Saturday, April 5, 2008


So as some of you might know there was a question about one of my files possibly being tweaked and used to win a contest. I do have a disclaimer at the top of my blog about such things. I did have one MB member ask me one time about using a file for a contest and I told her to go right ahead. I was very upset over the whole thing but ya know what.....after a day like today I decided "ya know the big scheme of really doesn't matter". Matter of fact I just emailed a dear MB friend of mine (LacyGilbertson) with this exact quote!

I had the garage sale today and it went great! I was able to get the new Kodak 5100 printer that I have been eying for almost to months now! And I still have money to get a new cart or two at next weeks sale! JUST HOW COOL IS THAT?? *and if ya don't think it is cool just lie to me and say it is! HA HA HA HA*

ALSO! Today was the big SHIRT day!! LOL For those of you who don't know, my DD was getting a car today. She didn't know about the car and my sister made me promise not to tell her because she wanted to surprise her. Well I had to tell someone about it because I was just busting at the seams! So of course I turn to my cricut sisters and tell them. DD loves to be sitting here when I am reading the MB because she always wants to know if Softbrn posted anything *DD finds Soft just absolutely hilarious and thinks Soft needs to move here!* so I couldn't say car. The code word became SHIRT. The whole thread ended up being rather humorous as people were trying to make references to the car but without giving it away that it was a car!

The car is a 1994 Chrysler LeBaron, it needs a paint job some kinda bad and a dent or two taken out, it also has a busted tail light that is fixed with red tape at the moment. Maybe not the first choice for a teenager. But you see this is a very very special was my mother's car. My mother passed away in 2001 and this car is the one that my daughter remembers going places with grandma in. So to my daughter the paint and the few dings mean nothing to her. That girl is sooo sentimental! I have no idea where she gets that from! *giving an innocent look* My sister and brother in law got new tires for the car, my nephew put in a pioneer stereo system with cd player to prepare it for my daughter. Also they told me to check and see how much it will cost to get the tail light fixed and they will pay for it *I truly am blessed*.

Here are the pictures I was able to take. I had ran in the house to get the camera so I didn't get pics right away. But my daughter said "YOU'RE PLAYIN.......STOP PLAYIN.........STOP PLAYIN.....DON'T PLAY WITH ME". This first one is right after my sister told my daughter that she brought her grandma's car and it sunk in that indeed the car was hers! Oh she cried!! She had a hard time trying to stop crying.

The next pic I think she was starting to compose herself. My sister had to tell her several times "yes, it is for sit down and see how you like it".

Finally my daughter was able to get in the car and was able stop crying and smile. As you can see by the HUGE smile in these last two pictures she was absolutely thrilled!!

So in the whole scheme of things I got to spend a wonderful day with my friends and family and have excitement beyond imagination.......So I just think, as I told Lacy......SERIOUSLY HOW CAN ANYTHING TOP EVERYTHING SO WONDERFUL AS TODAY! Well maybe one more thing can.......a nice hot well deserved bubble bath! *SMILE*


  1. Okie
    Know that you are loved! I am glad the garage sale went great and the smiles on your daughter's face are just priceles aren;t they! Brings back memories of mine DD's oh so many years ago. Thank you for being you!


  2. what a great day!!!! happy to have you well your blog back. dd is happy and beautiful, wonder where she gets THAT from?

  3. What a great suprise for your DD!

  4. Oh... Okie... I'm so happy for your daughter!!. I know she must have been so happy and to get somthing so special.. Ohhh I couldn't imagine keeping that secret for such a long time... And to Okie's daughter.. I wish I could come out for a visit.. There would be so much fun going on!!.. If you think I'm just hilarious just by reading my comments on the message board.. You can imagine how I am in person!!.. to the 12th power!!..LMAO!!!.. Well just wanted to stop by and congratulate you on your car and to tell you don't make me have to come looking for you if Okie can't find you!!..

  5. Wow! This sure is an awesome surprise for your dd...Sentimental is definently not all bad. I just wanted to add, thanks for granting me access or did you open your blog up again! At any rate, I love your cut files and blog.. Truly amazing.


  6. How cool! Gotta love those great days! You DD is so pretty and I'm so happy for her. I bet about now you are at Michaels gettin' the new carts!!! Happy Day


  7. Glad you had a great day, keep smiling.

  8. I cried reading this! It's great to be sentimental and have wonderful memories! Now your DD can make her own memories as well! Congrats! It's good to have you "back", Okie!

  9. I'm glad you had a beautiful day. I know your daughter is on cloud 9 right now. That car is very special. Her grandmother will have her arms wrapped around her keeping her safe when she is driving that special car. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    poohfabulous/Tina Rivera

  10. I am glad that you had a beautiful day. I read your blog, through my tears. Your family is much like mine, a very loving, caring and very close. I am glad that your DD will be driving her grandma's car, how wonderful is that?

    Thank you for opening up your blog again. Thanks for sharing your day with us. Karen

  11. Okie! Glad to hear your garage sale was a SUCCESS! I wonder how much stuff I could sell of DH's so I can get something....LOL! Your daughter looks SO happy, I love those pictures! Thanks for explaining about the SHIRT thing...I had no idea...

    P.S. How many times am I allowed to click on your adds???

  12. what a wonderful surprise! The look on your daughter's face is priceless. Blessings to you and your dear family.

  13. Oh my gosh - how wonderful especially because of the sentimental value. You have me in tears just reading it. Your daughter is beautiful.

    My dad gave my younest son his old car and Cody just loves it - its a huge car and a gas hog but he doesn't want to sell it because it was grandpa's. He washes it several times a week. Like you - who would have known he was that sentimental.

    P.S. - I'm so glad you opened your blog again to everyone. I was event thinking about you on my way to work this morning! LOL

  14. I nominated you for an award! Please see my blog for details!!

  15. wow what an awesome day you all had and your DD looks so happy, such a beautiful smile ! TFs this day with us Okie !!