Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Aloha Hula Girl!!

Bet ya thought I was going to say I am going to Hawaii didn't ya? Well sadly....NOPE. Matter of fact I am afraid to fly over water.......what the heck! I mean I love to fly but the thought of going over water almost makes me go into a panic attack! I guess I think if I crash and hit the ground then it will be a fast painless death and while I can swim I just don't know about diving at 600mp in the ocean and being able to hold my breath long enough to make it to the surface!

UUHH....oh yeah.....Hawaii........aloha.....HULA! That's what I was posting about!

A MB member, JeanCreed, asked if I could make a HULA GIRL for a LO she was wanting to do. I told her I would try and she better not laugh at me! *well guess I wouldn't have known if she laughed.....ha ha ha* So I got the hula girl done and sent it to her. She emailed back and says she just loved the Hula Girl. I told her that I only requested that she take pics so that I can share on the blog, and the darlin agreed! She sent me pictures of the Hula Girl cut and also LO she did with the Hula Girl. The overall dimensions are approximately 2 inches wide by 4 inches tall. If you want a face you will have to draw one her because, well I am just not good enough to make eyes, nose and mouth for these things! HA HA HA.......but seriously......I'm not. There are a total of 7 mats, and that includes the preview mat. You start with the last mat and work your way to the first layer when putting her together.

This is the LO Jean made with the Hula Girl and all I can say is WOW! Great job Jean!! Kinda makes ya feel like you can hear the ukulele music and see the girls dancin right there on her page!!


  1. wow love it , i want to make one now, wish i had been to hawaii so i could make a scrap page and put her on. But it is a lot more water to fly over from here that is for sure

  2. Awwww, I love her, she's so pretty - even if she's faceless! Did you make her using DS? And here I was feeling all proud of myself for knowing how to weld squares together...LOL! She looks awesome on the LO JeanCreed made!

    I would also like to say thanks for reminding me of my intense fear of the ocean...LOL. I like playing in the water just near the sand, but once the water starts looking darker and I can't see the bottom...*shivers*

    Word on the street is, my Cricut told me that your Cricut has a direct line to the weather I would whisper around it if you're talking about going out to your garden...

  3. She is made with DS, George and the baby bug!! So trial version users of DS can cut her out too!!

    Always glad to remind ya of your fears Skittles! HA HA HA

    Thanks for the advice about whispering around the cricut! Already have to spell around the cats and dog! It is all a huge conspiracy! LOL

  4. Okie - I have to say you are so talented and also soooo hilarious. I love to read your blog. It always makes my day. Thanks!
    (SawSah from Cricut MB)

  5. Okieladybug,

    Your hula girl is just what I needed. Thank you. I enjoy visiting your blog. You are so talented and your work so detailed.

    Thanks again,


  6. Planning on making the Walmart clocks for is tropical...if I use this girl I send you a pic.....her arms could be the clock hands????? thank you