Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Totes and more totes.......

Why is that when I need something I can't find it? I know at one point I had a package of sand paper but today.......IT IS NO WHERE TO BE FOUND! I have searched and searched in my organized mess and couldn't find it. I did however find a little sanding block that had enough sandpaper on it for what I needed. Now where did that thing come from? I don't remember buying it but it was in a tote with some woodcraft stuff I use to do *notice the use to, I don't do anything but cricut anymore....* and that has been tossed the the bottom of stack of totes!

Oh I have totes...tote for beading, tote for Christmas ornaments I make, tote for needlepoint, tote for quilt tops *will I ever finish those?*, tote for wood crafting *forgot about about the 15 turkey things you stick in pumpkins that I started and I never finished*.......and I am sure there are more.

*BIG SIGH* I think I am not a crafter, not a scrapbooker but instead I am a TOTE COLLECTOR!


  1. You are not the only one with this unique problem...perhaps we should start a support group. We need a catchy name, with shirts and matching paper supplies and definately stickers. Do you think they could put our logo on a tote?

  2. If we can't put it on the tote I bet we can put it IN the tote and store it somewhere! LOL

  3. OMG, anoter toter. I love totes and have way too many for my own good. I end up putting stuff in them (for storage, ha ha) and forgetting I have it. I even have totes stored in totes...somebody stop me please!

  4. how funny i guess we are all really the same...ok i have the beading tote..i have made nothing with...sewing tote loved but now in the corner... (no room) scraping took it over...but now i need a tote for wood crafting when you tell me about the turkey things you stick in the pumpkins..and another thing i love sewing and have never tryed sewing on a scrapbook page!! how silly!oh yeah one more thing to add thanks to someone on the mb...i now have bought glass etching stuff to use with the cricut!!! oh nooo !! but do tell me about those turkey in the pumpkins thing!!