Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Kruemel's Treasure Box

Kruemel is a Cricut message board member, thought I would explain that right off so no one is asking me why I named the treasure box that. HA HA HA

Kruemel designed a TREASURE BOX that is just darling! She posted it on the MB and also made it available for download. With her being from far far away the time stamp (or whatever it is called) needed to be changed. Poor LacyGilbertson was chomping at the bits to get this treasure box and asked if I could help. I being the smarty pants I am, was able to change the time stamp *yeah so I cheated....I went to Susanuncle's blog and got the directions on how to do it* and have it open for the users in the USA.

Here is Kruemel's original post concerning the box:
I created this treasurebox for my girls birthday. We are sending them on a treasure hunt and at the end each kid will get one of those. They can then fill it with the golden chocolat coins that will be in the big treasurebox together with some other goodies...
I know, I could have decorated it better, but time was fleeding by...

follow up post:

Forgot to mention - you will have to make to hand-cuts: Just cut the round from the box´ side pieces a bit further. It´s hard for me to describe because I´m not american/english. But I guess you will know what I mean by seeing the cut out box. The top of the box is wider, so it can lay on the side pieces... And the slit for the box closing has also to be done by hand - I really couldn´t figure out where to place it on CDS to make it fit!

Thank you so much Kruemel for allowing me to post your design on my blog to share with others!

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