Sunday, March 30, 2008


Who doesn't love cheesecake?? Well I do and think something is wrong with ya if ya don't love cheesecake! Oh yes the reason for this post. Well today I was cruisin the MB and decided to check out the DS forum. Someone asked if a 6 inch cheesecake box could be made. I figured it could, but I don't have the Expressions machine necessary to cut it. LacyGilbertson was kind enough to volunteer to cut the box for me. Another member, KarenS said she had some in the freezer and could measure the box and give me the dimensions. Of course Lacy and I can't figure out why cheesecake would be in the freezer because we would have eaten it before it would have needed to be frozen!! HA HA HA *hopes Lacy doesn't kill Okie for tellin*.

Not knowing who had what carts I made one CHEESECAKE BOX WITH GEORGE and another CHEESECAKE BOX WITH PLANTIN SCHOOLBOOK. I have circles in the lids but as always feel free to put what you want in there! As you can see from the pics *Lacy was sweet enough to take pics to share* there is some bottom showing that way you can see the pretty paper there also. You can probably add some scallop to the lid edge if you wanted to. Just decorate it up ladies and enjoy! *SMILE*

Hello Farmers!!

I had a MB member ask me about making a TRACTOR CARD. I resized it to fit into a standard invitation envelope *keeping fingers crossed*. It might just be a nice card for any farmers of lovers of tractors! I didn't put a lot of detail into the body of the tractor that way there is room for a greeting. The red circles show where there is a cut out. The base of the card will show through the red circles so make sure you have a base color you like for the hubs of the tires, or you can just cut some circles of any color you want and put in there, let your creative juices flow!! There are 4 mats 1. card base, 2. tractor body, 3. steering wheel and tires and 4. exhaust pipe.

Here are the layers you will want to do in order, starting with bottom first.
Exhaust pipe
Steering wheel
Tractor body

If anyone makes me be sure to send me a pic to post on my blog!! THANKS!!

UPDATE: Thanks to LeahPagliaroli for sharing the pic of the card she made with the cut file! It looks great Leah and I so appreciate you sharing the picture!!

WOW! Been awhile since I posted!

Guess I have been busy with several projects lately and haven't had time to just sit down and write a blog entry.

I am trying to get the recipe LO's done for the swap, almost done...*biting fingernails nervously*. And I will have them done and in before the deadline!!

I have also been busy with with some layouts for a message board member's request. KristenLong asked if any MB members would be interested in making layouts for a lady who is suffering from cancer. Evidently Shawna is an avid scrapper but won't have the time to get everything done she is wanting to do for her two boys. The story just breaks my heart, you can read about SHAWNA by click on the name. I only wish there was more I could do. I had cervical cancer in 1993 when my daughter was a little over a year old. I was one of the lucky ones and they were able to catch it in time and it was all removed with no further complications.

I was able to get 3 2 page layouts done and mailed to Kristen on Friday.

This first one is pretty simple but has room for quite a few pictures. I do like the colors. I used K & Company paper and embellies. I made two of the circles with lines for journaling.

This second one I like pretty well. I got the stickers at my LSS a couple of years ago and never knew what to use them for. But I think I found just the right LO for them. The title is ALWAYS REMEMBER TO - and the stickers say things like - imagine, inspire, create, dream, enjoy, etc. I think this one was the hardest to do because there was so much that was going through my mind while making this LO.

The third one is probably my favorite. It is "10 things I love about you", and has a double title as the I Love You stands out also. I heat embossed the 10 with copper powder. I used Walnut stain for the simple tags and also on the I LOVE YOU letters. I laid the tags with Herma Dotto removable adhesive so she can pull them off for writing.

