Monday, May 16, 2011

No project posted today

I didn't get anything posted for today, even though I had made some layouts using my new E2. I just didn't get the pictures taken and edited and the posts written. But I am doing that tonight so they will post in the next few days.

I wanted to prove that I did use my E2 so I am posting this picture. As you can see I also have been using my Gypsy. I am getting better at doing my images on Design Studio, saving the file, closing the file, opening the file and saving as a gypsy file and the uploading to the gypsy. It sounds like a lot of work but believe me it is a lot less time consuming than me trying to use the Gypsy.

What about the new screen on the E2 you ask? HA HA HA Surely you guys didn't think I was gonna try to use the E2 without Design Studio! *okie shakes her head and really wonders about her readers sometimes* You guys know me by now that...well....IT AIN'T HAPPENIN!!


  1. I am so jealous! Look at your E2 with your awesome red expression next to it! love it!

  2. I am with you Okie... I don't even think about NOT using my Design Studio. Cricut plus Design Studio equals scrapbooking/cardmaking without going insane! lol
    mskathywmu4 at cox dot net

  3. I use my gypsy and design studio just the way you do. No way will I ever be able to use that little screen as well as the DS and my 17" laptop screen! I really don't love the touch screens so much-not on my imagine either. I guess that is why I didn't have to have a new E2! Looking forward to seeing you layouts, Nancy

  4. It just occurred to me that with Gypsy prices being so low that buying one will probably be cheaper than buying the wireless dongle for the E2 when they get the Craftroom up and running! But what a hassle, having to save the file onto the G and then hook it up to the machine!

    Will you be able to save files from Craftroom onto the G and do the same thing?

  5. I would be lost without my design Studio, and don't make a card without it, but did not know could be sent to a gypsy, that would save time from the Jukebox and switching carts all the time, will have to look into the price of a gypsy...

  6. HAHAHAHA! I thought the same thing when I got my E2.... I needed to open my Design Studio! Still use it more than my gypsy... trying to like it.. and it's been nice for some things... but Design Studio all the way baby! LOL Not to sure about that CCR program either.. it's been given me a headache! LOL