Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blog awards...Thank you CraftyAnny

I got these awards from CraftyAnny over at MY PAPERPLACE, and I am trying to do the awards right. I have to nominate other blogs.... So here goes.

The Lemonade Award is given by a previous winner to 5 people who have shown a great attitude or gratitude this week. Isn't this a nice way to show other bloggers how much you appreciate their work! So here's what you need to do now.

1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate at least 5 blogs, which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude! Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
3. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
4. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

For this award I would like to nominate
Softbrn at Softbrn...Georgia's finest - the admiration I have for this woman can't even be explained she works hard takes care of her 4 kids and when life doesn't always go to her plan she picks herself up and overcomes it!
Bridget L at Bridgets World - not only is she a super fantastic crafter but she is has the most wonderful attitude about her children and their dreams in life, she is the ultimate support in their dreams!
Jason at Scrappindad's Scribbles - To know Jason is to love him and his wonderful attitude on life! And man oh man does this man have a talent with paper!!
Robyn at The Pink Stamper - she puts a lot of hard work into her videos and is just tickled pink when people show their gratitude by leaving just a comment, and she is like the most awesome mom to her 5 kids!! *which okie surely admires because if okie had 5 kids she would have traded a few off for a new car by now*.
Last but definetely not least... Bren at Brens Designs - I know she won't be able to accept the award as she is with her husband at the hospital. Bren has gone through a lot in the past year that I have been acquainted with her and yet she keeps her chin up. Please keep Bren's husband Ron in your prayers at this time.

The Kreative Award, I would say is for bloggers that you believe are creative *okie thinks to self...well DUH OKIE like they can't figure that one out* Let five people know how much their creativity inspires you.

For this award I would like to nominate

Ladybuglori at SentimentalXpressions - she has made some fanastic projects, her latest being candy pouches, be sure to go check them out!
Scraparazzi at Scraparazzi - while sometimes she doubts her creativity...I NEVER DO!! I love her pet treat sour cream containers she made!
Froggita at Froggaritaville - This little frog is the most crafty little frog I have ever seen! She has some great projects with the BIA, and I need her inspiration to use mine!
Narelle at Myfaqcricutds (Cricut Lovers guide to Design Studio) - she does some of the most awesome tutorials for DS!
Capadia at Capadia Designs - what can be said about my dear dear Cap?? She is fantastically creative with DS and has the patience of a saint to explain how her designs are done *unlike okie who posts designs and leaves people to fend for themselves*. I actually think Cap must have a degree in art welding because the stuff she does are true works of art!


  1. You are so super sweet!!! Thanks for the award. I will put it on my side bar. :)

    You are the bestest!

  2. Wow Okie you visited my blog. Im honored, plus you are giving me an award. You are just the sweetest. Thanks so much.

  3. I completely agree with both Robin and Bridget! I am so honored you picked me for such an award. I have always thought of you as ALOT more creative than I! Thank you hun!

  4. Okie, you're so sweet!! Thank you for the compliment and the award. I will get it put on my blog.

    You inspire me!

  5. Okie,

    Thanks so much for the award - tonight I am finally getting it posted on my blog. I don't think I have ever have been called a "saint" (LOL) but I do like to explain things... (and my degrees are in Psychology, English and Law - but Art Welding sounds like fun!)