Saturday, November 27, 2010

My daugther's birthday...

Today is my daughter's 19th birthday. NINETEEN. That means she only has one more year to be a teenager and be able to screw up and people can say "oh well she is still a teenager" *okie laughs knowing her daughter would roll her eyes at that*.

As I think back on the last 19 years it seems like it wasn't long ago that I would cradle her in my arms looking down at her face and just cry because I couldn't believe she was mine. I wanted to revel in every precious moment with her, soak in her look, smell, movements...burn them into my brain so I could never forget what a gift this child of mine was to me. And then....she turned into a toddler........*okie closes eyes, inhales deeply and exhales slowly*.

She was a very active, strong willed and determined toddler *okie thinks some things never change* and she had an ability to reason and plot beyond a toddler's mind. I use to call my mother crying and telling her "I know she was suppose to be twins! I know God would never put this much orneriness in one child!". You know it is bad when one of the first sentences that comes out of your child's mouth is "I git mu poon! I pank u butt!". Actually her first group of words she formed was "You go Walmot wit me". Not sure what that says for my parenting skills either. But what's done is done *okie shrugs nonchalantly*.

I do admit I have probably learned much more about life and myself from her than she will ever learn from me. I believe she and I are both at a place with our mother daughter relationship where we can enjoy the rest of life's wonderful journey.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gotta scrap these pictures!!

I went picking up pecans this morning with my Aunt Betty and then my cousin Shelly, her husband Donny and son Kevin joined us later. Lucy had a blast out in the country and it probably reminded her of her youthful days out in eastern Oklahoma. I have a fantastic picture of where she is nipping at the heels of a cow but will have to load it after I get home.

Here are a few pictures I took with my phone.

Okay so after trying to upload the pictures twice now on my Aunt Betty's dinosaur of a computer and it not working I give up. I will just have to add pictures later! But if you have me on facebook you can see some of them since they are posted on there.

Well off to eat a sandwich and then to start cooking the items I am taking for tomorrow's dinner!

Here is Lucy sitting by the bucket of pecans. She looks like she is proud that she picked up so many. But actually she just ran around the pasture and chased the cows!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


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Monday, November 22, 2010


Linda and I survived our excursion to OKC for a little shopping on Saturday *okie wonders if people thought maybe survival was not a success*.

We hit Hobby Lobby first. I was in luck and the scrapbook storage was on sale 50% off and I was able to pick up another set of the vertical paper holders, the bummer part was that there was only one! I did also get a few of the SpareParts brads. Oh I found the cutest bling owls that I got because my daughter's sorority has owls as the mascot. I grabbed two packs and Linda talked me into grabbing two more! I think Linda and I are very good at spending each others money! I also got a Tim Holtz paper pack and an K & Company paper pack. Who can resist at 50% off??

Linda wanted to look for tiny bows so we went to the Christmas section and I saw these boas and told Linda I wanted one. I was trying them on for size and Linda said she needed to take a picture. I do look good in red don't ya think?

Went to eat lunch at Olive Garden but it was too packed so we went to Michaels. Linda left with a little jar of embossing powder and I left with nothing. Yes you heard me.....NOTHING! I have always preferred Hobby Lobby over Michaels and usually always find more at HL that I want.

After Michaels we went back to Olive Garden to eat. I had the appetizer platter and salad *okie wonders if her leftovers are still good in the fridge*. The waitress was either new, on drugs or dropped on her head as a baby because she was a little ditzy! She is lucky she didn't get cussed a few times. The food was good of course! Linda shared her pie cake thing with me and it was very good. I think she said something about a tuxedo in the name of it. When I say share she said she would split it with me. Well when I think of split I think of half. Let's just say we were NOT equals that day! Yeah...Linda took the bigger piece! HOW RUDE!

We stopped at an electronics store since I am in the market for a new TV. I didn't buy one but did find out that electronic stores are quite a bit higher than Walmart! And yes my dear readers I am stalking the Walmart BF ad!

