Friday, February 29, 2008

IT'S A small WORLD!!

And this is a true and cricut related story....

I am trying to get back in the swing of donating platelets every two weeks again. I had stopped when a tendon got hit when I went in for a donation, very painful! Anyway, facing my fear and trying to start up again.

So today was an appt. Went in and was chatting during the screening process, the ladies there are all so friendly and most know about what happened with me staying away so long so they are now all very concerned and always asking if everthing is okay. Anyway..Conversation that took place....

Lady: "how is work"

me: "it is good as always, but I want to quit so I can just stay home and scrapbook all the time"

lady: "OH! You are a scrapbooker! I got my daughter one of those cutting machine things last year for Christmas and this year her husband got her the bigger better one this year"

me: *of course very excited to be able to talk about my cricut to anyone who will listen* "OH THE CRICUT! I have one of those. I have the software that you use with the computer with it and love it. I make all kinds of files. I even have a blog and people go in and download my files. I am so addicted to the message board!"

Lady: *odd look on her face* "what is your name there"

me: *odd look on my face wondering why she would ask* "okieladybug"

Lady: *smiling from ear to ear and excited* "YOU ARE HER!!"

*confused look on my face* "huh??"

Lady: *lookin like she was about to jump out her chair with excitement* "YOU ARE HER, I KNOW YOU HAVE TO BE HER"

me: *still kinda confused* "what her?"

Lady: "my daughter has been downloading someone's files and asked if I knew a doodlebug or something like that that lives here in town"

*mouth agape* "NO WAY!"

Lady: "YEAH! I can't wait to tell her that I do know you!"

me: "what is her screen name?"

Lady: *shakin head* "oh she doesn't post, she just goes in and gets ideas and stuff"

me: *laughing* "well tell her she needs to post!"

NOW HOW ODD IS THAT?? And completely true! Her daughter does live in Oklahoma but a couple of hours from the town I live in!


  1. You are famous! A celebrity! Good story. Sure can make some friends with that little bug.

  2. What are the odds. It really is a small world.

  3. That was not my mom, but I am also from southern OK. Lawton. I would be thrilled to meet you too. I love your site and have enjoyed your projects.

  4. I love you cards. I'm in Duncan, be great if we could get together sometime. maybe you could teach me how to post a pic on mb. Just can't figure that one out!