Thursday, October 29, 2009


I have to thank my friend Christina at Creations with Christina for the wonderful tutorial on how to make a video. Due to her absolute generosity I am now going to be in the world of video. I did make my first one last night but it is for my guest spot on Christmas With The Cricut. I am however going to try and make one this evening. And after several requests I am going to try and do one on the gift bags.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Gypsy 24-hour Design Challenge Project by K Wiggins

The Gypsy 24-hour Design Challenge Project by K Wiggins

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Please vote for my friend Kendra who did an awesome layout and instructions!! You guys gotta click the picture so you can see all the wonderful detail in this!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bountiful Blessings

I bought this pear stamp at the stamp garage sale last weekend. I don't like to color things because it takes too long. But now that I have the Stampin Up blender pens I don't mind coloring as much. It goes faster than the colored pencil gamsol method and I think it looks just as good. If you will click on the picture you might be able to see the glitter effect on the image. My friend Rosemary sent me some glitter spray called Spray and Sparkle by Crafters Companion last week and I have been dying to use it! It isn't available in the United States at the moment but should be coming soon I believe.

The sentiment stamp is a Stampin Up stamp that I got at the sale also. It was just an individual stamp, not in a set but I figure it probably was suppose to be. I stamped it and then heat embossed it.

I used a Versamark pad to stamp the autumn flourish next to the sentiment. I think it gave it just what it needed.

Can't get enough cherries!

I don't know why I love them. Maybe it is because they are cute, they look so sweet an they are red *okie totally loves red*. What ever the reason I can't seem to pass up a cherry, whether it be a stamp, paper, embellishment...if I see I gotta get it!

I was playing around with the cherry stamp set I got at the stamp garage sale last week and made this card. I did end up cutting off one of the cherries since I thought it was too big. I don't really like this card but since I was playing around with the stamps I didn't want to waste it. The checkerboard stamp came with the cherry set. It also has a smaller cherry stamp that goes with it.

This card was made with a piece of left over pattern paper from the big cherry card. I used one of the Stamp Up Tart and Tangy cherry stamps that my friend Linda had stamped off for me. The brads are some that I used doodlebug glitter on. You might need to click to see the sparkle. I used the Stampin Up scallop circle punch for the green. The white is an 2" EK Success scallop circle punch. Not to crazy about this card either but ya know...waste not want not! LOL

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Altering tins....

I love to alter objects. I especially like the little lunch box tins. Last year I did some at Christmas as prizes for my Annual Girlfriend Christmas party, they were a hit! I had put some little travel Bath & Body Works stuff in them. I made one not long ago for my aunt and put notecards in it and gave it to her for her birthday. I have been looking for more but couldn't find any. Well I found them online for like $4 or $5...which I do not want to pay!

Today I had a few extra minutes between clients and ran into Dollar Tree to look for something...I didn't find what I was looking for but I did find tins!! I was so excited! I bought quite a few since I do love them and love to do them for gifts.

So if you are in search of tins you might check your Dollar Tree!

Here are the tins. I have I think 8 A2 size cards in the dome one and 12 little note cards in the mini lunch pail one. I can't wait to alter these! To make things easier I will make a pattern out of heavy cardstock so I don't have to measure every time I want to alter one. I can't decide if I need to spray paint them or not. Today it is too windy to spray paint so I will have to do it without spray painting.

Here is a picture of them open and with the cards in them.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Birthday gift bags...

My gift bag sets are now complete! WOOHOO!! *okie loves being able to move on to a new project* I only made 8 of the birthday ones, simply because.....I ran out of bags!

I used paper from the Imaginisce All Kinds of Happy stack I had gotten from Oh My Crafts last spring. The stack was great for this project since it had chipboard shapes and stickers in the stack. I turned some of the bags around so you could see the backs, the fronts are decorated like the fronts of the others with the same paper. The less decorative paper came from my friend Linda who had bought a stack of paper at Sams. I was lucky enough there was plenty of different colors for me to use that went with the birthday paper.

Don't forget to click if you want to see more detail.

I did use some fairway Stardream paper on the strip of the purple plaid bags. I also used it for the handles.

On the pink bags I cut ribbon at a slant to get it through the button and then tied it. I used a glue dot to apply it to the chipboard shape.

I really like the pink flower patterned paper, I think it ties in nicely with the gift patterned paper. Just for a little touch of something I added a rhinestone to the cupcake on the chipboard shape.

