Friday, February 29, 2008

RECIPE SWAP, seemed so simple and innocent

I decided I wanted to have some meaning in my life where I can intrude on the lives of others without leaving the comfort of my own home, be part of a group of special what do I do? I enter a recipe swap. Okay, seems simple enough. I can do this. Rules are pretty simple.

8x8 layout, single or double page
15 of the same layout
have to use the cricut to embellish
Due by April 8th

Oh yes, that is simple, no problem. No pressure. Just find a recipe I like, toss it on some cute paper, make a title with the cricut....OH yeah this will be a piece of cake (and no, my recipe is NOT cake). Oh Okie you are going to have this done in no time! Why these swaps must be simple. Why haven't I joined one before??

Then IT happens....I get the official rules in an email and there is something added. An evil twisted little clause that is stressing me out...What is the clause you ask??

Well read below....

The top 3 people who use the “Most Cricut Embellishments” on their page will be shipped a special prize donated by ScrappinforMyFamily!, KeishaHopping & Simply Scrapbooks of Augusta Ga. So really let your imaginations run wild!

What? I can win something? OH NO! Now the pressure is on! I gotta win, can't sleep until I win. Hunting for the perfect recipe (who cares if it tastes bad as long as I can tie in butt kickin embellishments!), thinking of the perfect cuts, searchin for the perfect papers, does it coordinate, will anyone get "IT", will the cuts look stupid.......OH THE STRESS IS KILLIN ME!!

I keep reminding myself "now self *that is what I call myself when I am talkin to myself* it isn't important that you win, it is just important that you took this leap and you are going to be part of history *a little exaggeration, but please allow me this as it helps with the stress* and no one will make fun of you, if they do you won't know it because you don't even know who the layouts are going to. So just listen to me self.......relax, enjoy the experience and have fun with it* Yeah I am not really buying it and now everyone thinks I am crazy for talkin to did a simple innocent recipe swap get me to the point of having multiple voices in my head and stressing about colors, designs, and embellishments? It's simple really....*look of determination on face* I WANT TO WIN!


  1. ROTFLMAO....isn't swapping fun?? ;)

  2. Okie - I haven't even started yet! I am not worried about winning - just finishing!

  3. I can't comment because I have to go work on my recipe layouts!

  4. LMAO you really do no how to tell a story ! i really hope you win after all the stress your going through. I have done two swaps and stressed myself out so bad that i don't know if i could ever do another lol ! There again if there's a prize involved mmm well thats another story !
    Good luck !!!

  5. ROFL - You are too funny!!! Love it!


  6. i have been off the message board for a couple of weeks thinking i would get more scraping done!!i just got to your new blog are sooo dang funny!!! you had me laughing at my computer screen!!! i was going to try it that recipe one thinking the same thing(that would be easy) ..i have never done a swap or as much as even figured out how to post my layout on the message board...good luck and you have my vote!!!! sorry i dont think it counts :):):)