OH MY GOODNESS I am so getting into the stamping thing! I love to color those little suckers. Chelle posted a challenge for a card and I was able to make one for a MB member who is under the weather. The stamp is Rain or Shine made by My Favorite things. I got it at my LSS but you can check it out at MFTSTAMPS. I was stamping images for a stamped image swap I joined and thought I would make my sister a card since I was on a roll. Not so happy with it but knowing my sister she will think it is the best thing since sliced bread! LOL

This one is a mini set and called "How Sweet It Is". Each set comes with several stamps in the theme and sentiments. I was able to get them for 40% off with a coupon I had. DEFINITELY worth the money in my opinion! HOWEVER, the ladies without heads kinda freak me out at first but now I love the whimsy of then not having heads! I really love them LOL.

I received a RAK this week from a very generous MB sister - ScrapperDelighted. I had asked about the Whisper's Ink Caddy set because my LSS has them and I was very intrigued by all the ink pads. I am really pleased with the quality of them!! THANK YOU SO MUCH SCRAPPER!! Let me tell ya gals, this woman is a hoot when she has taken her sleep medicine! And the best part...she won't even remember it the next morning!! ROTFLMAO

Not sure who all knows who SoftBrown is but let me tell ya, that gal has roped me into some kinda BBQ swap thing. I am not sure what all I will have to do but I will keep ya posted. Soft keeps tellin me it will be fun....but if ya'll read my posts regularly you will know I am STRESSIN TO THE MAX over this! ROTFLMAO

Well guess that is all for tonight! If I get my recipe LO's finished tomorrow I will post a pic and also will post the files that will be available for download!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Rain drops keep fallin on my head...

Actually today is nice and sunny. However we were in a flash flood watch two days ago. But enough of the weather report for Oklahoma..

A MB member was needing raindrops for her child's teachers classroom. She needed some to put pictures in. I made some regular raindrops and then also made some that can be used as frames.

The regular RAINDROPS range in size as you can see from the picture. I might even use these on a LO! I think they would be cute as a border or just all over the LO base. Also I would probably shade them to add some dimension. After saving the screenshot I haven't been able to get Prince's song Purple Rain out of my head!! I so had that tape when I was in high school and listened to it so much! Man was that a long time ago or what?? *shuddup now okie ya are tellin your age*

The RAINDROP FRAME can hold a picture about 3 x 2 1/2 inches. Great for those school wallet sizes *at least I think....can't remember of hand*. There are two to a 6x12 sheet. In the screen shot you will notice the purple oval, that will cut out leaving the hole for the pic to be placed behind. That is a good idea for classroom bulletin boards! The area for the picture can be edited easily if needed.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

No I am not going to Las Vegas. I would like to go though. Have been there once in 2001. Had a great time!! There was so much to see, loved the fountains at Bellagio!!

Oh the point of this post. Someone was wanting some DICE to cut with the cricut. There are two mats. The first mat ya need to cut in white, the dots will cut out. The back mat will be cut in black, which will show the dots. I think you might want to shade the sides to add some dimension which could easily be done with some chalk, not so sure about ink. Maybe I am feeling lazy today or it is all the rain *can't believe 5 inches so far since last night* but I didn't feel like resizing the dots to make a side with 6. But feel free to change it if ya need to!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Calla Lily

Here is a CALLA LILLY that I made. Someone on the Cricut MB was asking for one to go along with the orchid I had previously made. I didn't have a chance to work on it until now since I was busy with company and going to the convention. There are a total of 5 mats, well 6 if you count the preview mat which is blank. The mats are top layer, pistel, stem, second layer and base. I inked the edges to add definition. Again this is one that I didn't take my time inking since I probably won't use this one, but I did want to show how it can be inked. Due to the curve in the top layer I think chalks might work better *gotta get me some of them there chalks!*. The over all measurements are about 1 1/2 inches by 3 inches. I didn't want to make it too big. There are a lot of shapes to it so if you accidently move a shape remember you can always close and when it says "do you want to save changes" click no. Reopen the file and it should be back to normal. Anyway, hope ya'll enjoy it!

