Sunday, October 9, 2011

Craft Show wasn't much of a show!

I was expecting something more than what I saw. There was people selling Tupperware, make-up, fried pies, dip mixes, several photography booths but not much for crafts. There were some booths with braided embroidery thread bracelets, some crocheted top towels, gift baskets and that is about all. Luckily the redeeming thing about the craft show was the reason my friend Linda and I went in the first place....STAMPS!

I got these sets of Stampin Up stamps and didn't pay more than $5 a set but most were $3 a set. I was able to get them unmounted and put in DVD cases last night. I also got some A6 size envelopes, 25 for 80 cents, so that wasn't bad. 

I also splurged and got a few fried pies and they are delicious!! I also picked up two packs of Salsa mix but haven't made any yet. That will require me going to the grocery store...*okie cringes at the thought of going to the grocery store*.

We did go to lunch at Applebee's and I tried the Asiago Peppercorn Steak and it was pretty darn good! After that I came home to take a little nap that somehow lasted like 2 hours! Now I need to get busy on some card designs for these fabulous new stamp sets I got!


  1. Good deal! I hate when a craft show lets you down but at least you had a day out of the house with some friends.

  2. You sneaked a couple of sets of stamps by me that I didn't know you bought! LOL!

    Yes, the pies are good--I ate my apricot one for dinner last night.

    I picked up the tomatoes for Fred to mix up his salsa but he hasn't done it yet. No way am I tasting the Habanero salsa mix!