could look around. I found a headboard for $5 that I wanted for my scraproom. My Aunt Carolyn actually bought it for me, that was very nice of her!

We decided on lunch at Sante Fe Steakhouse, one of my favorites! Of course any place that has steak in the name has to be a favorite of mine since my life goal is to be a meatetarian! Yet, another post I must make sometime in the future to explain that one and some theories I have on that. First I will show you the headboard, then I will tell you the story about lunch...or the story that was told to me at lunch *okie scratches her head wondering which would be the correct phrasing and then decides she doesn't really care*.

I use to have the drawer units scattered but now they are all together. I like that my inks can go on top of the headboard and that my flowers can fit on the shelves. I did get rid of some flowers though, I called my friend Wendi and told her "I got some chit I am going to throw away if you don't come get it!". She came and got the chit as soon as she got off work *okie smiles deviously at how she can so easily get someone else to take her chit*.

I think I need to make a new ink holder or at least another one maybe since I have some other inks and would like to have them all together. Hmmm, come to think of it I think I still have my boxes for the Stampin Up inks and I could probably use those for my various inks I have...oh boy, more re-organization!!

The shelf thing that I use to have my flowers in is now on top of my IKEA unit and now holds some of my Really Useful Boxes and my magazines. I have my handbooks and cartridge boxes slide into the shelf so they will still be easy to get to. I put my ribbon boxes at the end of the shelf. I was able to get my Your Story and Shrinky Dink Oven to fit on top of the shelf unit *okie doesn't believe in wasting any space*.

I would eventually like to get another IKEA unit and put it on the wall where the headboard and drawer units are. I don't care if it blocks the window, I just want more storage space!! I think  when I do get another unit I will get the 5x5 cube one. That should give me plenty of room for everything I have scattered and have it all nice and neat...*okie looks at her readers* OH SHUT UP!! I DON'T HAVE THAT MUCH CHIT! ONE MORE UNIT IS ALL I WILL EVER NEED!

Now back to our lunch. They were filling me in on my Aunt Joy's, one of my dad's sisters, funeral which was last month. I didn't attend, my mom once told me that two of my aunts didn't consider me to be daddy's kid since I was adopted. Aunt Joy was one of those aunts, so figured why go to the funeral if I wasn't family in the first place.

Anywho...So during the funeral service I guess my cousin Danny, Aunt Carolyn's oldest son, was sitting next to Frank and told Frank he needed to go outside. They went outside and Danny started complaining of chest pain and that his arm was feeling numb. Frank said "Danny told me 'maybe I just need some fresh air', AND THEN HE LIT A CIGARETTE!". Long story short...Danny was having a heart attack during the funeral! He was suppose to be a pall bearer, he didn't quite make it to do that honor and duty. Frank had to stand in for him. Aunt Carolyn said she didn't even know Danny had a heart attack until my niece asked her something about how Danny was and Aunt Carolyn asked what my niece meant by that. My niece informed my aunt that Danny had left for the hospital because he was having a heart attack. Of course to hear Frank and Aunt Carolyn telling this story I was cracking up laughing and told them "this is some great script for a sitcom!" Aunt Carolyn said she couldn't believe they didn't tell her and my uncle, my cousin Frank told her "Mom! We didn't want to interrupt ya'lls mourning!" to which Aunt Carolyn replied "well it sure interrupted my evening!" and we all started laughing at that point! Oh I guess I should tell you that Danny had surgery and is doing well now.

So that is the story for today! My family can be so exciting at times *okie cracks up laughing remembering the animation and facial expressions displayed by Aunt Carolyn and Cousin Frank while they told the story and how she loves her family for always finding humor in even the most terrifying times*.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I know my Facebook friends know the mission I have been on since Sunday....RIBBON ORGANIZATION! Well I can proudly and gladly say that I finally finished up last night! Well at least finished up until I get the ribbon from Linda we ordered *okie shakes her head and refuses to admit she has a ribbon addiction*.

I kept finding more and more ribbon in my craft room but I didn't give up until I had it all done! I will be honest and say some of it I bagged up and I am sending to my friend Carmen in Houston. She doesn't make multiple cards so shorter lengths of ribbon are okay for her. I, for some reason, think I can buy less than 5 yards of ribbon at a time...preferably 10 yards and sometimes 20 yards.

