Sunday, April 27, 2008


So I thought there was a glitch when I got home late last night and tried to check the message board. Just went to bed and didn't think much of it. But I get up this morning and it still isn't working.....can't even connect to the Cricut website!! What has happened to our home away from home??

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Thank you DesignsbyDawn!!

A MB member, DesignsbyDawn, used the purse card in a new way! And I am just lovin what she did!! She made a LO with the card as a journal tag! I love the colors and embellishments she did to it. I mean you can't go wrong with swirls in my book! I asked her if she would allow me to post this on my blog and she agreed. THANK YOU DAWN!!

Dawn said: LOVE THIS CARD!! I used it as a hidden journaling box and photo for a swap, thanks for the neat file!! You cant tell in the picture but I stamped the main part of the bag with silver swirls

Kruemel's Treasure Box

Kruemel is a Cricut message board member, thought I would explain that right off so no one is asking me why I named the treasure box that. HA HA HA

Kruemel designed a TREASURE BOX that is just darling! She posted it on the MB and also made it available for download. With her being from far far away the time stamp (or whatever it is called) needed to be changed. Poor LacyGilbertson was chomping at the bits to get this treasure box and asked if I could help. I being the smarty pants I am, was able to change the time stamp *yeah so I cheated....I went to Susanuncle's blog and got the directions on how to do it* and have it open for the users in the USA.

Here is Kruemel's original post concerning the box:
I created this treasurebox for my girls birthday. We are sending them on a treasure hunt and at the end each kid will get one of those. They can then fill it with the golden chocolat coins that will be in the big treasurebox together with some other goodies...
I know, I could have decorated it better, but time was fleeding by...

follow up post:

Forgot to mention - you will have to make to hand-cuts: Just cut the round from the box´ side pieces a bit further. It´s hard for me to describe because I´m not american/english. But I guess you will know what I mean by seeing the cut out box. The top of the box is wider, so it can lay on the side pieces... And the slit for the box closing has also to be done by hand - I really couldn´t figure out where to place it on CDS to make it fit!

Thank you so much Kruemel for allowing me to post your design on my blog to share with others!

Strawberry fields forever........

Okay I do like the Beatles but I won't make you guys suffer through my singing HA HA HA....seriously, can't carry a tune in a bucket though.

Anyway I made STRAWBERRIES with George and DS. There is a small one and a larger one I only have a screen shot of the small one. Why you ask? BECAUSE I AM LAZY I TELL YA THAT IS WHY!! I know that is not a good reason, but I am too lazy to come up with a better one.

The larger strawberry looks a little different and the leaves are more splayed *splayed? is that even a word? I just don't even know.....might have to look that up*. There are 3 mats per strawberry size.

Okay now I want some strawberry pie.......or strawberry shortcake.....or strawberry ice cream.....oh man I do like strawberries!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Cross cut....

I received several pictures of the cross cut and put together. It turned out really great! It is amazing how different it looks with the different colors!!

This one was done by LisaBryan1, who originally requested help with a cross. I love the neutral colors and it makes it so classy looking!!

This one was done by Laurinda. This one reminds me Wedgewood china!! Laurinda also gave a helpful tip on cutting:

I wanted to add a HINT though. I can't believe I just thought of this. If you have your design to close to the top or bottom edge. Load your paper and for top edge...carefully push your mat a bit further into the cricut. For bottom...carefully pull it out a bit. It works great.

Thanks Laurinda for that very informative and useful tip!!

This one was done by LeahPagliaroli and I think these are fantastic colors! But I am partial to pink HEE HEE HEE

Thank you ladies for sharing your pictures and showing us how it cuts!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


A MB member was wanting a CROSS but she didn't have the Wedding cart. I used the one on the wedding cart and overlayed shapes. She did have SYI so the centers of the cross are with SYI. If anyone cuts this I would love to have a pic to post as I don't have SYI! You can change the center to something you prefer but you will need to remember to BURP the outer lines of the cross for it to weld right. Just make sure to click to your preview page and preview and you can see if it is going to cut correctly and burp accordingly. There is a base layer also so you can have a solid cross and then the filigree cross on top.