I used some pink Stardream mica on the green bag. The stamp cupcake is with the Stardream mica as well and was done with a set that came with Cuttlebug bundles. I had to emboss several different times to get the cupcake different colors and then cut by hand. I think it turned out pretty nice.

I have 4 sets of gift bags that include generic, Christmas and birthday. Each set has 8 bags. I think they will make great prizes for my Christmas party!!

Now I am off to see what I can make now.......well after I make dinner *okie totally hates having to cook*.

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Word block cards

In my California Paper Goods auction order I got some odd green cardstock. I decided to cut it all up for A2 and A1 cards. I think I paid 80 cents for the card stock and got probably 4-5 dozen card bases out of it.

I wanted to see if I make some cards last night with the odd green and I was thinking what paper I could use with it and remembered a K & Company Brenda Walton stack I had and thought it might go well with the odd green. The stack is Chocolate Neapolitan and I think it is perfect for this green. I had some scraps so I didn't even have to cut any full sheets. I really don't know what the paper is called when it has blocks of I just call it word block paper. I really like using word block paper because it makes doing sentiments fast and easy and all the cards are a little different while being the same.

Here are the cards I made.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

18 Christmas gift bags.........DONE!

I finally finished the 18 Christmas giftbags! WOOHOO!! I still want to do some birthday ones but after that...I will be putting the sets together for prizes for my party *okie sure hopes her guests like the prizes this year*.

I used a DCWV Christmas stack that I had for all of these. I think it was from 2007, but I am not sure. I got it at a sale for like 10 bucks and it is the paper, not cardstock. I used acrylic paint to "ink" all the edges since I didn't want to waste all my cat eye ink on doing these. I also used the EK Sucess Oval punches for all the handles. I admit it...I got a little lazy.

Since there are a lot of bags to a picture I left the resolution higher so when you click on the picture you can see the detail on the bags well.

On this first set I used mostly stickers. Yes you heard me right.....STICKERS! *okie hears the gasps in the crowd* Oh get over it! Ya'll know you cheat and use stickers too! HA HA HA I got the stickers last year at a bargain store for 99 cents a package. It was the weekend of my Christmas Party so The Carmen's *okie also refers to them as Thang 1 and Thang 2* were able to get some also. I did use my Stampin Up Scallop punches on the two smaller bags for the sentiments. The Stampin Up tag punches were used for the tags on the larger bags.

On the second set I did use the Cricut! Yep I did. Well sorta. The sentiment scallop circles on the larger bags were used with one of my cut files. I made them last year and used them on some cards and found them in my Christmas embellie drawer and I thought they went great with the paper and figured it was a good use for them. The maller bags are kinda plain, but that is okay. Not everything has to be overdone.....does it? I used some snowflakes I had punches last year also. My friend Carmen V. had brought some snowflake punches when she was here for my party and I punched a bunch while she was here.

I cheated again on this set. On the smaller bags you will notice a Bella image. I used them last year for my part invitations and had some left. The scallops were cut with the Cricut. I actually really like those bags and think the stamped image really adds some pizazz *okie thinks pizazz looks a lot like the word pizza and suddenly realizes she is hungry*. I am sure the gals might recognize the image, but ya know the old saying...waste not want not! The larger bags are some poinsettas I made using the EK Success large daisy punch. I made those sometime in January I think it was when I was playing around with the punch when I first got it. I also found these in my Christmas embellie drawer.

Okay I think these might be my favorites. I wasn't diggin the smaller bags until I did the reindeer on them. I used the reindeer border from Doodlecharms set at like 2 1/4" I think. I used flock to do the noses on them. I did use the Dvine Swirl Cuttlebug folder on the bands of the small bags. On the larger bags *which are okie's favorite bags by far* I used the Martha Stewart branch punch. The sentiments are epoxy stickers. The band on the large bags is Mica cardstock *okie sooo loves Mica cardstock*.

And last but not least...are these two small bags. They are super simple but too cute! The paper on these really make them, at least I think so. Rhinestones were added to the middle of the snowflakes. I used some rubons for sentiments and the chipboard snowflake shapes are some I got last year at the store I mentioned earlier.

I hope ya enjoy lookin at my bags! Stay tuned for the birthday ones!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's Shipped!!