Linda introduced me to Sam's Club. I have been there a few times, but only for a quick trip in and out. We weren't in a hurry Saturday so we went through the whole store! We didn't even have to buy supper since we at going down the aisles! I was able to pick up a few things that I was needing at home anyway. I told Linda if I had more money I would be in trouble because I would be a lot more! If I go again I will have to remember to take bags with me. Who knew they didn't have bags for your stuff! *okie thinks "well self you didn't know you idiot"*.

After Sam's we hit another Hobby Lobby. I was able to pick up two more of the paper holders and two My Mind's Eye packs *okie so totally love's MME glitter packs*. Linda struck up conversation with a young lady and I started feeling sorry for the girl because Linda was telling the poor gal that Linda could show her how to max out her credit card. All the girl wanted to do was make a card! *okie thinks Linda can be such a pushy enabler and is so glad not to be that way herself*

We got back to Linda's around 8 pm or so. I was able to get my markers from her! And I did give her the paper! She has already made some cards with can see them HERE, along with her version of our day.

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Last of the Tag Cards

at least for now!

This set has less embellishment than the other two designs I did. I think I wanted the beauty of the tag to show through since they have less going on in the design. I haven't done the inside sentiment yet because I can't decide what to do. I want to do something about a girdle at our age...but not sure how to word it yet.

Yep...that is K & Company Maison again. But the strip in the middle is some that I got at Hobby Lobby for a wedding project I did. I thought it went well with the papers and I had some scrap, so I used it! *okie is all about using the scrap*.

Speaking of using scraps! I have to tell you...Last night I was over visiting with Naomi and she told me she thought I was a hoarder! Can you believe the nerve of her! I told her I was not a hoarder, that I use my stuff but I just can't use it as fast as I would like because I have to work! Of course we both cracked up laughin at that one. She did tell me that I need to start selling my cards instead of "hoarding them in those boxes!" She can be so bossy sometimes!

I did again put the tag on chipboard to make it sturdier. When you pop dot, if you don't know this already, you need a little more "body" to your paper or cardstock so the image will stay popped better. I wrapped the ribbon along the bottom of the tag and tied it off. I punched hole with my Crop-a-dile and then put the jeweled brad through the flower and then the hole.

The sentiment is Stampin Up Teeny Tiny Wishes and the punches used were Word Window and Modern Label. And yes you did see those yesterday. *okie looks at her readers, shakes head, rolls eyes and sighs* AS A MATTER OF FACT I DO HAVE OTHER PUNCHES! But, I like them so just get over it!

I am not sure if I will have anything to post tomorrow or Sunday. My friend Linda, aka LGuid, and I are going to the big city on tomorrow to run around. I just wonder what will happen on THIS adventure!!

Just a reminder to vote!

Don't be a slacker! Your vote can be a factor! *okie cracks up at her corny self*

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Your cooperation is demanded!! HA HA HA HA

Thursday, November 18, 2010

BIG SURPRISE.......not........

I told you I was going to post some more tag cards! What? What do you mean you didn't believe me and thought I would post some fantastic project? *okie rolls eyes and sighs* You guys just never listen do you?

Well you will just have to accept that the post for today is TAG CARDS AGAIN! So stop complaining and just look at the pictures and read the descriptions!

I again used the K & Company Maison stack. It just seems to go well with the tags. The flowers are Prima's and I layered two different sizes. Since I had 6 cards to make I was able to cut them in half and use only 3 of each size to make the cards. Three small pearls were added for centers. Okay go ahead and say "ooh and aah" I will wait right here....are you done yet? Then let's look at the next picture.

I think by popping up the tag it gives it more focus in the card. That and ya'll know I got a serious addiction to mounting foam. Can't get enough of it!

If you will notice the 3 ribbons on the card I will tell you how I did that. I made my card mat first, using both the patterned papers. I then used a button hole punch, Paper Studio brand I believe, and punched my holes. I cut my ribbon at an angle so it would be easier to thread through and then just tied into a knot. Now, could I have just tied ribbon in a knot and put it on the card, probably. But it really does give it a different look by doing it this way.

The sentiment is from Stampin Up's Teeny Tiny Wishes set. I use this set frequently! Especially since it works so well with the Stampin Up Word Window and Modern Label punches.