Someone please cut this so I can see what it looks like!! PAALLEEZZEEEE, okay I am is not like me to beg........I hate beggin.........but PALLEEZZEEEE!! I will be your friend forever. I am just really diggin this.

Uh ya know what.......I have the wedding cart........HA HA HA HA But I want to see if this one will work okay.

UPDATE....there was a problem with the tip not cutting, but I have it fixed as of 4:20pm Central time today. The link will now download the fixed version.....I HOPE!! HA HA HA

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Rearranging AGAIN.........

I worked most of the day on rearranging this room! If you are a regular reader you know I rearrange quite often. Well today started out innocently with me dusting the living how that became rearranging this pig sty of a room I just don't know! BUT.....I am pretty happy with the results! I have more room and it is more open in here now. Things are easier to find for me. I want to put up shelves but waiting until I am able to paint this room.

My BFF that is currently living in Longview Texas came in for the weekend. She got here right as I was putting the last of the stuff away....figures doesn't it! HA HA HA We did some coloring of stamped images and I was able to complete two cards. I have more images colored just not made into cards yet. DebKendra sent me some House of Mouse stamped images and I LOVE those!! I will post pics when I finished cards with them.

This first card is a stamped image from My Favorite Things stamps, this particular set is TIME FOR THE BUBBLY. Okay ya'll know I am obsessed with these stamps! But they are just so darn cute! I am totally diggin the colored pencils and odorless mineral spirits thing!! I just have a cheap set of Rose Art pencils but I will probably be investing in the Prismacolor pencils in the future! I got my OMS at Wal-Mart in the home painting section. I think it was around $4 for a quart of the stuff! I have a small jar I got from the beauty supply (travel bins to be exact) area at Wal-Mart and then just cut a household sponge to fit the jar and poured in the OMS. Works great! I actually got the idea from a Cricut MB member, but right now I am too tired to remember which one.....I think her name was Carol. ANYWHO.........

This is another card I did tonight. It is a clip art image that I got in a free sample from PCcrafters Mall. It was colored but I used my trusty MGI photosuite to turn it black and white. Yet another MB member gave me this idea! THANK YOU Uh-OhMommys*addicted for sharing the idea! Anyway I made this card for my aunt. She is a gardner like myself. I even got to use some skittles, which seem to be all the rage right now!

Well I am tired tonight........hope I get to do some crafting tomorrow in this rearranged room!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Purse Card

I entered an April Personal Challenge on the Cricut MB and one of my challenges is to design 5 cards on Design Studio. of them is a PURSE CARD. This file uses George and Basic Shapes. I really like this one! I know it ain't a Coach, but it is an original just the same HA HA HA HA HA. It fits in an A2 envelope. Which is my fav size since it works will on the baby bug and also the A2 envelopes are easy to find at Wal-Mart or Staples. I used Glossy Dimensional on the leaves, Stickles on the flowers and also on the pink part of the purse. I did use a bit of velcro on the tab under the flower to keep the card closed.

On the inside of the card I made a pocket that will hold a gift card. I used the ATG 714 to adhere the pocket to the card. The file has a couple of mats, which are all labeled. I don't have any sentiment stamps right now so I had to use my U G L EE hand writing to write Happy Birthday. I think this card could be decorate up really nice, but I just wanted to get one done so I could post it HA HA HA.

Denim pocket

OKay so this is an edited photo because I used it in my recipe swap I was in and I don't want the recipe showing due to the recipes not being out yet. But I did want to share the DENIM POCKET with you guys!! I have the cut for the pocket, bandanna and label. In the picture I did used stamped for the label and word, but in the file it is all GEORGE and there is no word cut out on the label so you can add your own if you want. I also included a cut for the pocket to be made into a frame. I think this would be great for western LO's or if shoppin for a new pair of jeans! I stitched the edges on the sewing machine. I used eyelets to attach the label to the pocket. I used DCWV white core cardstock and sanded it to give it a more distressed denim look. Was very simple to do! I did the distressing before stitching. I inked the edges of the bandanna and then down a little to make it look like it was folded up.


Okay so ya'll know how much I love the My Favorite Things stamps! I was checking their website today and guess what I found!!

FREE SHIPPING IN US ON ORDERS OVER $40!! Now how cool is that?? I contacted the company and asked if they minded me mentioning this and they said it was OKAY! So click away ladies!!

