Friday, January 23, 2009

Flap Fold....big enough to mail!

I made this FLAP FOLD (PS) CARD based on the version of my small one that I made sometime ago. This one is big enough to mail. I double checked it and it is within the machinable range so it won't take any extra to mail! *okie is so cheap* I did use Plantin Schoolbook for this file and it is my first file I designed after getting my Expressions. The good thing about this...It cuts 3 at a time! Well except for the envelope, it has to be cut 3 times. I used the envelope on the PS cart also, and just resized it to fit the convenient!!

Here is a picture of the card folded out. I used the cuttlebug on the top mat, the distressed folder. To help keep the card closed I used a velcro dot. I also cut a scallop circle out of chipboard and then adhered the solid scallop circle on top to give it some strength.


  1. Hi Okie, this is such a cute card. I missed this othern one somehow on your blog. Happy to see you are having a ball with your E. It is so much fun, just think when I bought mine last year, I was having second thoughts, after having it just one day, those thought were gone bye-bye. Enjoy!



  2. I'm so excited for you to have gotten your E and can't wait to see what all you do w it. Very nice card...TFS!


  3. what a cute card, thanks for sharing.
    And isn't the big E great?? Have a lot of fun with your E.

    Take Care Linda from Holland.

  4. What a great card! :) I'm looking forward to cutting it. Thank you SO much for sharing your talents!! Have fun with your E!! (I love my E too.)

  5. I love this card! Can't wait to try it out! Are you trying to compete with the Wild Card cart?
    Mary101, Cricut forum

  6. TFS! You ROCK!! I love your blog!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing, I love this card and the fact its the right size to stick in the mail! Thanks again.

  8. I love this card and envelope! It can work for any occasion or gender. Thank you so much for sharing.