Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Strawberry fields forever........

Okay I do like the Beatles but I won't make you guys suffer through my singing HA HA HA....seriously, can't carry a tune in a bucket though.

Anyway I made STRAWBERRIES with George and DS. There is a small one and a larger one I only have a screen shot of the small one. Why you ask? BECAUSE I AM LAZY I TELL YA THAT IS WHY!! I know that is not a good reason, but I am too lazy to come up with a better one.

The larger strawberry looks a little different and the leaves are more splayed *splayed? is that even a word? I just don't even know.....might have to look that up*. There are 3 mats per strawberry size.

Okay now I want some strawberry pie.......or strawberry shortcake.....or strawberry ice cream.....oh man I do like strawberries!!


  1. OMG this rocks Okie!! I love strawberries too!! (yes, Frogs eat strawberries...who knew!)

    This will be PERFECT to use in a recipe book i am going to start soon!!! :) :)

    Thank you!!!

  2. Yum! I'm not going to repeat myself on how fantastic your designs are, so just YUM!

  3. Thanks soo much for sharing your strawberries!! My scrap group is doing a recipe book, and just last night I was thinking I needed a strawberry!!

  4. thank you for always sharing with us. After watching Robyn's (Pink Stamper) video of your strawberry .cut file - I just have to try it too.

    I would love to see you in a video making one of your creations.

    Tina Marie

  5. Your strawberries look fantastic! Thanks for sharing your cut file.

  6. found it!! thank you so much for telling me about this and for sharing your file!!