Here is the link to my favorite sets they have WHO'S THAT GIRL. I think I NEED just about every set in that category! But make sure to check out all their stamps because they are fantastic!!

Here is a card I have posted before that I made with the Rain or Shine set. I am working on some cards with the stamp sets today and will likely be posting more later.

UPDATE: this is another card I got done today also. I made this one for a friend of mine at work for Administrator Assistance Day (which Wednesday in case you have forgotten or didn't know). I used paper from My Mind's Eye Magnolia stack. OH! And for those that do have this stamp set I do have the SCALLOP MAT for this stamp that can be downloaded. I just used an eyelet setter to make the holes since I don't know if I will always want to use holes or not. Of course I had to add Stickles.......I think I add Stickles to everything.....except my cereal.....but that might be pretty come to think of it....but would be a waste of Stickles.........

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Okay so I was going to wait until Saturday to do the drawing, but I changed it to Thursday because I am suppose to have company this weekend and I want to get this in the mail before I am totally distracted. I did change the posts about the time of the drawing, so sorry for the confusion.

Anywho.........the winner of the Let's Celebrate Blog drawing is CAUGHTABUG!!! She posted on April 15th at 10:28 am.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Oh so exciting!!

Well it is 11:13 pm and that means it is almost Thursday!! Which means.....IT IS ALMOST TIME FOR THE DRAWING!! I just got through updating the list on Microsoft Word. I made sure my columns and rows are all the exact same size so everyone's name will be the same for the drawing! I am using your name and time stamp of your post for the drawing. I will post the winner on my blog and also the Cricut Message Board.


And Mr. Potato Head gets a friend!

I got a message today on the MB from a lady who used the Potato Head cut file I made. She made him a friend too!! Excellent work Ruth!! Be sure to check out her blog at RUELYSI CARDS

She designed them into cards. Great work with the details Ruth!! Thanks for sharing the pics and allowing me to post them on my blog!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


So .....I put a counter on my blog after seeing how Robynstamps (ya need to check out her blog! super cool stuff on it, she is listed in my favorite blogs) had one on hers! I like to copy a lot from Robyn because I think she is like one of the most UBERCOOL people EVAH!!!

I was shocked to see how much traffic my blog actually gets and to celebrate getting 20,000 hits within a month I am going to do a give away!! Just simply comment to this post and I will write your name and put it in a bucket and draw a winner!! I will draw a name on Thursday April 17th. I will post the winner on the blog so be sure to check back and see if you won and that way you can send me your info so I can get you the winnings!!

The winner will receive the K& Company Wild Saffron paper pack. I have one set of this paper and just love love love it! Also as an extra goodie I will be throwing in a pack of the matching paper ribbon!! I have done some layouts with this paper and it really is versatile! At first I didn't think I would like it much but there were a few papers I liked. The papers are double sided so if you are coordination challenged like me it works out great! HA HA HA

Thought I would add the LO's in this post that I did with this paper pack. I have posted them before but will do it again.

Man's Shirt Card

Here is the Man Shirt Card that I posted on the MB last week. I really think it is cute. I did use the idea for the Tuxedo card I entered in the CHIRP and just jazzed it up. The card opens in the middle under the tie. I inked the edges of the collar and pocket to add some dimension. I used a jeweled brad as a tie tack. It does have little cut lines on the base for easier folding. The card fits in a standard invitation size envelope. I try to make most of my cards this size so envelopes are easy to find and use. I don't know how to make my own envies, but not sure I want to since it is usually cheaper to buy a box than buy the paper to make them.

Now don't ya'll go tellin me how easy it is and that I can decorate up an envie so cute! I WILL NOT LISTEN!! ROTFLMAO

Tuxedo card didn't win.......

But I am still proud of the TUXEDO CARD!! I made this off the shirt card file I had done before and jazzed it up. It fits in a standard invitation envelope. It is pretty simple to put together. It does open in the center.

