Sunday, February 24, 2008

Golf clubs...

I made some GOLF CLUBS this morning. Since I don't golf and it has been a long time since I have been around a golfer I hope they look okay! I need to be working on my weekly paperwork, but that just is NO fun! But gotta do it or I can't get paid....UGH! Gotta find a job where I don't have paperwork, but since anything in my field requires it I guess I am stuck. It sure takes away from my time to play with the Cricut and Design Studio.

On a more interesting note my God Daughter came by last night and got her word book. I called her and told her I needed her to come by and pick something up. She did squeal! Didn't cry.....but almost! She just kept looking at it and saying "WOW! WOW!" and said she was going to "accidentally" leave it in the lounge for others to drool over! *LOL*


  1. You read my mind!! I was just thinking I needed to create some golf clubs in DS... now, I don't have to. THANKS!!!