Saturday, March 10, 2018

Tim Holtz Stamping Platform Grid - OMG!!

If you are a stamper and don't have a stamping tool I highly recommend the Tim Holtz Stamp Platform! We had to anxiously await for the release because of the whole copyright lawsuit thing but it was worth the wait! 

One of the things I wish it did have was a grid at the bottom so it would be easier to place my papers when I am stamping. Since I make 6 of each card I have to constantly try and line up my little stamping papers but I fixed that chit! First I thought about printing a grid on some cardstock but then remembered I had some laser printer transparency sheets *okie figures you can use something in an inkjet printer but is too lazy to do the research on that since she has hers made* and thought I would try and print a grid on that. 

I did a quick search for printable grid paper and there were a number of sites that came up and I just chose one, not sure which one now though. I downloaded the 1/4" grid and printed two sheets. I cut one down to 8.5" x 8.5", using the grid lines as a guide and then the other I cut to 8.5" wide and 7 rows down to finish out the grid for the platform. 

I used my double sided ATG tape and applied it to the edges, which I think you can see in the picture if you click on it and make it bigger, and then lined up the lines with the 1/4" marks as best I could. They are not exact but close enough. Once I had the large piece in place I put my magnets on and then started at the top by taking the paper backing off the tape and pressing down and worked my way around. 

For the bottom piece I cut right below one of the printed lines so it would line up with where I cut right above a printed line and I did this so I wouldn't have a double printed line on the grid. I then did the tape the same way as I did on the big piece and POOF - OMG! I now have a nice gridded stamp platform! Oh and one last note, I put the printed side down so I could wipe off any ink that might get on the transparency when I am stamping. 

I'll be trying this out a little later today when I make some cards but right now I am about to go meet my friend Linda for lunch at a Mexican restaurant here in town. Hopefully it works as good as I am hoping!


  1. OMG ... This idea is BRILLIANT. Thanx Shirley!

  2. I ordered one of these recently and it came in about 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately, I'm in the middle of packing up my house so I can get my carpet replaced. I'm going to have to come back to this and see what you've done - I'm thinking I need a grid!

  3. I was shown this during a make and take at a crop last weekend!!! I was so impressed!!!