P.S. you can click the picture to make it bigger if you want to see more up close.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Oklahoma Scrapbook Convention

I went, I saw, I scrapped.......*hee hee hee*

Me and BFF went Friday and checked it out. We checked out the "garage sale" and bought a few things. I signed up for a stamp club that meets once a month. I also bought some SugarLoaf stamps, two sets for $10, hope that was a good price. Friday night we got our stuff all packed up to load in the car the next morning. Boy we didn't realize we were taking so much stuff! Luckily my neighbor let me borrow her shopping cart so it was pretty easy to transport everything.
  • 2 scrapbook totes, completely packed
  • cricut
  • desktop computer
  • cuttlebug and folders
  • stamps
  • paper tote
  • Plaid essentials spinner, fully stocked
Saturday morning we got there about 10:15 am. We got all our stuff unpacked and decided to look around at the vendors. We signed up for giveaways, I ended up winning a tea pitcher and 4 cups with lids from the Tupperware booth *I love winning door prizes*. We were hoping to win one of the scrap door prized, but no such luck. Not sure what was in the little bags but I know there were two large totes and a cricut given away. Some lady had bought extra tickets and she won about 5 door prizes....and she wasn't even there! *LOL*

I grabbed a picture of my grandma I wanted to scrap and went off to the scrapbook store to find paper. Well that took about 30 minutes! *LOL* But I finally found the perfect paper. I worked on that page for about half the day. I answered a lot of questions about the Cricut and Design Studio. There were several ladies that had Cricuts there. I couldn't figure out how I wanted to place things on the page. I probably would have worked a lot faster at home but I kept being distracted by all the people *is a total people watcher*. I finally finished the page around 5 pm or so! I still have to do the journaling box and I think I will do it on vellum.

We had wanted to sign up and take a class but couldn't think of one we wanted to take. We finally picked one and then was told the lady that was going to do it left. The ladies were very apologetic. So back to our scrap tables we went.

I then started working on a LO of my daughter at her Spring Concert. I had bought the musical note vellum the previous day at the garage sale. I used music notes I had designed with DS a few months ago. I still need to do the journaling and think I might add some black stickles to the music notes. The flowers were some of the prima's I got from QVC. I really didn't know if I would like the black and white flowers but they were great with this LO!

About 7 or 8 pm they said they had a big announcement. The asked for everyone's attention and said they had asked Xyron if they would be willing to donate something for the registrants. They had expected Xyron would send enough Xyron 150's for everyone to have one but were surprised because Xyron didn't send them. Instead Xyron had made a donation for everyone to receive a Xyron 250!! Well I wasn't surprised because I already knew. I was at the LSS the day they came in. It was cold and windy that day and the front door of the LSS kept coming open and letting all the cold air in. I stood at the front door and kept it closed while Tracy (LSS owner) and the truck driver unloaded all the boxes. Tracy made me swear I wouldn't tell.......and I didn't! *is quite proud of self for being able to keep a secret that long*

We did a free make n take with Rusty Pickle paper. They showed us how to do a quick LO. I ended up doing a two page LO since they gave us 2 with flowers and 2 base papers. I still have to do a title and journal boxes for them. We cut the flowers out of the flower paper and then just used them to border the wood looking paper. We inked the edges and I smeared ink on the base paper. The pictures I used were take at Lake Eufaula in 2006. The water level was down so bad that year! The girls had smeared mud all over themselves and had a great time. Even though the temperature was over 100 at 7pm. They pictures just seemed perfect for this paper!

We had a great time and would do it again. But next time I think I would be better least I hope. Guess I will find out in May when I plan on attending the retreat! *LOL* I am so tired today and could have used a nap. We were so wound up when we got home and unpacked last night that we couldn't go to sleep until after 2am!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What happens when you shop over the phone...

So Hobby Lobby was having a sale on adhesives. Robynstamps *from the Cricut MB* said "I never see them 50% off" *I saw Robyn's adhesive drawer that she posted, she got A LOTTA ADHESIVE...hee hee hee*.