I included a preview page where you can see where things are placed. I also put in fold lines to make folding easier to see and do. There is one little catch on the gluing. When you get ready to glue the right side of the jacket only apply adhesive from the outer edge to the cut lines, they are the furthest set of lines on the right hand side of the base cut before folding the "shirt". This allows the jacket to help keep the card closed. I layered the bow tie to add dimension. I used stickles to jazz up the buttons. Also for the lapel I just simply turned over my textured card stock and used the smooth edge to give it a different look than the jacket. I did use a small piece of material for the handkerchief in the pocket but I have included a paper one that fits the "pocket" of the jacket.

So while this didn't win the CHIRP it is still a winner in my book!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Aloha Hula Girl!!

Bet ya thought I was going to say I am going to Hawaii didn't ya? Well sadly....NOPE. Matter of fact I am afraid to fly over water.......what the heck! I mean I love to fly but the thought of going over water almost makes me go into a panic attack! I guess I think if I crash and hit the ground then it will be a fast painless death and while I can swim I just don't know about diving at 600mp in the ocean and being able to hold my breath long enough to make it to the surface!

UUHH....oh yeah.....Hawaii........aloha.....HULA! That's what I was posting about!

A MB member, JeanCreed, asked if I could make a HULA GIRL for a LO she was wanting to do. I told her I would try and she better not laugh at me! *well guess I wouldn't have known if she laughed.....ha ha ha* So I got the hula girl done and sent it to her. She emailed back and says she just loved the Hula Girl. I told her that I only requested that she take pics so that I can share on the blog, and the darlin agreed! She sent me pictures of the Hula Girl cut and also LO she did with the Hula Girl. The overall dimensions are approximately 2 inches wide by 4 inches tall. If you want a face you will have to draw one her because, well I am just not good enough to make eyes, nose and mouth for these things! HA HA HA.......but seriously......I'm not. There are a total of 7 mats, and that includes the preview mat. You start with the last mat and work your way to the first layer when putting her together.

This is the LO Jean made with the Hula Girl and all I can say is WOW! Great job Jean!! Kinda makes ya feel like you can hear the ukulele music and see the girls dancin right there on her page!!

Saturday, April 5, 2008


So as some of you might know there was a question about one of my files possibly being tweaked and used to win a contest. I do have a disclaimer at the top of my blog about such things. I did have one MB member ask me one time about using a file for a contest and I told her to go right ahead. I was very upset over the whole thing but ya know what.....after a day like today I decided "ya know the big scheme of really doesn't matter". Matter of fact I just emailed a dear MB friend of mine (LacyGilbertson) with this exact quote!

I had the garage sale today and it went great! I was able to get the new Kodak 5100 printer that I have been eying for almost to months now! And I still have money to get a new cart or two at next weeks sale! JUST HOW COOL IS THAT?? *and if ya don't think it is cool just lie to me and say it is! HA HA HA HA*

ALSO! Today was the big SHIRT day!! LOL For those of you who don't know, my DD was getting a car today. She didn't know about the car and my sister made me promise not to tell her because she wanted to surprise her. Well I had to tell someone about it because I was just busting at the seams! So of course I turn to my cricut sisters and tell them. DD loves to be sitting here when I am reading the MB because she always wants to know if Softbrn posted anything *DD finds Soft just absolutely hilarious and thinks Soft needs to move here!* so I couldn't say car. The code word became SHIRT. The whole thread ended up being rather humorous as people were trying to make references to the car but without giving it away that it was a car!

The car is a 1994 Chrysler LeBaron, it needs a paint job some kinda bad and a dent or two taken out, it also has a busted tail light that is fixed with red tape at the moment. Maybe not the first choice for a teenager. But you see this is a very very special was my mother's car. My mother passed away in 2001 and this car is the one that my daughter remembers going places with grandma in. So to my daughter the paint and the few dings mean nothing to her. That girl is sooo sentimental! I have no idea where she gets that from! *giving an innocent look* My sister and brother in law got new tires for the car, my nephew put in a pioneer stereo system with cd player to prepare it for my daughter. Also they told me to check and see how much it will cost to get the tail light fixed and they will pay for it *I truly am blessed*.

Here are the pictures I was able to take. I had ran in the house to get the camera so I didn't get pics right away. But my daughter said "YOU'RE PLAYIN.......STOP PLAYIN.........STOP PLAYIN.....DON'T PLAY WITH ME". This first one is right after my sister told my daughter that she brought her grandma's car and it sunk in that indeed the car was hers! Oh she cried!! She had a hard time trying to stop crying.