I added a strip of braiding at the bottom of the tag and then thought it needed something else so I looked on my bling pegs and found these small flowers. I did add the pearl to the middle of the flower.

Oh and guess what is coming up tomorrow!! Yep, another set of tag cards. So if ya don't like them...DON'T COME BACK! *okie falls out chair laughin*


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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Easy Tag Cards

I am finding that tags are easy and fast makin's *okie wonders who is going to question the use of the word makin's and decides if they are from Oklahoma they won't* for some great cards!

I honestly can't remember where I got these tags. I know someone sent them to me and I wish I could remember who! Anyway there were quite a few sent and I was able to come up with 3 sets of 6. The sets have similar designs but are still different. I will be posting more later this week.

The background patterned paper is K & Company Maison stack. I have used this stack for quite some time and still have over half the pack left. I just love this paper! There are actually 3 different patterns of paper used, but you might not be able to tell in the picture unless you click and make it bigger.

I added some Prima flowers to the front corner and then some flat back pearls for the flower centers. I printed my sentiment using MS Word and then simply tore it out for the aged look *okie wonders if it might be the tacky look*. I believe the font I used is called TypeSet or something similiar. If you see it close up it actually looks like the old fashion typewriter keys. Click the picture so you can see it better...I'll wait right here....*okie sits with elbow on desk and chin resting in the palm of one hand, looks at her finger nails on the other hand and thinks she could really use a manicure*. Oh okay your what do ya think? It looks like the old typewriter keys doesn't it? SEE! I TOLD YOU!

I did the inside with the same font. I crumpled the paper after I got it printed and trimmed for the inside of the card. I was going to use some Distress ink but then decided the two colors I had wouldn't work so just left it plain with no ink.

I love this sentiment on the front and inside of the card. I would send this to my friend Linda, aka LGuild for her next birthday but I think I will change the sentiment to "you're not vintage" and on the inside "your azz is just old!". So what do ya'll think? I think she would love that! *okie smiles sweetly and innocently as a 2 year old asking for a lollipop*.

I'll have another vintage looking card tomorrow!

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010




OMG OMG OMG!! LGuild is holding my ProMarkers for ransom!! Someone call the blog police!!

I am afraid to post her ransom note here because the FBI might see it, but you can read the ransom note for yourself


I need your help!

Yes, I said it. I need your help. I will even say PLEASE. Heck I will even say "pretty please with a cherry on top".

Most of you know Capadia of Capadia Designs, aka my Evil Twin, well she is a Creative Memories consultant and she is in the running to win a spot on the Cricut Cruise. Yep the same cruise I am booked on! Now Cap and I have claimed each other as our evil twins for quite sometime now. I like to say she is my sister from another mister *okie cracks up because she finds herself quite hilarious*. Now wouldn't you like to help unite two evil twins who have never been able to meet in person? I know you would! *okie looks at her readers with begging pleading eyes*

So here is how you can help...

If you are on Facebook take the time to visit the page vote for her layout. You could also ask your friends and connections on Facebook to vote for her! You can vote once a day for the next week - the voting ends on November 23rd.

Here is a LINK to the contest page. If that doesn't work, here is a LINK to the Creative Memories Home Office page.

Here is Capadia's layout entry:

You know your friend is a smart azz when....

So ya'll know all about my friend Linda, aka LGuild, and our fun times together. We always have a good time no matter where we go or what we do. People sometimes think we hate each other because she always argues with me *okie makes sure to emphasize that Linda is the one arguing and not dear sweet okie*. Of course we always end up laughing no matter what and I can't even imagine my life without having Linda as a friend. But I swear if anyone one of ya'll dare tell her I said that you will be off the Christmas card list! *okie peers into the monitor staring down her readers trying to see who will open their big yap*

Well let me tell ya a little something else about this woman.....TOTAL SMART AZZ! Yep, it's true I tell you! *okie shakes head and rolls eyes*

Let me explain...

