Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Graphic 45 Time To Celebrate - Birthday Girl

I did do a little crafting during the time of my hand surgeries and it was slow going and typing up posts for the projects were impossible at the time because I would have been beyond frustrated but now that I can type I thought I would start posting some of the things I have done.

I'll be posting a series of cards I did using Graphic 45 Time To Celebrate. I got a couple of these paper pads sometime back during one of my trips to Houston and just knew they would make easy cards. Easy is not a word I would use now since they required a fair amount of fussy cutting and I only made 2 of each card...yes TWO! My hands wouldn't let me do the labor required to make 6 of each.

Supplies Used:

Various Cardstock
EK Success Medallion Chain Punch
Hotfix Rhinestones
Mounting Foam Squares

Instead of the regular A2 size card I made this series bigger and opted for 5x7" since some of the images were too large for the 4.25x5.5" area of the A2 cards. This also gave me more room for layering some of the gorgeous paper. The border at the bottom of the card is actually cut in half from the Medallion Chain Punch. Since half of it was going to be mostly covered I didn't see the sense in wasting it *okie knows she is such a cheap azz sometimes*.

I believe the colors of ribbon are Moss and Deep Mauve, I'm too lazy to get up and check right now. Even though the pink looks too dark there is some darker pink on the plaid paper and I tried some lighter pink but it just looked a bit washed out. I had to stagger the length so the bows wouldn't over lap too much and cause the card not to fit in an envelope well.

I absolutely love some of the cards I see with all the embellishment but my practical mind won't let me partake in such things because I always think "well that won't fit in an envelope" and if I would allow my mind to think further I would realize that I rarely send out the cards I make and they sit in a box in my craftroom closet so embellishment probably wouldn't be a problem! Please tell me that other people have the same thought about embellishment and then not sending out cards. I do give a lot of my cards away for others to use so maybe I am justified after all.

If you look closely at the little flowers you can see the centers are done with the Nuvo Crystal Drops. People if you have not tried the Nuvo Crystal Drops then you are missing out! I have tried many different type products such as the Viva Decor and the Liquid Pearls but the Nuvo are the best I've ever worked with! The bottle squeezes nicely and instead of the pointy tops like I tend to get with the Liquid Pearls I get nice round tops.

 I think I still have 11 different cards from this paper that I will be posting so be sure to come back and see the rest of them!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I often wonder how difficult it would be to make a "BAD" card using Graphic 45 HA HA HA

  2. So glad you are back! I can't believe you were able to do some crafting during your recovery. The cards are beautiful. I missed a chance to buy some Nuvo Drops at a crop recently. I'm kicking myself. Can't wait to see more of what you've been up to!
    -Rhonda in AR

  3. Thank you Rhonda! Crafting was very slow going and still at times I have to take a break. I guess I never even thought about the incision site staying sore for so long but I think it's because we don't realize how much we use our hands! If you have a chance to get the Nuvo Drops I highly suggest them, they are the best such product I have tried. You might keep an eye out at and see if they go on sale. All the colors are great so don't worry about ordering the wrong color LOL.

    1. Oh, geez. Sounds like a perfect hoarding opportunity! LOL! Actually, no. This sounds like a product I will USE, not hoard.

  4. Shirley, this is such a beautiful card. I always love your attention to details, somehow they all combine together perfectly. I don't know how it would have looked with lighter colored pink ribbons, but I love the color you used. I am surprised that you were able to make those tiny bows, especially with your wrists being so sore ... bows can be a challenge, even when your hands are feeling fine. I haven't tried the Nuvo Drops yet ... it might be time to give them a try because I sure like the way they look.