Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Files and more files - I hope

WOW I am getting such a tremendous response it makes me blush (honest injun even, oh and I can say injun because I am one hee hee hee, 1/2 Arapaho to be exact). Oh yes back to what I was doing....*la la la la la looking through pictures and files*.......

Here is the BREAST CANCER ribbon that was requested. I haven't cut it but several ladies have and said it worked great!

Someone had requested a TRACTOR made with George. The mats are labeled the colors for a John Deere but ya don't have to use those colors. I think if I had a farm I would want a purple tractor.....with pink flowers! YEP YEP YEP It would be the purtiest tractor in the county!

Jodi needed a STEPLADDER for a LO and this is what I came up with for her. She never has show me a the LO thought *ggrrr*

Late at night one weekend someone was talking about MUSICAL NOTES and needing individual ones so I got busy and made these in a matter of minutes.

Here is a MASONIC SYMBOL I made tonight. My daddy was a Mason although he wasn't very active while I was growing up I know he was active in the 60's while living in Kansas.

Was playing around one evening and came up with the MATCHING FLOURISH CORNER AND BORDER. I haven't cut these yet but I think they are pretty just the same! I did a FLOURISH FRAME but I don't have a pic of it.

Ladybugs sweet ladybugs! This was my very first DS design!! I was so proud! You will need to use a hole punch for the small wings as I figured it would help save on blade life.
There are 3 of the large to a cut and 4 of the small to a cut.

Okay that might be all I add for tonight. I will have to go through and make a list of what else I need to put on here. I think I need screen shots of some of my files as I know I don't have them for all.


  1. I like them all but I came for the tractor! Okie, you are awesome!


  2. I used the step ladder,,,,LOVE IT!!

    How do I get you a picture of it?

  3. When I wanted some ladybugs I knew you had made these so I searched your blog for them, thanks for sharing.

  4. I've just downloaded the musical notes. They're perfect!! Thanks so much for sharing, Okie Ladybug!