So what do I do? I call my BFF in Longview Texas and tell her "ya gotta go to Hobby Lobby and get some adhesives, they are sale and Robyn says she never sees them 50% off!". BFF tells me to make a list. So I make a list and email it to her. She calls while she is there to clarify what to get *very interesting conversation shopping on the phone is, let me tell ya!*, I describe boxes and packaging to her. She asks me about a few other things and I ask the price *of course I am on the internet looking up prices while we are talking* and then I tell her "sure get a couple of those too! That is a great price!". She tells me she thinks she has it and has to pick up a few things.

So I am excited about getting some more glue dots, herma runner refills, xyron refills, and such. I am thinking "oh this is going to save me tons of money!!". Well the next day my BFF calls and says "I spent $70". I am like "HOLY CRAP! WHAT DID YOU BUY??"! She tells me "I have no idea. I got what was on your list and some other stuff, I didn't want to not get things since it was a such a good sale". I am thinking at this point "dang there goes my convention shopping money all on adhesives!". Anyway me and BFF are cracking up about her buying so much. She does tell me however the lady told her "uhhh...if ya decide you don't need all that you can bring some back. Just save your receipt and you have 60 days". Then we laugh about that too.

Anyway I have no idea what all she will be bringing on Wednesday or Thursday when she gets here, but I can pretty much bet I won't have to buy adhesives for awhile!

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Okay I made a slight adjustment to the box. I have added two extra mats. There is one that allows you to make scallop edges and attach to the lid. The other has blank sides that you can decorate however you want........stars, hearts, disney, just what ever your heart desires!!

So if you have already downloaded from the other post you might want to download the NEW AND IMPROVED CUPCAKE BOX instead!! This way you can personalize it however you wish!

****** UPDATE*****
I accidentally loaded the same file *blushing* now the link should give you the file with the extra mats with edge options.

Cupcake box with George and little bug

Well there was so much talk about a darling cupcake box on the Cricut MB and I never got to see the original. I have seen some that others have made and they are just too cute. They would be great for children's parties! DD is 16 and beyond that stage *where was Cricut when she was in elementary school*. From my understanding the box needed the big bug. So where was the option for all us baby bug owners??

I thought about THE CUPCAKE BOX last night and thought "I bet I can make one with George and the baby bug".
*Oh how I love George*. So last night and this morning I worked on one. A few of the ladies on the MB were willing to test it for me as I had paperwork to get done today. Laurie took a picture of the one she made. I LOVE THE PAPERS SHE USED!! I think I have the final adjustments made for it to work right. You will need to score the folding lines. The folding lines are pretty easy to figure out since they just go from a corner to the parallel corner. Since it was on the baby bug there are a total of 4 mats. And there is probably a little bit more assembly required than that of the big bug version.

There are 2 mats for the sides. The sides have tabs so you can put them together. Once you score and fold the tab just bring in the other end to inside of the tab and press for your fold.

The next mat will be the bottom and top. The bottom has tabs on each side to be glued to the inside of the sides of the box *okie did you just understand what you typed?* Score from the corners and fold.

I didn't make a cutout for the top, I figured you might want to choose your own. Very simple to do. Just find a cutout you like and put it in the middle of the lid, DO NOT CLICK WELD. The lid is the one on the right hand side of the 3rd mat. Just repeat the scoring and folding. The little tabs are made to go to the inside.

I also have made an insert to keep your cupcake from sliding around. The measurements to go in the box should be right, I don't know about the hole in the middle because I don't know the size of a cupcake *when is the last time I made cupcakes?* but can easily be changed to suit your own tastes! Anyway just score and fold, no need for glue on this since it sits inside the box.

