Friday, May 27, 2011

Oh I fell behind

I fell behind on my crafting in the last few days!

With all the excitment of getting ready to finally get a laptop of my own I have been busy with other things. I purchased a Dell from Walmart. This will be replacing my Acer desktop. I had the desktop for about 5 years so it was time for something new. Not to mention it was on it's last leg.

I wasn't sure what to do about my photos and documents on my desktop so I did get an external hard drive. That is something I have been wanting for about 2 years now. I got a Seagate that has 1TB so it should provide plenty of space for storing photos. My daughter was over here and I showed it to her and where I am keeping it. I told her if she was at the house and a storm was coming to grab it and put it in her purse that way all our photos would be saved. She was not amused *okie thinks that kid needs to get a better sense of humor but then thinks maybe not because okie was not kiddin about it*.

I did finally get the laptop yesterday and spent quite a bit of time getting it set up and programs installed. I can't believe how fast this sucker is but in reality anything would have been an upgrade from my desktop. I also like that it has the 10 key on the keyboard. I don't use one often but when I need to do numbers I love having that feature. The laptop has a webcam as well but not sure what the heck I am suppose to do with it. It makes me nervous because I wonder if someone is watching me. Maybe I should cut a tiny Cricut head out of some vinyl and put it on there!

I also got a new wireless printer, a Canon Pixma MG5520. I was worried about setting it up but it was actually fairly easy to do. I even printed a test page so I do have it set up right *okie wipes her brown dramatically*. I would hate to have to throw it out the window because it didn't want to setup right, especially with it being brand new and all!

I won't get to do any crafting today as I have an all day workshop *okie would like to smack her boss upside the head for making the workshop on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend but figures what's done is done*. Then tonight I got a hot date with my friend Nancy. We are going out to eat and then to the casino for a little while. Nancy is trying to come to grips with learning to be single and happy. I have tried to tell her for quite some time that it is really nice when you can become your own best friend. I told her many times that I am my own best company and have quite a few interesting conversations with myself *okie wonders how many of her readers are nodding their head up and down and thinking 'yep that's so okie'*.

Anyway, if I don't get anything posted this weekend I just want to tell you guys to have a Happy Memorial Day and stay safe!!


  1. Have a great weekend! Yes it is always exciting to get new electronic toys, I love my 10-key too! AND I have to confess I do have a little piece of cardboard covering my webcam because I'm nervous if anyone can tap into it hehehehe.


  2. ROTFLOL......Because I too have a sticker covering that little camera.
    Just can't stand the thought of someone looking at me and me not knowing....creepy!
    Very happy that you got both of your new toys up and running!!
    Hope you have a very happy Memorial day weekend!!!!

  3. I am nodding along with you ;) I have a friend who is trying to figure out the same thing. She's not in a position to appreciate this yet, but sometimes I envy her freedom right now.

    Have fun with your new toy!! If you haven't already wiped the pictures off your old desktop it would be a good idea to keep it around as another backup to your backup. I've heard stories that the external hard drives don't last a lifetime & it would be heartbreaking to lose everything. I now backup to my new computer, the external AND all pics are uploaded to (currently still free unlimited storage). Someday they are gonna get "tired" of my 20,000 pics and growing ;)

  4. Love the idea of the special place for the Cricut head ! That was funny ! Enjoy all your new toys !!!
    Hope you have a great, safe weekend !

  5. Yup..nodding righ along with the others. Have married friends that are green with envy of all the time I have to create. Congrats on the new laptop and printer and tech toys! When I go out of town my laptop and hard drive are always with me! I have not used my old computer since I got my laptop 3 yrs ago. You are going to love yours!

  6. Okie, I'm not sure about the lingo but when you said "10-key", I'm guessin' you're referring to the number keypad, right? If so, you are gonna LOVE it when you register your carts cuz you can use the numbers and alpha at the same time. I used to find it very annoying having to use the number keys at the top of the keyboard (just under the F keys). Yep, you're gonna love your laptop!! :-)

  7. Hi Okie! Sounds like you've been busy! ME Too! Sorry I haven't been around... Been busy with my sons Graduation and my moms Birthday and family visiting! Just got a free minute tonight so I thought I would pop in and say Hi! And let you know I got the Promakers! THANK YOU! They're AWESOME! :o) Enjoy playing with your new computer/Printer and have fun on your HOT DATE! LOL I'm hoping next week will be a lot quieter with out the family! so I'll check in then! :o)

  8. Have a great Memorial Day weekend and enjoy your new toys!