Saturday, April 12, 2014


I had made some Tuna Salad the other night and had posted on Facebook "Time to peel the eggs for the tuna salad" and I immediately got some comments questioning my ingredient of egg in the tuna salad and learned that some folks never heard of putting eggs in Tuna Salad! I never even thought about people NOT putting eggs in tuna salad but I think some folks were just as shocked about putting eggs in the tuna salad.

All my life all I have ever known about how to make tuna salad was to put in the following ingredients: tuna, miracle whip (or mayo depending on what's in the fridge), pickle or relish (again depends on what is on hand), egg and pepper. Now for variety I add the following if I have it on hand: celery, onion and tomato. I do prefer to add celery all the time but I didn't have any the other night. I guess folks add a lot of different things to their tuna salad, as I learned from the Facebook discussion.

I thought the conversation was rather entertaining and thought I'd share it!
ALISA: I'm coming over for supper! Lol 
ME: Come on! I made a big batch! LOL 
PAT: OMG! That sounds soooo good. 
ANN: You put eggs in your tuna salad? Is that common in OK? It's not on the East Coast - well at least not that I know of and I've eaten lots of tuna!
ME: The question is...You DON'T put eggs in your tuna salad???? 
BETTY:  I do in my tuna...secret ingredients...a little marzetti slaw dressing and a little gerkin pickes
ANN: LOL obviously I don't
ANN: how many do you put in?
ANN: And why don't you call it egg salad with some tuna?
ME: Because it is tuna salad
MELODIE: Tuna salad isn't, well anything, without eggs in it lol
ME: Egg salad wouldn't have tuna in it...that would be ludicrous!
DANITA: I eating tuna right now!! Yummy!
DANITA: Oh Shirley, mine has eggs, pickles, onions, mayo and a dash of mustard and a dash of sugar! Oooooooweeeeee!!
ALISA: If I didn't make spaghetti I would have!!!! Lol
ANGEL: Never heard of eggs in tuna either... I also live on east coast... are we being sheltered??
JERI: Love the eggs in tuna salad.
STEPHANIE: Im in NC, eggs do go in Tuna salad if its done right!! lol
CAROL: Yummmm .... hard boiled eggs in Tuna salad is a MUST! The flavor combination of tuna and egg is amazing. I also like egg with chicken salad and ham salad too.
GLENDA:  make my tuna salad with eggs, a little bit of onion, a smidgen of mustard, sweet pickle relish and Miracle Whip. Good stuff! And I too put eggs in chicken and ham salad.
LACY: OMG...never heard of eggs in tuna salad!!! What a great idea!!! GOTTA try it this weekend!!!
I am always amazed about how social media keeps us informed about differences in just about everything in our own country. Now let me ask y'all...Egg or no egg in tuna salad?


  1. Well, I think we all could give eggs in our tuna a try over the next couple of weeks...since most of us will have dyed Easter eggs around. Thank you for the enjoyable posts.

  2. Well, I think we all could give eggs in our tuna a try over the next couple of weeks...since most of us will have dyed Easter eggs around. Thank you for the enjoyable posts.

  3. My SIL always made Tuna with eggs in it. Also celery. Its good. Its a meal in itself. I just make plain on tuna.

  4. You know, I don't put egg in my tuna salad but come to think of it, I think my mom used to do that when I was a kid! For reference, I'm in Southern CA and my mom's from Mexico. That does sound good now though. I'll have to do that next time!

  5. I'd add a comment, but I see I'm already in the above commentary. I will say that my tuna salad recipe pretty much mirrors yours Shirley ... except for the Miracle Whip part. Since I am not a Miracle Whip fan, it's ALWAYS Mayo for me!

  6. What is tuna salad without boiled egg? Just plain ole tuna, thats what. I'm an Okie from Moore and would never think of making tuna salad without boiled eggs.

  7. Growing up, I never heard of egg in tuna salad. Tuna was tuna, mayo, celery, pickle, and usually served scooped into a tomato in the summertime.

