Tuesday, February 5, 2008

More files to see and download!!

WHEW! There are a lot of files so this might take some time. But I am going to give it that good ol Cricut try! TWO FOUR SIX EIGHT WHO DO WE APPRECIATE?? CRICUT CRICUT CRICUT!! *tossing pom poms in the air*. Oh yeah back to the pictures and files.

Here is the LO I did using the BATHTUB cut file.

This is the TABBY CAT FACE that I made. I think it would look better with some distressing but OH WELL too late for me now!

Here is the FERRET I made. I didn't expect it to be so popular. HOORRAYY to the ferret lovers of the world!

A wonderful Cricut MB member requested a GROUNDHOG. She made a beautiful card with it! Rheba is so talented!!

This is from someone mentioning they needed a TRANSFORMER. I made it into a card the whole pattern is on one file.

This one is a result of a challenge on the Cricut message board. It is a BABY BIB CARD. There is a full baby with bottle and bear on the file but I never finished cutting it.

My daughter is crazy about MYSPACE so I did this LO. The file includes all the components to complete the LO. The film strip is NOT my original creation I got it from Caro's blog and was made by Andre. Great job Andre!!! Check out Caro's blog as she has tons of great stuff. She and the ladies work hard over there with sharing files!

This is the result of one of the first challenges I tried. They are LITTLE SWIRLS made with George. There is a LARGER SWIRL but I haven't cut it yet.

I am using THE CAR one for a LO of my daughter with her driver's license. I still don't have the LO done *GGGRRRR*. I also have a KEY file that has two keys on it that I am going to use on the LO, but don't have a picture or screenshot.

WHEW!! Okay that is all for this post but please stay tuned as I add more!


  1. Whew! I've just started looking at your blog and I think I'll be up all night if I look at everything. It's awesome. TFS.

  2. you do have a lot on your blog. As mentioned before I just became a follower about a month ago, and I love the fact that everytime I come back I find more and more that i like about it. Thanks so much.