Sunday, January 18, 2009


*to the tune of The Brady Bunch okie sings in her best voice...which by the way will curl the hairs on a Shetland pony*

Here's the story of the lovely Amy
Who was bringing up okie not having an E
She had a heart of gold, like the others
And the secret mission started with glee

Here's the story, of a girl named okie
Who was busy with a Cricut of her own
She was sitting in her den, putting a .cut file together,
working on some crabs all alone.

Til the one day when the group met their goal
And they knew it was much more than a hunch
They were able to get okie the E
That's the way okie entered the Expressions Bunch
The Expressions Bunch
That's the way okie entered the Expressions bunch!

Now for those of you who do not know the reason for the song.....

Yesterday I went to my friend LGuild's house to make cards. I posted on the MB that I was going and that LGuild had an E and said I could play with it *okie wonders now why LGuild didn't let her play with it* and I was hoping I didn't like it since I don't have one. AmyAngels2 from the Cricut MB decided that would just not do. She started a TOP SECRET RAK thread in my absence. I saw the thread last night when I got home and thought "OMG Amy is giving away a huge paper RAK...that poor girl is gonna go broke sending out paper to people!", so I didn't email her about it.

After logging into the MB I checked my email and I had like 43 emails, 40 of which were REFERENCE: OKIE'S EXPRESSIONS FUND OKIELADYBUG: DONATION FROM _______. I thought WHAT THE?? I have received a few donations through the donate button my blog since putting it there, but 40 in one day?? So I posted on the MB if there was a Telethon going on or something. I got a few responses and everyone acted like they were just clueless *okie thinks to self....sneaky bunch of folks on that MB!!* Anywho I work on a .cut file for a crab *which okie posted earlier today* and then go to bed.

I get up this morning and check my email.....MORE DONATION NOTIFICATIONS CAME IN!! By this time I am really wondering what is going on!! I searched the MB for any hints of "donate to okie" but never saw any. I continued to work on the crab .cut file, adding different sizes and them some cuts for dimensions. During this time I get more emails.......MORE DONATIONS!!

FINALLY.....Amy confesses. She tells me she saw that I didn't have an E and that she did the TOP SECRET RAK to get people to donate to the cause because people think it is nice of me that I share my cut files, answer questions about DS, etc. *okie wonders when people will start believing that she is NOT a nice person* and I just almost cry! Well within no time I had enough donations in to order the E!!

After some confusion with my payment method, calling payapl and being on the phone with them and then checking my account again I was able to order the E from Hallmark Scrapbooks!!

*okie gives a big sigh and wonders if she will even be able to sleep tonight* There are not enough words to express my thanks to all of my readers, message board sisters and brothers for all the joy you guys have brought to my life in the last year...and now for you to come together and do this for me.....Well.......I say THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!


  1. Wow, Okie! That is so awesome that people on the MB did that for you. You do give an awful lot to that just goes to show how much they appreciate you. And I'm pretty sure you're nice, so you can drop the charade. :-)

  2. Ah yesss...another one brainwashed! My evil plan to take over the world one scrapbooker at a time is working!! BBWWAAHHAAHHAAA

  3. Okie,
    That really warms my heart to hear what they did for you. You work so hard and are so generous with sharing your work. I just recently started following you so I did not know about it. I hope that you really enjoy your E and would like to suggest donating your old Cricut to someone that doesn't have one at all. I was just given one for Christmas and boy, is it great to have. Maybe do a challenge for people that are Cricut-less and draw a random winner? Just an idea...

  4. WOW - I'm so happy for you and you will love the E!! This was well-deserved and, again, thanks for sharing all those cut files and your talent (you know everyone will now expect cut files for the E!!) - CONGRATS!!!
    KraftyChick from the Cricut MB

  5. This warms my heart and soul and NO one is more deserving than you!!
    Well your have ordered it now so when does it ship... ENJOY my SWEET on line friend.

  6. Okie, you are very deserving of this. You have brought us all lots of smiles and laughter and many great cut files. So what better way to show our thanks. Enjoy your new E.

  7. How happy I am for you!! You sure do deserve always are so willing to help any of us with files, problems or whatever.

    Best of luck using the E. You will love it!!



    We got ya!
    Have fun girlie!

  9. This whole story has made me a believer in the mb! I have only been on since Dec. 1 and only a Cricut owner (E) since Xmas, but man I LOVE THAT BOARD!! I came from that "other site" but with such wonderful people as you, amy and the others, oh my, I'm tearin up, I have a new home!

    Just want to say your work has been a tremendous help for a newbie!!

  10. "tune to budweiser song"

    thanks for all you do... (this E's for you..)
    o.k. o.k. couldn't resist.. LOL

    You deserve your E.. can't wait till you post your first E cut..


  11. OMG...I am SO happy for you. This brought tears to my eyes. It's got to feel awesome to know how much you are loved. Congratulations! Enjoy your new toy:-)

  12. Oh I'm so happy for you Okie! But, um, well if I were you I wouldn't quit the day job for a song writing one just yet....

    hahahahaa!! :)

    Happy chirping girl!

  13. Okie,
    I love the song! I FEEL LIKE A FAMOUS PERSON! LOL
    I hope you get tons and tons of use and fun out of your E!
    Your Friend

  14. You are such a cutie and you deserve your new Cricut! I am a newbie and I have learned so much from you and your challenges and files! Thank you for all you do! Joy

  15. Wow, this is amazing!! You so deserve it Okie!! I am so happy for you!! Congrats on your new buggie!!

  16. What an amazing thing! Most people that I know who craft are genuinely thoughtful caring gals. Congrats!

  17. You deserve it Okie! I am not on the mb all the time but you are so wonderfully nice to everyone. If I would have known about it I would have tried to help out because you are so wonderful!! Thanks for sharing all your great cut files!