Saturday, April 19, 2008

Rearranging AGAIN.........

I worked most of the day on rearranging this room! If you are a regular reader you know I rearrange quite often. Well today started out innocently with me dusting the living how that became rearranging this pig sty of a room I just don't know! BUT.....I am pretty happy with the results! I have more room and it is more open in here now. Things are easier to find for me. I want to put up shelves but waiting until I am able to paint this room.

My BFF that is currently living in Longview Texas came in for the weekend. She got here right as I was putting the last of the stuff away....figures doesn't it! HA HA HA We did some coloring of stamped images and I was able to complete two cards. I have more images colored just not made into cards yet. DebKendra sent me some House of Mouse stamped images and I LOVE those!! I will post pics when I finished cards with them.

This first card is a stamped image from My Favorite Things stamps, this particular set is TIME FOR THE BUBBLY. Okay ya'll know I am obsessed with these stamps! But they are just so darn cute! I am totally diggin the colored pencils and odorless mineral spirits thing!! I just have a cheap set of Rose Art pencils but I will probably be investing in the Prismacolor pencils in the future! I got my OMS at Wal-Mart in the home painting section. I think it was around $4 for a quart of the stuff! I have a small jar I got from the beauty supply (travel bins to be exact) area at Wal-Mart and then just cut a household sponge to fit the jar and poured in the OMS. Works great! I actually got the idea from a Cricut MB member, but right now I am too tired to remember which one.....I think her name was Carol. ANYWHO.........

This is another card I did tonight. It is a clip art image that I got in a free sample from PCcrafters Mall. It was colored but I used my trusty MGI photosuite to turn it black and white. Yet another MB member gave me this idea! THANK YOU Uh-OhMommys*addicted for sharing the idea! Anyway I made this card for my aunt. She is a gardner like myself. I even got to use some skittles, which seem to be all the rage right now!

Well I am tired tonight........hope I get to do some crafting tomorrow in this rearranged room!


  1. :O I get mention on okies blog omg I am honored!!!!!!! and your welcome :D

  2. Is there a thread over on the cricut board about how you did that?

  3. Nicky if you pm Uh-OhMommys*addicted she might have the thread bookmarked where she explained how to change the images.