Linda was down a few weeks ago for stamp club and she liked one of the cards I made using a Cuttlebug folder. I asked her if she wanted to borrow the folder and she said okay but wanted me to write my name on the folder with a sharpie!! *okie gasps at the sacrilege* I don't want anything written on my folders! She said she needed my name on there so she would remember where she got it. I quickly grabbed my label maker and labeled the folder so she would know exactly where she got it! Well she couldn't believe I labeled the folder that way. But I figured if she was gonna be so beechy about it I might as well be beechy and label it the way I did. If you would like, you can read her side of the story HERE!

That same night Linda tried my Promarkers and decided she really liked them and would order some. We emailed back and forth about it and I sent a list of colors I wanted to add to my collection. Linda made the order and let me know when the markers came in. She posted about all this on the MB and how she would make sure our markers didn't' get confused, and getting back at me about the folder, she did the following!

So you know your friend is a smart azz when they make a sign like that! And if you would like to read her version you can do that HERE.

Can ya'll believe she treats me this way? *okie with poor pitiful look on face*

Monday, November 15, 2010

Quick and Easy Birthday Card!

This was a very simple design of a card and I think could be made quickly if you are need a card in a flash. My friend ScrapperDelighted sent me the awesome birthday paper with the foil presents and wording. The pink and purple were just some scraps I had in my scrap box.

I like the layout of the card because the area where the present is located could be used different ways. I think it would also look good vertically.

The sentiment is from a set of birthday cupcake stamps.

For the present I simply used my 1 1/4" square punch and punched some purple paper. I also punched one out of thin chipboard so I could pop dot it. I wrapped the silver ribbon around one side and then added a bow to the top...AND WALLAH! A cute little present!

There isn't much more to say about this card. I told ya it was quick and easy! *okie wonders when people will start to listen to her*

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Finally tried Rock Princess

And I am gonna love it! This is not a cart I would have went out and purchased since I am not big on skulls but since it mysteriously appeared on my door step a few months ago I figured it was meant to be in my collection.

I have looked through the handbook several times trying to figure out what I could make and I did think of a few things but never made any *okie thinks this is a terrible pattern in her life*. I was home alone Friday night after a pretty stressful week and I decided to play and some how Rock Princess appeared on my Design Studio screen and here you see the results!

The sentiment across the bottom of the card is done with a Versamark pad and the stamp is from Stampin Up!. I added some heat set stars to help make the sentiment stand out a little more.

Mica cardstock is one of my favorites to add bling to a cut but let me tell ya it is a complete beech to try and photograph! Since I am not a professional photographer, nor do I play one on tv, the shimmering shine reflects the light and the true colors are hard to capture.

I did cut the top layer skull out twice, once with the pink and then once with black, hiding the contours of the eyes and nose. I used a Quick Glue pen to color in the eye area and then applied black Doodlebug glitter. I added a few doodle dots around the skull and at the end of the bones just because I can *okie cracks up*.

My daughter really liked this card so it likely won't stay in my card box long. I think I might need to find a new hiding place for some of my cards!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

$20 Cricut Lites!

I just read where Walmart will have the Cricut Lite cartridges for $20 and the Expression for $185. The Expressions come in plum, canary, green, and aqua. It looks like they may have some kind of flourish design on the front also.


Sorry guys Walmart requested the person who had the ad pull it from their website.

Handbook and Overlay Storage - Video Tutorial

I got the video done of how I store my handbooks and overlays. It is really simple to do, makes them look nice and neat and doesn't cost that much.

Here is the video...and forgive my unprofessional style of video taping. *okie knows she is not a video star and doesn't claim to be one....secretly hoping that now people will get off her ass about how she stores her handbooks and overlays...then wonders if her readers are reading her thoughts again...peers closely into the monitor and decides she better start wearing a foil cap when making blog posts* the video....*okie smiles sweetly*

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Paper Bag Album...from long ago

I was wanting to post something crafty even though I haven't been too crafty the last few days. I got to looking through my pictures and I found a paper bag album I never posted on my blog so I figured this was an excellent time to do so!

I made this paper bag album for a birthday swap I participated in a few years ago. I had a lot of fun making it for my partner in the swap Dina. I believe I used mostly patterned cardstock from a DCWV Spring Stack that my friend Softbrn had sent me.

