Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dry hands, dry legs.....okay mine get kinda crusty

I am willing to admit I have very dry skin on my legs......looks like an alligator in the winter time! My neighbor's mother, who is a very lively 94, makes a wonderful homemade lotion. My neighbor was nice enough to share the recipe. I made this for my girlfriends to go in their Santa goodie bags for my Annual Girlfriend Christmas party, they all loved it! I just got some of those cheap containers at Wal-Mart with the screw on lids. I think they were about 5o cents a piece. I shared the recipe on the Cricut messageboard *I think it was cricut related......because paper makes our hands dry, we need to moisturize our hands so we can work with paper........paper goes in the cricut....YEP! CRICUT RELATED!*

Oh yes back to the recipe! So here it is!!

1 - 7.5 oz Jar Petroleum Jelly
1 - 8 oz Jar Vitamin E Skin Care Cream
1 - 15 oz Bottle Moisturizing Formula Baby Lotion (I use unscented)
1 - 11 oz Dry Skin Lotion
1/2 bottle of 18 oz Suave Naturals (for scent, can you other if desired)
Mix with whip or mixer in large bowl.

This stuff is just awesome! It feels so light! It does a great job on my super dry legs.

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  1. your going to have a million comments from me sorry!!! i just love your blog!! see now i have to make this lotion..my legs get so dry and itchy..yuck!! im going to try this tommorow!!! thanks for sharing!!!!