  8. I will not eat tuna salad unless it has boiled eggs in it and I sometimes use ranch dressing instead of mayo. It's so yummy.

  9. I love eggs in my tuna salad and sometimes I use ranch dressing instead of mayo.

  10. Well you certainly got a lot of us thinking outside of the box. :)
    Here is another one. I had never heard of making egg salad and making a grilled egg salad with cheese sandwich but tried it and it was delish. So now I must try tuna (not my favorite) and egg sandwich. Sounded really good.
    Love your blog.

  11. I had never heard of eggs in tuna salad until I was in Missouri a couple years ago and had it there. We don't add eggs in the upper Midwest, but I liked it! I thought it was a good way to stretch the tuna salad to feed more people.

  12. I always put egg in my tuna salad!!!!!!!

  13. My grandmother, born in England and lived in Ohio, would make tuna salad with celery and mayo and would serve it with quartered hard boiled eggs and sliced tomato (she would say toMAto) and a side of french fries -yum! i still make my tuna with hbe quartered, but i add chopped red pepper and a bit of italian dressing - this week i'm using Olive Garden dressing- and finally add a bit of lemon juice.
    I draw faces on my hard boiled eggs to make sure people know they are already cooked. my daughter does that as well and she told me her daughter, 2, calls hard boiled eggs 'happy eggs'.
    Really enjoy your blog!

  14. It isn't a regional thing.... I live on the east coast and have my whole life and I always put eggs in my tuna salad.

  15. I've never heard of tuna salad without eggs. I use mayo, Hellman's or Dukes, and a little mustard. And dill pickle relish. For egg salad I make homemade mayo. Can't be beat. (according to my hubby) lol

  16. Eggs in tuna or without, I don't care right now! You've got me craving tuna! LOL!

  17. Years ago I stopped putting pickle relish in my tuna salad and opted for chopped green olives and a little dill weed. Still has Mayo, egg, and tuna though. It's amazing. But it doesn't seem to taste as good if I use Miracle Whip.

  18. Definitely eggs from central Illinois.
    Donna K U

  19. I love eggs in my tuna, but don't always put it in. However, that's all I like, besides the mayo and some seasonings - I don't care for celery or relish or any of that other stuff

  20. Grew up in MN- no eggs in tuna salad. Also lived in FL & SC and no mention of it here. I think I remember talk of tomato sandwich in FL. That was a no go in MN. Did BLTs but not just a tomato sandwich.
    Do you call cola drinks pop (MN) or soda (FL)? That one was very obvious. I asked what kind of pop they offered, & immediately was asked where I was from.

  21. I've been putting a couple of hard boiled eggs in my tuna salad for as long as I can remember. Instead of relish, I chop up some dill pickles, but would use relish if I didn't have pickles. I use mayo or miracle whip (depending on what I have on hand). It's just not the same without the egg. I'm wondering if this is a southern thing. I'm in Austin, TX. Love this post!

  22. My mother always put egg in her tuna salad. She's from Jamaica WI originally, grew up in New York and I was born and raised in L.A. I loved her tuna salad but I remember hating having to take those sandwiches to school for lunch because the kids would always tease me since it wasn't cool to have egg-salad sandwiches which is what they thought they were because of the smell.

  23. I'm from Indiana and we're egg people - in tuna salad, chicken salad, potato salad. Although I'm sure I don't speak for ALL people in Indiana, it is true of my area.

  24. Definitely with eggs. You make it just the way I make it. Sounds pretty good right now.

  25. I'm Portuguese, but raised in South Africa ~ definately eggs in tuna salad :-) Like you, I thought it was a done deal. All I put on mine is tuna, egg, mayo, a little salt and pepper and a dash of parsley. I also put egg in my chicken salad and potato salad. And now I'm hungry .... :-)
    Lena’s Creations

  26. Eggs in my tuna salad and in the summer, we stuff the completed tuna salad in a freshly picked tomato! Yum! Add some sweet corn and that's a meal!!

  27. Tuna or potato salad without eggs, relish, celery, Helmans, dash of vinegar, salt and pepper just doesn't work for this Jersey girl.