Wednesday, April 2, 2008


A request was made for a BABY FOOD JAR. I haven't cut this one but I do have a screen shot. It is made with George. It measures a little over a 2 inch square. There are 3 mats. On the jar mat I did also include the lid lip to cut for extra stability but it will be covered up when you cut the lid and glue it on top of the jar. I also did a label if you want to get more detailed. I often wonder now why I didn't keep all my baby food jars when my daughter was a baby. But that was 16 years ago and who knew I would need them now!! LOL They are great for storing embellies and little flowers!


  1. Love the jar! Okie - thank you for sharing everything so sweetly -I can tell that you are a lovely lady.


  2. that's really cute. I was just thinking the other day that I'd like a baby food jar for my mineral spirits. Don't know anyone wiht a baby though. thanks for your creations.

    Tina Marie

  3. omg okie i love this one.. i am actually about to start working on my daughter ( second daughters) first food and such and have been looking high and low for baby food jars. would you be willing to make me 4 or 5 if i paid you for them??? doesnt matter the colors she is a girl LMAO jars are jars! .. let me know

  4. You have so many awesome files! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Luv this baby jar! Thx for sharing!