Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tuxedo card didn't win.......

But I am still proud of the TUXEDO CARD!! I made this off the shirt card file I had done before and jazzed it up. It fits in a standard invitation envelope. It is pretty simple to put together. It does open in the center.

I included a preview page where you can see where things are placed. I also put in fold lines to make folding easier to see and do. There is one little catch on the gluing. When you get ready to glue the right side of the jacket only apply adhesive from the outer edge to the cut lines, they are the furthest set of lines on the right hand side of the base cut before folding the "shirt". This allows the jacket to help keep the card closed. I layered the bow tie to add dimension. I used stickles to jazz up the buttons. Also for the lapel I just simply turned over my textured card stock and used the smooth edge to give it a different look than the jacket. I did use a small piece of material for the handkerchief in the pocket but I have included a paper one that fits the "pocket" of the jacket.

So while this didn't win the CHIRP it is still a winner in my book!!


  1. WOW!! Okie this is so great! Would be great ot use even on a Prom layout! Wonderful. You should have won!

  2. I would think it should win, but I don't always agree with the things that PC does pick for the Chirp, either!

  3. This is fabulous looks like a sure winner to me !!