I will share a few pictures, maybe later today but for right now I don't think I can make my fingers work well enough to even get the pictures on my blog!

What Do You Want To See...

On a blog? That question was asked recently by someone and there were various responses about what people would like to see. This got me to thinking....*okie looks around and yells* SHUT UP! I KNOW THAT IS DANGEROUS!

*okie sighs and rolls eyes* Anyway...I got to wondering what my readers would like to see more of and then I decided that I really don't care. Not that I don't appreciate my readers, I do! It's nice to know that people like to see what I make and occasionally leave a comment. But the thing about my blog, and I stress MY BLOG *okie doesn't want others to think she is referring to anyone else and they way they blog* is that it is for ME. I do this for me...totally selfish I know but yep, it is true! I now have an almost 4 year record of my paper crafting and how it has evolved over time. I can look back and see where I have made improvements over the years and laugh at some things I felt quite proud of at the time and now think "DEAR GOD WHAT WAS I THINKING?".

I have been approached by numerous companies and websites about advertising on my blog, offering commissions or products. I always decline. Now I will review a product but if I don't like it, I don't write on my blog that I do like the product or company. I give them the option of me not blogging about it or writing a  negative review. They always just say never mind. Now why would I pass up the opportunity to make a little change you ask? Pure and simple...I do NOT want anyone dictating to me what I can post or write about. I own myself, no one owns me.

When I write my opinions about things, even life in general, I some times get nasty little emails or comments and have been called some bad words *okie laughs and thinks of all the bad words she calls herself sometimes* and I don't really mind, after all, people are just voicing their opinions as well. But at least I know I have been honest and forthright about my feelings and thoughts and since this is MY blog I can do that.

So sorry guys, if you ever think I will ask what you would like to see or read on my blog and I will craft or write what you are wanting me to, then you got a long wait coming. I can't craft, think, or feel for anyone else but myself. But I  honestly do have to admire those who can ask others what to craft and are able to do so. I just shut down and think "I don't want this pressure, I can't handle this crap". So basically you are stuck with me and my chitty attitude, crappy projects and independent nature. Love me or hate me, you gotta respect the truth that I offer! And if ya don't...*okie shrugs*...well ya know what you can do with it!! *okie falls out chair laughing*

BUT...I certainly hope if nothing else I can be entertaining for someone other than just myself. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind laughing at myself but it is so much better to have someone laugh at you...errr, or is that with you???

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Stampin Up Owl Punch Card

This is another Pinterest card layout scraplift! As I soon as I saw the card on Pinterest I pinned it and noted that I had that punch so I could make a card like it. Mine is a little different as far as papers and sentiment but the punch and layout is the same.

Supplies Used:
~Stampin Up Owl Punch
~Stampin Up Photo Corner Punch (retired)
~Stampin Up Occasional Quotes (retired)
~Adorn It Pink Hoot Collection
~Passion Fruit Grosgrain Ribbon
~Various Cardstock
~Hot Fix Gems (eyes)

I thought the sentiments fit the two little owls quite nicely. The stamp set was a hostess set at some point and evidently I got them when I had a party. I don't remember when it was though.

The owl on the left looks like he/she is looking at the owl on the right.

It was a pain to punch all the little pieces for the owls but I think it was worth it after I got it all done. I did punch the heart in chipboard and then with the patterned paper to make it stand out a little more, it is hard to tell in the picture though. In order to stamp the different patterns individually I cut strips of paper as not to waste with cuts I didn't need.

I think this will be a great card for one of my friends when they need a little "pick me up".

Monday, January 9, 2012

Perk Up - Stampin Up Card

I love coffee so when Stampin Up came out with the Morning Cup stamp set I knew I had to get it. I have made a few cards with the set in the past but it had been awhile since using it.

Supplies Used:
Stampin Up Morning Cup stamp set
Stampin Up circle punches 
ProMarkers by Letraset
Cuttlebug Swiss Dots folder
Cuttlebug D'Vine Swirls folder
Coredinations cardstock
Pattern paper - various
Cat Eye Chalk Inks
Grosgrain Ribbon

The inside sentiment and coffee cup is included in the Morning Cup stamp set. The cup didn't take but a second to color and I think it added a nice touch to the inside of the card. 