Anyway I hope you guys enjoy the little bug cupcake box!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Baby Crib Card

Someone had posted a baby crib and Cricut MB members were wanting one. There are several versions available now as so many creative ladies jumped on the challenge. Some of the ladies requested it being able to fold up and used for a shower invitation. Let me tell ya this simple thing about ate my lunch! Oh it was easy at first but when folding to get into an envelope, well that was another story! But I gave it that good ol cricut try and finally was able to get it just right *think Goldilocks and The Three Bears here*.

Without further ado I give you the BABY CRIB CARD INVITATION!!

The first picture is how it looks all folded up and ready to put in the envelope (the small invitation size).
I didn't add any cut outs as I figured people have different tastes and can add their own if they download the file. And I thought that some might want to write on the ends of the baby crib, something like "Help welcome so and so's baby" or something like that. Anyway, ya can decorate it up however you want! I will say that when I did the cut with the bazzill it was much sturdier! *looking over at the huge pile of flimsy cardstock failures on my craft table* You can score for easier folding. I just used a ruler and embossing tool. The whole cut is done on ONE piece of 6x12 card stock. I did have it on two mats and then when I started figuring costs I thought I needed to try and put it on one mat.

The next picture is how it looks unfolded the first time.
The bottom of the bed is showing and should have enough room to write information about where, when, etc. Here you can see how there are cross tabs that keep the thing from falling apart. Very important if ya don't want a baby fallin to the floor! And NO ONE wants that to happen!! And if ya do want that to happen.......well I am called Child Services on ya! SHAME ON YOU! *cracking up laughin*

This picture is of it completely unfolded.
This shows how the tabs need to be folded in. Fold in the cross tabs and then the slot tabs. You then slide them into the slots and unfold to keep it together. I guess you could also write in the bottom of the bed if you needed more room to write. Such as if you wanted to write the suggestion I have at the end of this post.

Lastly is the picture of it all put together.
For the receiver to put it together remember to fold in the cross tabs and the slot tabs. And WAH LAH! You have a 3D baby shower invitation! Since my friends and I are past the baby stage and we are hoping it will be a long, long, long time *it dang sure better be a long time!* before we need it for grandchildren I don't think I will be using this one anytime soon. However I thought it would be a cute idea to ask all the guests to bring their invitation to the shower and fill it with small goodies, like booties, pacifiers, (or anything that will fit in the crib) for the expectant mother!

Hope you guys enjoy this file! And by golly someone better use this one!
*LOL* If you do use it for an invitation please send me a picture to post! I love posting what people do with my files!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Don't cheat others out of a blessing!!

Today I received a package in the mail. I brought the mail in and laid it on the table while I put away groceries. I then grabbed the package and sat down to open it. Initially I thought it was my ATG gun replacement but thought it was kind of an odd shape for an ATG but had no idea what else it could be. I sit down and read the is from Cherishedscrapandcards and I think "oh I don't remember placing an order with Kathy (she is Alliscrap on the cricut message board). I know I keep putting things in my cart but can't decide on what I want, did I order something and not remember?". So I open the package and there were TWO cricut cartridges!! Tags, Bags, Boxes and More and also Cuttin Up. OKay at that point my mouth dropped and I started to tear up.

I immediately pm'd Kathy on the MB and she said it wasn't her and that I must have a very generous secret sister!! And then told me she couldn't tell me who sent it to me but there was a way to figure it out and that I should be able to figure it out! *I swear for such a nice woman she can be so dang onery sometimes!*

I run next door to show my neighbor what I got in the mail. She is as perplexed as I. Well of course she would be, she doesn't even know what a cricut is. She knows I have one and she gets to see what I do with it. But she hasn't seen one. Of course I would have her over but she isn't able to get around well and wouldn't make it up my steps. We sit there and talk with me staring at the carts and still saying "I can't believe someone sent me these". She laughs at me and just tells me to be thankful. I said "well I am thankful ya ol goat! *now don't get upset with me callin her an ol goat, I wouldn't trade my neighbor for a million bucks* I just am amazed"

Normally I am very good at detective work! But not today! *maybe it was me being in a bad mood because the weather man promised snow and of course it didn't snow, but that is another story* My mind was reeling with who could have sent me two carts! Of course I posted on the message board thanking Kathy but had to go back and do an addendum when I found out it wasn't her. No one was confessing. Everyone was posting what a great RAK (random act of kindness, for those who don't know what RAK is) and I agreed but I WANTED TO KNOW......I HAD TO KNOW!!