Paperbag albums are simple to make and there are quite a few tutorials out there on the big world wide web if you would like to make one of your own! I used a hole punch on this one and then just tied ribbon. This was before I had a wonderful Crop-i-dile that would punch holes or a bind it all that does the fabulous spirals! Oh man I still remember how sore my hand was from using that regular hole punch!

The great thing about the albums is that you can be as simple or elaborate as you want. I made a pocket and put a tag in the front and then a slide out on the inside. I think I probably had a total of 6 cartridges when I made this album. Luckily Beyond Birthdays was one of them! LOL

I had fun decorating the cupcake on this page. I used some mulberry paper for the cupcake wrapper. I glued the edge down and then pleated the rest to match the cut from the Cricut. I just kept adding adhesive along the way to keep it down. The icing was made with some type of plaster stuff in a little tub. I actually can't remember exactly but I remember thinking I was quite clever in using a star tip to make it look more realistic *okie often thinks she is such a genius and knows one day others will recognize this as day*

Pockets make a paper bag album more interesting for sure as you can either add more photo mats or have more to decorate for your theme. Anytime I make a little album to give I always add white cardstock as a template for a photo. I think it just makes it easier for someone to be able to cut their photo to size. Notice on the left side how I decorated, I was trying to make it look like a gift. I used a small metal heart charm for an embellishment.

So the stamped image in the little metal tag isn't that interesting but remember this is from long ago and way before I had access to the stamp collection that I now have *okie thinks it is interesting to see some of her own earlier paper crafting work, even if she does cringe sometimes*. I know a lot of people think of the Making Memories tag maker as a useless tool but I still like mine and am always watching for the rims to be on clearance somewhere! I am getting low on mine so I am rationing them out very carefully at this point!

The little confetti's on the left hand side are actually hard plastic and I thought they looked great with the hat cut from Beyond Birthdays. As you can see on the hat I had a love of Stickles even back then! *okie swears she is still going to wear Stickles as eye shadow one of these days*. I am not sure where those brads on the right hand side came from but I really like those! *okie cracks up laughin*

The back page is kinda corny, yes I can admit this. But remember it is earlier work, almost 2 1/2 years ago! I mean seriously........'THE END"? Who the hell writes that on the back of a paper bag album?? *okie dramatically rolls her eyes at her own corniness*

I was so proud of this little album when I made it and I remember worrying that it wouldn't be good enough for Dina. She said she loved it but she is a sweetie and I don't think she would have said it was ugly even if she truly hated it! She actually made me two, one for me and one for my daughter. However my daughter took both of them! *okie thinks her daughter might be a little greedy*

Speaking of my daughter...she is doing great! She says she is going to class tomorrow and she was able to work on some of her assignments this evening. I told her not to over do it tomorrow and I am sure I will be calling her through out the day to make sure she isn't over extending herself! I want to again tell all of you thank you for your prayers and well wishes. It is so nice to know there are so many people all over the world who express such genuine concern.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just a little update on my daughter

Shiane rested most of the rested I mean slept LOL. There was no delayed reaction to the anesthesia which is great! She said she is feeling better but is tired. I had to explain that having surgery will do that to you. I spent the day walking around the house and thanking God for watching out for my daughter and providing excellent medical care.

Due to the events of the last few days I hadn't gotten to do my paperwork and my supervisor had sent an email asking about my notes and I told her I would get them done. When I went to do them guess what.....the internet went out! Thirty minutes on the phone with tech support didn't solve any problems so a service call was scheduled for this morning. Being the determined person I am I unplugged my wireless router and my modem, carried them to different phone jacks and outlets. After being attacked by about 24,000 dust bunnies in the process I prevailed and I got the dang thang *okie still so loves saying dang thang* working! By 9:30 I had my notes done and I was itching to get so crafting done. is too close to bed time! I did play around with some things though and have some cards ready to be made hopefully later today!

I do have my online Cricut class tonight so not sure I will get the cards done or not. Either way something will be ready to post tomorrow!