There are a lot of layers to this card but I think they all seem to work well and still show off the stamped image to where it is the focal point.

The coffee pot was easy to color with the ProMarkers, but then again ProMarkers makes anything easy to color! I have missed using them and was glad to get the out again. Believe it or not there are only two colors of red markers used. The ability to layer the colors and make them more intense makes it seem like there are more colors used.

I just realized that the past two days and today all were food and beverage cards. I guess I have been really hungry and thirsty lately!!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Card

When I saw this strawberry on Sweet Shop I new I had to order it! This is the first time I have used it but it won't be the last!

Supplies Used:
~Cricut Expression
~Cricut Sweet Shop cart
~My Creative Time "All Around Birthday"
~My Creative Time "Scallop & Stitched Circle" die set
~DCWV Farmers Market stack
~Grosgrain Ribbon
~Coredinations Cardstock
~Stardream Cardstock
~Stampin Up Cardstock
~Hallmark Studio - inside sentiment
~ Gelly Roll black gel pen
~Signo UM 153 white gel pen

I wasn't sure what I wanted for the inside sentiment so I just made up one. I know...I know...it isn't that good and it isn't very original but what the hey...at least I did put one in there!

I am so loving Emma's stamps with the coordinating dies!!

Here is a close up of the Strawberry where you can see how the Stardream cardstock shines and gives it the shiny chocolatey look. I added the strawberry seeds with the black gel pen.

If you look in the bottom left hand corner of the picture you can see the "stitch" on the circle that the die does when you put it through the Cuttlebug. I love that stitching on there!

Yesterday I wanted lemonade and today...I WANT CHOCOLATE!! UGH!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Chicken and Dressing Casserole Recipe

This recipe is one of my daughter's favorite foods and I think she could eat it 3 times a week without a complaint. Of course I don't make it that often. I don't even use the stove 3 times a week. I don't want my stove to get the grand idea that it is an important factor in my life and if I start spending too much time with it, well...it would think I have more affection for it than I really do!

Oh back to the recipe...I have had several requests, okay actually whiny azz folks on Facebook *okie rolls her eyes about her whiny azz friends* asking for the recipe when I said I making this, so thought I would just post the recipe here.

Chicken and Dressing Casserole
1 chicken, boiled and boned
Chicken broth from boiled chicken
1 lb sausage, cooked and crumbled
1 c. chopped celery
1 c. chopped onion
Cornbread, baked and broken up
White Sauce Gravy

To make the white sauce gravy mix flour and water to thin paste and add to chicken broth, cook until slightly thickened. Combine all ingredients, place in casserole and bake at 350 degrees until heated thoroughly and browned.

Chicken and Dressing Casserole - fresh out of the oven.
I use 3 boxes of Jiffy Cornbread mix because we like the sweet taste. I always keep two pieces back so my daughter can have cornbread and milk later on.

Also, I sautee the celery and onion in the sausage grease and then drain before mixing with everything else. I don't like to debone chicken much so most of the time I use boneless chicken breasts instead of the whole chicken.

Lemonade Card

I got this stamp set when I was in Houston this summer. I was out on a little shopping trip with my friend Karen, aka flywhistle, when I ran across it at Joann's. I was at the Joann's in Norman recently and picked up the DCWV Lemon Flower stack, which I love so thought they might go together.

Supplies Used:
Cricut Expression
Cricut Lacy Labels cart
Autumn Leaves Slice of Life stamp set
DCWC Lemon Flower stack
Stampin Up Markers
Stardust Glitter pen
Cardstock various

What I really liked about the stamp set is that it had a couple of nice sentiments and swirls. I think the swirl stamp at the top and bottom of the inside of the card really made the inside look nice.

I think this would make a good little pick me up card for a friend.

The coloring was very fast to do and easy. I wanted to add a little color to the pitcher so just went around the inside edges with the Powder Blue ProMarker and then used the blender pen to take some of the color away. I used a cool grey marker for the shadowing at the bottom. The little bit of shadowing really does at a lot to a colored image.

Dang, now I want a stinkin glass of lemonade!! *okie's mouth puckers up just thinking about the fresh lemons*

Friday, January 6, 2012

Another Fun Filled Evening With Linda!