In the messages Imanantique suggested a MB member, because she remembered the member asking me about what carts I would order from Creative Xpress if I were going to order. THEN IT SNAPPED! SOFTBROWN THAT LITTLE DEVIL!! Well Soft pmd me and said "can you call the number on the paper". I was like "what number". Then I looked. I saw a number and called it.

IT WAS SOFT!! Oh sure she tried to play it off. Here I was on the phone yelling her name, asking if this was her, etc and she calmly says "who is this". I yell "IT IS SHIRLEY!! YOU SENT ME THE CARTS DIDN'T YOU!!" She cracks up laughing and says "well I wasn't alone, there were several of us that pitched in". I almost started crying (again). Well we talked for like an hour on the phone. She tells me they decided to do it because I am always helping others on the board and that I share all my files.

I am still dumbfounded and I don't know if I could ever repay the kindness these ladies have shown me. I thank you ladies from the bottom of my heart! There just aren't enough words to express the gratitude I feel.

It is often hard for me to accept others doing things for me, but over the years I have tried to get better at it. An aunt of mine once told me "now Shirley if someone wants to do something for you and you don't let them then you cheat them out of a blessing". When you think about it, it really does make sense. So I am not gonna cheat anyone out of a blessing......I graciously and gratefully accept the kindness of my Cricut Sisters!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Scratch N Win

I had a MB member ask me if I could make a SCRATCH TICKET for her. She is working on a LO of her father and says he loved the scratch cards. I couldn't figure out how I wanted to do it until she sent me a picture of one. This is what I came up with! She said she loved it!! Anyway if there is anyone else who likes them I am offering the cut file! There are 5 mats to the whole file. The ovals, numbers, stars, main background and star background. I told her I thought it would look awesome with some stickles on the stars! But if you don't know already I am a TOTAL stickles nut!! I would paint my car with stickles if i could figure out a cheap way to do it! HA HA HA HA Okay maybe not that bad....but pretty darn close!

Snow in March??

Could it be true? Will it actually snow here tomorrow?? I will have to see it to believe it.

It rarely snows here in my town *think South Town in the Year Without A Santa Claus*. It can snow north, south, east and west of my little town and we will get 3 or 4 flakes. It isn't fair I tell ya! Ice we can get pretty regular, just not snow! I remember it snowing when I was a kid. We use to go sledding down the hill of the front yard. Man was that fun! Well until one time my brother almost slide under the dairy truck and daddy threatened to burn the sleds....*sad face*.

We haven't had a GOOD snow in a few years. I keep seeing wonderful scrapbook snow themed stuff and think "Wouldn't that be wonderful to do" but I never get to buy the stuff because it just won't snow enough. Oh sure the other day we got a dustin' of snow. But with the temperature getting up to 55 degrees the next day it was gone before noon.

Well I have my soup ingredients ready. I have my cricut ready (but it is always ready). I have all my warm jammies clean and folded, just waiting to be used all weekend! I think I am ready.....

Oh better hit the scrapbook store in the morning to pick up the last sheets of paper I need for the recipe LO's and maybe I can get those finished!!!

Now if it will only snow enough for school to be canceled on Friday!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Potty chair

I made a POTTY CHAIR for a cricut MB member. I decided to cut it and see what it looked like. I think it turned out pretty good. I cut mine in pink since I had scraps of pink. There are couple of mats to it. The base, the seat and the arms and also the bucket and toilet paper. I thought by doing the extra cuts it would add more dimension. Of course it can be decorated up to your own preference! So ladies, train away as you now have a potty chair to scrap! *LOL*