Thank you everyone for your prayers, thoughts and comments of concern. It really amazes me how wonderful people are that I have never met. And it amazes more that there are people who have met me in person and are still nice to me! *okie thinks maybe she needs to quit being so mean to folks...and then cracks up laughing*

So to everyone THANK YOU and may your life be as blessed as mine!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sometimes crafting isn't that important...

My daughter hadn't been feeling well for a few days and Sunday night she decided to go to the ER. She didn't get out of there until almost 3am and they told her to come back before 8am on Monday. She called me a little before 8am on Monday and she was crying. They told her she had to have emergency surgery for a ruptured ovarian cyst and she was scared. With the convenience of cell phones I was next to her side in about 5 minutes of getting off the phone with her.

I was able to sit in the ER with her until they took her to surgery and somehow I saw my daughter be that little girl she use to be that always felt that Mom could make anything feel better. Even though I was crying inside because I knew she was scared and in pain I soon had her laughing and smiling about different things. At one point she said "so what happens if I don't want to have surgery?". In my best nonchalant voice I told her "well you have two choices...Surgery or Death. So if I were you I would be saying 'I'll take the surgery please'". She start giggling and said "GAH MOM! You don't have to put it that way". I told her "but those are your choose". And of course she said, with a smile on her face "I'll take the surgery please".

I am quite relieved to report that the surgery went well and she rested comfortably at home during the evening and night.

Due to the stress of the day I didn't get anything done to post and I may not have anything tomorrow depending on how today goes. But when it comes down to it...Sometimes crafting isn't that important!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Come see my Craft Room!

I finally got a video done of my craft room! I was trying to hurry thinking I had 10 minutes but found out afterward I had 15 minutes I could have used! LOL Oh well I still went 11 minutes!

I don't think I covered everything well but at least you guys can see where I spend the majority of my time when I am at home!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I worked all day....

On doing some re-organizing of my craft room! I think I have it all done now, at least or a little while. I even made a video of my craftroom! I am working on the video right now and will post it first thing in the morning!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Christmas Ornament...again no ink!

So maybe I am getting lazy instead of trying something out of my box...but I didn't ink on this card either! Naw it wasn't laziness. Because I want to tear this one apart too! *okie wonders if she needs to hide all her inks so she won't be tempted*.

I think with using the white it gives the card a more elegant look so I am actually okay with it.

The patterned paper is from the challenge from stamp club. The white paper is Georgia Pacific cardstock. I posted on facebook a few days about that I want to be like that cardstock because I swear it has lost 40lbs! Has anyone else noticed the cardstock being thinner? I know Enfys of Going Buggy said she feels like it is too!

I used a Cuttlebug folder on the top half of a piece of cardstock and then I cut a small scrap of Mica and put it on one of the ornaments on the folder and ran it through the Cuttlebug. Once it was done I just used my Cutterbee Scissors to cut it out and then pop dotted it on top of the white. I think you can see the edge of the white one under the green one. It really wasn't hard to cut out and didn't take too long.

The stripe strip is cut at 2 x 4 inches. I used a Stampin Up punch to punch out the area for the sentiment. Since the paper was double sided I just flipped the punch out over and then popped it back in the hole. I was going to leave the area white but I liked the color there. The sentiment is a rub-on. I think I got these rub-ons at Hobby Lobby after Christmas one year for 75% off. If I remember correctly that made them dirt cheap! *okie figures she is dirt cheap, but then wonders if that makes her a dirty girl...wonders if she should call one of her ex-boyfriends and ask if she is a dirty girl...wonders if her readers are reading her mind again and decides to shut off her thoughts*. The rub-on was a straight line but I just cut them apart and stacked to make them fit.

Okay I am off to work on my Cricut handbook and overlay storage so ya'll don't be bothering me today! HA HA HA I really am working on that though. I finally found something that will work for me. I will be sure to post it when I am done.

Also, don't you guys forget to go enter the giveaway Enfys is doing over at Going Buggy! If you don't know already she is giving away a full set of 148 ProMarkers!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Well guess what!