So last night was the first Thursday of the month. That means one thing...STAMP CLUB! Linda comes down and we go running around to see what goodies we can find, go eat dinner and then off to the LSS to meet the other ladies for a few hours of stamping.

I have come to learn 3 important things about Stamp Club night...

1. We must shop and buy something...even if it is flushable wipes! *okie thinks every good human being should keep flushable wipes on the backs of their toilets for those times when regular toilet paper just isn't enough to take care of the back alley of downtown brown*  
We hit up the bargain store and I got some Perfect Pearls for $6 for the 4 container pack. Once again Linda and I got accused of not liking each other. We are quite perplexed why people would think such a thing, I mean seriously...just because we constantly argue and call each other bad names no way reflects the fondness of friendship there is between the two of us. We also found some of the "Lock N Lock" containers for a good price and we got those. As we were checking out there was an ad pop up on the cashier screen that said flushable wipes were on sale. Well of course Linda and I had to get 6 each of those! *okie thinks that she and Linda must have the same amount of traveling in the back alley of downtown brown*

2. Eating is important...probably more important that stamping! 
Linda and I use to go to Taco Mayo, figuring it was cheap and we could spend more money at the LSS before going to Stamp Club. Of course that was when we use to meet at the library instead of the LSS. Then we started eating at Applebee's and we evidently got a little burned out on Applebee's because we at at Taco Mayo last night, besides, Linda had a buy one get one free coupon book! We do hit the Chinese buffet occasionally but have found out that we usually eat way too much and are miserable the whole evening.

3. Never plan to get anything accomplished...this way when you do you feel quite proud!
We always discuss what we are going to take to Stamp Club to work on, but probably not as much as we discuss were we are going to go eat, and most of the time it is a waste of time because we don't get anything accomplished. Linda however did get some really cute Valentine cards done, but she totally cheated and had everything ready. All she had to do was tape the crap down. I got a bunch of images stamped off, sheets for me, Linda and a gal named Sue. I also got a bunch of inside card sentiments stamped off for future use.

We always have a blast with the ladies at Stamp Club and I think we have started going more for the socialization with other crafter's than for the stamping but ya know what...that is A-OK!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Drunken Crafting Card

I was sitting at home at Christmas enjoying some Hurricane Punch and I thought it would be a good idea to craft....don't think I need to do that again!

Supplies Used:
Stampin Up Whimsical Words (retired)
Stampin Up Marker
Stampin Up cardstock
Stampin Up 2 3/8" Scallop Punch
Tim Holtz Vintage Shabby
Grosgrain Ribbon
Imaginesce heat set pearls

I used the earring jacket I talked about in an earlier post for the flower center. It makes the card where it won't be able to go through the regular mail but since I usually just give my cards away anyway I guess I wasn't concerned about it when I made the card.

I really did think this card looked nice when I was making it and then when I woke up the next morning...well...not so much!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rain Boots

When I saw this paper at the LSS I just fell in love with the rain boots! I had planned on using some of my My Favorite Things stamps with the paper, and I did use the sentiments but I just didn't use the little headless girl holding the umbrella that I had planned.

Supplies Used:
3bugsinarug - April Showers
My Favorite Things sentiment
Fiskars Apron border punch
Stampin Up cardstock
Stampin Up Modern label punch
Stampin Up 1
1.25" square punch
3/4" Circle Punch
Grosgrain Ribbon
Embroidery Floss

For the inside of the card I used a piece of the left over paper that had rain boots on them and punched out the bottom right hand corner of the card insert and then put the rain boots in the square. It looked a little plain at first but after I added the faux stitching around the square it looked better. The sentiment on the front and inside of the card is from the "Rain or Shine" My Favorite Things stamp set.

Here is a close up of the rain boots in the square. I love the little birds on these rain boots. Of course come to think of it I liked all the rain boots on the paper and that is why I bought it in the first place! *okie thinks she is such a dork sometimes*.

I got the idea about the button with the folded down paper from a card class that Linda and I went to last year in Moore, OK. I think it is a nice way to show off double sided paper.

The button didn't show up too well just on the paper so I decided to put a piece of cardstock behind it. Having a good selection of circle stamps comes in handy sometimes! I just used a paper piercer to add the button on the card and then used embroidery floss *okie is slo glad for spell check because she is always misspelling embroidery* to tie the button down.