No no no not the Gypsy. I haven't joined the caravan on that one yet. I am talking about my California Paper Goods order!! I partcipated in their auction and won some of the things I was bidding on. I totally am in love with the Stardream Mica cardstock they have and I got a few of the colors they have available! I am just too excited! Bad part is that it will take 4 days to get here. Today is Thursday so that means I won't get it until Tuesday. But at least it is on it's way!!! WOOHOO!! *okie does the "I am getting Stardream Mica Paper dance"*

What I won isn't full sheets but I don't need full sheets with this stuff. I use it for lettering and elements on layouts and cards so the 6x8.5" strips I got will work wonderfully! I did also get some full A2 cards and some A2 fronts, but again I will just use the pieces for elements.

I also got some envies. Matter of fact one item was 1,000 soft red dot A2 envies. Now what am I gonna do with 1,000 soft red dot A2 envies you may be wondering...well my friend Linda is part of the Cards for Soldiers group on the Cricut messageboard and when she found out that there were envies in the auction she told me "you bid and I will split". So half of those will be going to a good cause!

I will have to post pictures of my goodies once they get here!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

From lunch bag to gift bag!

Yeah I gotta give my friend Linda credit for these! She made some Christmas gift bags out of regular brown lunch bags and brought me one to show me how they are done. The cool thing is that we all have paper that we don't want to use for layouts or cards because either we have used it before, it just isn't quite right is just ugly. But that paper is great for gift bags I do believe!

For the gift bags in the picture I used K & Company Wild Saffron. The big tags are from the same collection.

For these first two I used the large tags. The handles are just simple circle punches on the large bag and a square punch and curly label punch on the smaller bag. I did use skittles on both bags. The large bag I used the double arch punch for the blue paper strip *okie so loves that border punch*. On the smaller bag I accented some of the swirls with a glitter pen, you might need to click the picture and make it bigger to see the glitter. Do you see the glitter now? Well how about now? *okie rolls her eyes* CLICK THE DAM PICTURE WILL YA! Oh okay good you can see it now...*okie cracks up laughin*.

I used some small prima's to accent the smaller bag. I also dotted the centers with cinnamon Stickles. Since it had the nice swirl it only needed minimal accents on it. The tag on the small bag is the Stampin Up tag punches. The large bag I cut flowers and leaves from a piece of scrap of the same paper and pop dotted them on top of the ones on the bag. Again you might need to click the picture to see. I also added some diamond stickles to the leaves on the paper.

The large bag handle is the Stampin Up scallop circle punch. The blue strip border is the Fiskars Threading Water punch *okie still wonders why the heck it is called threading water since it looks nothing like water and doesn't think water can even be threaded. Okie finally decides that the designer was partaking in some herbal medicine when the punch was named*. I used skittles on the flower centers. On the small bag the sunflower was made with the EK Success large daisy punch. I used two and layered them together. I cut one of green and placed it behind the yellow to make it look like leaves. The handle is with the Stampin Up curly label punch.

And last but not least are these two bags. The small one was actually the first one I made. The flowers are using the EK Sucsess large daisy punch and the centers are a 3/4" circle punch. I did add diamond Stickles to add a bit of sparkle. The handle is with EK Success oval punches. I should add I had no problems punch through all the layers on the bag when I got ready to make the handle. The tag is with the Stampin Up tag punches. The large bag HAS A LADYBUG ON THE TAG *okie grins like some idiot noddin her head up and down* oh yeahhhhh...gotta love da bug! The buttons on the red dots going down the left side of the bag are actually chipboard stickers from the same Wild Saffron paper line.

I really enjoyed making these and the go together pretty fast. Once I get the others done I will post them also. I am trying to make a variety so I can use sets of them as prizes at my Christmas party.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

8 down...

and 10 to go! I got 8 of the Christmas bags decorated last night. I am doing simple things as ya know people are likely going to throw the bag away and I don't want to put too much effort into something that is going to be trashed. I am hoping to get some more done tonight!

I would have gotten more done last night but the football game was a good one and I kept gazing at the tv instead of concentrating on what was on my craft table *okie thinks Adrian Peterson is such a dish*. I even pulled out my Christmas embellies drawer and using stuff from out of that thing. Heck I found stuff in there I didn't know I had! *okie knows that every person reading this can do the same thing...or at least most every person*.

I think I will take pics of some of the bags tonight and post them. If I don't I won't ever get them all posted!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Wanna see some gift bags?

Well you are gonna have to wait! HA HA HA HA HA *okie knows she is mean...and she loves it!* I have been busy working on altering some lunch bags into gift bags. I got the idea from my friend Linda. I decided I would make sets to use at prizes at my Annual Girlfriend Christmas Party. I have some generic ones done and am working on the Christmas ones. I want to do some birthday ones also. I will be trying to post pictures later this week so stay tuned!!