Monday, March 5, 2018

ProMarker Blending Charts

So I've been gone for awhile...had two hand surgeries and just now getting back to where I can start doing some things without it causing pain on the incision sites and I wanted to share what I think is awesome project I just completed.

I love my ProMarkers, been using them for a number of years now and while I don't use them all the time I do love having them. I have tried many coloring techniques and I always end up going back to my ProMarkers. I think I like them because it's faster than any other method I've tried when I'm wanting to color a stamped image, especially since I always make 6 of a card.

Anyway, I use to have a few little blending charts I made up and when I loaned out my markers the little charts didn't return with the markers. Ever since that time I've kinda just avoided using the markers because I didn't want to have to go back and look up colors to blend. For some reason a few nights ago I got the bright idea to reorganize my markers and have them stored in the monochromatic style that is listed on the website, which you can find HERE if you are interested.

It looks much better this way than how I had them grouped by colors. In this picture I was missing the red marker but I now have it and the appropriate square is shaded. When our Hobby Lobby opened I was thrilled to see that they carry the markers because it hurts my heart *okie thinks and her pocketbook* to only need one or two markers and have to pay like $8 shipping! 

I also made some chipboard dividers and spacers to keep the markers from falling over. Originally the markers were in the little hanging file bags that were meant for CD's. I had cut the bottoms out so the markers would fit in the case. Oh if you don't know this is a 200 disc CD case and even had a little lock on it *okie wonders where the heck the key would even be*.  This is the full set of ProMarkers, sans any limited editions markers as I do not own any of those, and two blender pens. I also have two extra markers at the top because those are about to go out and they are in reserve. 

After reorganizing I decided that I wanted to go ahead and make some blending charts. I got to looking at my storage case and wondering if I could make some small booklets, using my Cinch to bind the pages together and keep them in the case along with the markers. I did some measurements and off to Word I went to see what I could come up with for charts. I did a lot of editing and such but finally came up with something I thought would work for me.

One of my go to charts was the one I found on the former ProMarker site long ago and it gave easy blending for pastel, vivid and muted. I did remake that chart. I always have a problem when it comes to doing skin tones so Google was my friend and I was able to find a few great blending combinations for my skin tone and hair color booklet. 

Also for the skin tone and hair color booklet I found a half image from a website *okie can't remember the name of that dang website to save her life* that works great for reference. I left spaces so I can write down the hair and skin tones I use. Can you say TIME SAVER! I did 3 color combo's for the color combinations and I figured I am smart enough to choose two out of 3 colors if I am only wanting to use two colors on an image. 

You might have noticed blank areas on the pages and those are there so other combinations can be added later if needed. I included blank pages to both booklets, including some uncolored girl images.

Now if you use markers you know sometimes you get bleed through and to avoid this happening as I had more blending combinations I added a page in the back that folds out and then can be placed under the page I will be coloring on so it doesn't bleed through to the next page. Not sure you can really tell but the booklet on the left shows the flap sheet. 

And best of booklets fit in my marker case! I am able to close the lid perfectly and now I will have quick reference when I am wanting to color. I honestly think this will help me use my markers more often! 

I think it took me maybe 4 evenings to get this finished, and probably a good part of the day Saturday. I would have finished quicker but I kept tweaking the charts. But I have to say...IT WAS WORTH EVERY MINUTE!!

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  1. W.O.W. ... Color me impressed! I have markers, but nothing like this! SO PRETTY. The OCD half of me squealed with delight when I saw all of this. SO ORGANIZED. I bet you could market these charts in a heartbeat.