I don't have anything to post today. And it is Linda, aka LGuild's fault! See I told ya'll yesterday she keeps me arguing enough during stamp club so I can't get anything done! *okie thinks Linda might be the most evil of her friends*

Actually I did make the cutest card using a stamped scarecrow and my ProMarkers but there was a lady there that wanted the card to send to her I gave it to her *okie thinks she needs to stop being so damned nice to people*. I didn't have my camera with me so I didn't get to take a picture of it. I did stamp some extra's off so maybe I can get another one colored this weekend and get it posted.

I spent a lot of time talking about the ProMarkers. There were a few ladies interested in them and wanted to know where to get them. Several watched as Linda and I colored with them. Yeah you heard me right, Linda colored with MY MARKERS!! The nerve of her! *okie cracks up*

Linda said she loves the markers and they are easy enough that even she can use them, I think she mentioned something about "they are idiot proof" *okie wonders if she should say the idiot part is right, but then decides to keep that thought to herself*. She is going to order markers from Carpediem Store and I sent her a list of about 24 more colors that I am wanting so we can order together and save on shipping! Right now the singles are on sale for $1.49 each. Shipping is a little high but since we are ordering together and quite a few it actually isn't bad.

If you live in southern California I believe you might even be able to go to their store. It is located at 3820 Valley Blvd Unit I, Walnut CA 91789.

OOHH and speaking of ProMarkers! Don't forget to go and enter the giveaway that Enfys is doing on Going Buggy! She is giving away a full set of ProMarkers...that is 148 markers!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cuttlebug Snowflake

Yep it's another Christmas card today! This time I used the Cuttlebug Cut and Emboss Snowflake. I love this snowflake!

Do you recognize the quilt looking paper? It is the same paper I used on the stocking card from a few days ago. This will be another one I take to stamp club tonight for the challenge. Linda, aka LGuild, told me she doesn't like the paper and couldn't figure out what to do with it. Wait until she sees this card!! *okie laughs evilly* The red strip is the back side of the quilt print.

The sentiment is a Studio G least I think it is. Of course it is unmounted so I can't go check the block and see.

And I bet you can guess that I pop dotted the matted snowflake. I tried not to, but some how that dang mounting foam ended up on the back of that mat and on the card while I wasn't looking! *okie wonders if her supplies have it out for her sometimes*

Here on the close-up you can see where I used a white Signo 153-UM pen to dot points on the snowflake. Sometimes just a few dots can really add a lot!

Oh and look at the lime green paper, I used my Stamp Up background stamp and Versamark ink to give the green a little interest.

I embossed the 1" red strip with a Cuttlebug snowflake border folder and then just added some faux stitching with the white gel pen.

This one was a simple card and was fast to make so I might have to make a few more depending on how many Christmas cards I need this year!

Well tonight is stamp club so not sure what I will have to post from there. Sometimes I don't get anything done because Linda, aka LGuild, is always arguing with me. I think she does it on purpose so she can get more done than I do!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

NO INKING! Christmas Wreath

I wanted to see if I could do it. I wasn't sure I would be able to go through with it. But I did it. Or maybe I should say I didn't do it *okie thinks for a minute and decides she has managed to confuse herself once again*. I DIDN'T INK! I DIDN'T DOODLE! After years of compulsive inking I managed to make a clean line card.

I got the layout idea from the gallery at Splitcoast Stampers. I needed to use the striped paper because it is another sheet from the stamp club challenge and I will have to take it with me on Thursday night when Linda, aka LGuild, and I go to stamp club.

I cut a piece of white cardstock at 4 x 5.25 inches and then slide the top part of the cardstock into the bottom part of the Season's Greetings A2 Cuttlebug folder. I left approximately a 2 inch gap and then slid the Swiss Dots Cuttlebug folder at the bottom piece of the cardstock and then ran it through the Cuttlebug.

I cut the striped paper at 2 x 4 inches and then placed it on the blank part of the white mat I had embossed. And then just lined up the half piece of shadow frame with the top of the striped paper and then pop dotted my matted wreath on top of that.

