Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Finished up my layout kits!

I finished up another layout kit for a total of 5 one page layout kits and 1 two page layout kits. I think that will be enough to keep me busy at the swarm for sure! My friend Angela is suppose to be here tomorrow and I hope we can get some crafting done while she is here but I am thinking we will be doing a whole lot of talking LOL. My layouts vary from snow to pirates to graduation to...well I don't even remember right now! HA HA HA

It seems odd to have craft stuff kinda done but no pictures to post! I can't really post the pictures of the layouts until I get the done but will be sure to post them. I still haven't taken pictures of the two cards I made last week. I tell ya once I get on a roll of creating I don't like to stop and do such menial tasks as taking and editing pictures. I am excited about a few of the layouts as I think they are going to turn out cute but the odd thing is, ya don't know until it is all put together and done.

I am also excited to hear about more information on the next Cricut Cruise which is suppose to be released next week! My friend Wendi that lives here in the same town is going to be going on the cruise as well and we are going to see about finding a room for 3 people so she, Karen and I can all be in the same cabin. Wendi is a cute little thing and I told her that if she looks good in her bikini that Karen and I will be tossing her azz overboard HA HA HA *okie hopes everyone knows that okie is only kidding...or is she*.

Will try to post about the adventures Angela and I have while she is here!! This should be fun!! I think some of her family and friends are concerned about her coming to stay with me since we have never met in person. I assured her that I am safe and that she won't be the first to come and stay at my house with never meeting me before!!


  1. I am sure you guys will have lots of fun.
    I would love to go on that cruise
    ( which I swore my sweetie I would NEVER do). But I would now. Maybe they will pick my, you never know!!

  2. Hey, what happened to my spot in the cabin? :-(
    We haven't even left & Okie is throwing me overboard! lol

  3. What happened to my spot in the cabin? :-(
    We haven't even left yet & Okie is throwing me overboard! lol

  4. Sounds like good times all around, I'm happy for you, you deserve it:)
    You are so caring:)
    mhalford6 @aol. com

  5. Wish I could go on the cruise ! It sounds like such fun !!

  6. Enjoy your time with your friend!

  7. Have a great time! I'm so sad I won't be going tomorrow. Was looking so forward to meeting everyone. Let me know when you throw the Cute one overboard, I'll be happy to take her bunk over. ( insert evil laugh ).