Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lovely Lovely Bazzill!! and paper hoarders

Oh what a grand site it was when that beautiful brown truck stopped in front of my house! I greeted the man carrying my precious package at the door. I think I might have even squealed a little and he did look at me kinda strangely as I jumped up and down. Did he not know how long I have been waiting? Did he not know what precious cargo he was holding?

I now have 160 sheets of the beautiful, sturdy, cardstock. It is all nicely arranged in my paper shelf. My daughter laughs at my ROY G BIV system of organizing paper, but what does she know?? *rolling eyes and sighing deeply* I can't wait to use this lovely cardstock, but I am one of those weird paper hoarders. I buy paper and don't want to use it "because it is pretty" "because I might not find anymore" "because I got it on sale". All of which are just crazy ideas!! Aren't we suppose to use the paper? Isn't that what we buy it for? Then what the heck is wrong with us for not wanting to use the paper??? Makes no sense to me but I know I am not alone in this dilemma! So paper hoarders UNITE and start using that stash of paper! I know I am going to use mine....well maybe, after all it is nice, and what if I can't find anymore.....HHmmmm maybe I should place it somewhere safe and out of site until I can find that JUST RIGHT project to use it on.....


  1. Love your blog Okie!! I'm adding you to my blogroll on my blog. Hope that's okay?

    Robyn in OK, too!!

  2. Sure Robyn! I keep wanting to add people's blogs but gotta figure out how! LOL

  3. oh yum-I saw that Bazzil on QVC and really wanted it but I talked myself out of it. SHOOT!

  4. LOL...I used to be same as you with paper. Exactly!!! Now, I have decided to just grab a paper and start working with it. These aren't like the olden days--there will always be something just as awesome and even more so. Start cuttin'!

  5. I will start usin that paper as soon as my mats come in! There isn't a mat to be found in town! But I did order 3 packs from Wal-Mart online!