Monday, October 24, 2011

Friend to Friend Sunflower Card

I do have a good reason for not posting this card before now. I actually sent this to a few friends *okie hears the gasps of of her readers at the words that okie actually sent a card to someone*. I know! I know! I am as shocked as you are! Anyway, my friends did like the card so at least I know it was a good one!

I had stamped and colored the images with my ProMarkers sometime ago in Stamp Club and recently found them in my scrapbook tote.

I left the inside of the card blank so I could write whatever I wanted. My friend Carmen said she was surprised to get the card from me but she was more surprised because the image and sentiment were not straight on the card. I told her I was stepping out of my comfort zone on this one and put them on there catty wampus *okie wonders if caddy wampus is really a word and thinks she will Google it later on*.


  1. It is even prettier in real life!!! We sure missed you at the Swarm - praying that your week is amazing!

  2. This is a gorgeous card and so was the car one. I really liked that one. I forgot to say so. The car is really cool. and the Diamond Plate work great.

  3. Very nice card, caddy wampus and all. When I have nothing to do (umm once in a blue moon), I like to stamp up a bunch of images and color them. Isn't it great to have a head start on a card?

  4. Your card is so GREAT !! Love it !!

  5. I love your card also Okie!!
    And yes, Caddy Wompus is a word ( had to look it up)
    But we always used that word a lot when we were younger!!

  6. I liked the card and thought you were very creative in laying it out that way. It just goes to show that stepping out of your comfort zone and create creative results.