The next pic I think she was starting to compose herself. My sister had to tell her several times "yes, it is for sit down and see how you like it".

Finally my daughter was able to get in the car and was able stop crying and smile. As you can see by the HUGE smile in these last two pictures she was absolutely thrilled!!

So in the whole scheme of things I got to spend a wonderful day with my friends and family and have excitement beyond imagination.......So I just think, as I told Lacy......SERIOUSLY HOW CAN ANYTHING TOP EVERYTHING SO WONDERFUL AS TODAY! Well maybe one more thing can.......a nice hot well deserved bubble bath! *SMILE*

Little Scallop Circles

A MB member wanted a LITTLE SCALLOPED CIRCLE. The request was for 2 inches and 14 bumps *wonder if 14 is her favorite number*. The first one I made was a little over 2 inches and had 12 bumps. So I made another. I got the 14 bumps but overall it would be about 2.5 inches. UGH!!! So off I went again to see if I could get the overall circle and scallops to be 2 inches.

I DID IT! 2 inches over all with 14 bumps! WHEW!! *Sometimes wishes she would have paid more attention in math class* So when I was making this I thought "oh this will be great for me to use with my stamps!" But I think I can see so many more uses out of this cute little circle!! There are 3 mats and they are labeled with sizes and how many bumps they have. ENJOY!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Do you ever have one of those days....

Where no matter what you do you seem like you get nothing done? I had one today. I had such great hopes in getting so much done today.....but basically accomplished nothing!!

So I wanted to do some stamped images so I could stock up and also to send to a couple of people. I was excited about using the Stazon Ink. Well guess what...I am Stazon challenged! I bet I threw away about 15 images because they were blurry or goopy!! So I am back to using the Whispers Ink Pads that ScrapperDelighted sent me. THANK YOU SO MUCH SCRAPPER!! YOU ARE AWESOME!

Thought I would get some other cards done also. I did get one cut out and put together (will have to take a pic later, too tired right now) and it turned out pretty cute. But the other one.......well I looked and looked and can't seem to find the JUST RIGHT paper! OOMMGGGG! How crazy is that? I just ordered 2 180 sheet packs, I got the Spring Stack and Glitter Spring Stack from SoftBrown today *I just love that girl! She knows I have no where here to shop* and I still can't find the right paper for that dang card. Oh I know I will one day, but just not today!!

So now probably won't get a chance to play again until next week! Having a garage sale this weekend so I will be busy with that stuff...UGH!!

Scalloped Oval by LGuild

So LGuild is new to the world of cricut but man on man is she already showin off! I had the pleasure of meeting her at the Scrapbook Convention that was here in my town. She had a lot of questions about the Cricut was was just intrigued by Design Studio! Well of course ya'll know me *for those of you who don't, I am a big time Yakkity Yakker*! I had to show her a few things that was possible with the Cricut.

LGuild told me she is a card maker and I told her the Cricut was great for card making also! I also told her about the message board. She promptly found the message board and my blog! She makes cards for KEIKICARDS, which is a charity that sends out about 400 cards a week to terminally ill children. I don't think she is one to toot her own horn so I am going to TOOT IT FOR HER!! She has made about 200 cards for them and they are going to put one of her cards in their gallery on their website this month! YOU GO GIRL!!

She has even made a SCALLOPED OVAL with George that she is willing to share!! Since she doesn't have a blog YET...*giving a bit of an evil giggle as I love to enable* I offered to post her design on my blog. As you can see she did an AWESOME AWESOME JOB!! There are several ovals on the cut file so you have a choice! KUDOS to LGUILD for sharing her great design with us! I did tag the file with her message board name so if you use it and show it off please give credit where credit is due!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


A request was made for a BABY FOOD JAR. I haven't cut this one but I do have a screen shot. It is made with George. It measures a little over a 2 inch square. There are 3 mats. On the jar mat I did also include the lid lip to cut for extra stability but it will be covered up when you cut the lid and glue it on top of the jar. I also did a label if you want to get more detailed. I often wonder now why I didn't keep all my baby food jars when my daughter was a baby. But that was 16 years ago and who knew I would need them now!! LOL They are great for storing embellies and little flowers!