The circle that the wreath is on is from George and the curvy frame and shadow are from Straight From The Nest. I only cut two of the maroon and then cut in them in half. This saved paper and since I was only using half it just made more sense.

I used the Cuttlebug Wreath cut and emboss set. For the bow I just cut some pieces slightly larger than the bow and cut then embossed, this way I didn't waste my marvelous mica paper!

I didn't think I could do it, but I did it and ya know what...I REALLY LIKE IT! So what do ya'll think of my clean line card?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Holiday Cheer...Giveaway link too!

Do any of you guys remember the stamp company Inque Boutique? I loved their stamps but sadly they went out of business about two years ago. The stamps used in today's card is from that Company. I love the whimsical looking stocking!

I was able to use ProMarkers to match the color of the stocking with the patterned paper at the top of the card. I used Lime Green, Pear Green, Marsh Green, Poppy and a gray of some sort to do the shading with the Poppy. I used the blender pen some and not sure I liked the look it gave but over all I still like the stocking!

The patterned paper at the top was some I got at Stamp Club and is part of this month's challenge. I used the Stampin Up scallop border punch on it and then also on some kraft cardstock. I curled the scallops up a little.

The burgundy paper is from Fancy Pants Holly Jolly collection. I believe it came out Christmas before last.

I really wanted to show you were I used flocking on the white dots but not sure it shows up well in the picture. It might show better if you click the picture and make it bigger.

You can see the shading a little better in this picure. It really is easy to make something look good with the ProMarkers. I am sure if I was a better artist it would really rock but since I am not...well heck I still think it looks prety darn good!

I didn't have any room for the sentiment on the front since I didn't want to block any of the whimsical stocking. The stamps used on the inside of the card were part of the set and I like how adding the extra images with the sentiment made the inside look.

So what are you guys thinking about the ProMarkers? Do you think you would like some of your very own? Well guess what! Enfys from Going Buggy is having the most awesome giveway! She will be giving away a full set, yes you heard me...A FULL SET OF 148 PROMARKERS on her blog! So pop on over to GOING BUGGY and enter to win!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Relax..It's your day

The ProMarkers are great for my headless ladies! Okay they are actually My Favorite Things stamps but I have always called them headless ladies. I am enjoying these stamps again since getting the ProMarkers and can't wait to make more cards with my other sets I have.

The patterned papers are Cosmo Cricket and the text paper is Little Yellow Bicycle. The card base is Stampin Up!. I added some Tim Holtz distress ink on the papers to give it an aged look. That and I wanted to play with the ink since I bought it a few weeks ago and haven't used it.

I stamped the image on white paper and colored it, then stamped on the orange floral paper and then cut out the one I colored and pasted it on the floral one. This gives the look of wallpaper to the image.

The flower is a Prima and I just added a ribbon loop behind the flower and then a button for the center. the little sentiment at the top was stamped on the same floral paper as the image. I rounded the end and added two brads to attach it to the card and then crinkled it a little just for some added interest *okie thinks she is stating the obvious here and then wonders if anyone ever even reads all this stuff*.

I made my lady have tan skin. Why you ask? BECAUSE I AM BROWN! So that was a good enough reason for me! *okie cracks up laughin* I used putty and tan in the ProMarkers. I shaded with the tan and it shows up ever so slightly. You might have to click the picture to see.

I stamped and colored another bath tub and then cut it out and pop dotted it on top of the other one. The bathtub was done with the Ivory and then shadowed with Ice Gray 1. The rug was done with Lime Green, Pear Green and Marsh Green. I used Pear Green and Marsh Green for the mirror frame. The mirror was with two different shades of gray and I can't remember which ones right now.

I added some glossy dimensions to the bubbles and the wine glass. You guys know how I love my glossy dimensions! Cutting the little bubbles that are on the wallpaper were a bit of a pain so on the other cards I just used a white gel pen to fill them in and then dot lightly with the Powder Blue marker. It worked out just fine.

I did stamp some extra bubbles and a bottle with the inside sentiment and gave them a little color also. I think it added a nice touch to the inside of the card.

So what do you think of today's card?? Be sure to come back tomorrow and see the Christmas card I will be posting!