Saturday, April 5, 2014

Gatefold Album - File Available

A few years ago I got a little Gatefold album kit, and right now I can't quite remember where it came from. It was made by Deja Views and I don't even know if that company is still in business *okie suddenly realizes she doesn't know much about anything*.

The kit included everything needed, except the ribbon for binding and was simple to put together. The instructions were quite clear and I have them here if you want to use the file I have available to cut your own.

The file contains all the pieces, which aren't many, for the base of the album and I also replicated some of the embellishment pieces you can cut as well.

The bottom of the picture shows how the album looks when it is all opened up.

The base pieces that will be cut are the ones in this picture. I added a decorative flap piece but you don't have to use it. As you see the piece are - Cover, Flap and Pages, that's it! The score lines and holes for the binding are in the file and will cut as well.

Assembly Instructions
1. Cut file pieces, making sure to cut 4 of the "page" pieces, fold on score lines.
2. If using decorative flap apply it now with glue or double sided tape, aligning the hole with the cover.
3. Choose two of the page for left hand binding and aline the pre-cut binding holes.
4. For the binding you can use ribbon, cording, etc. Cut (2) 24" lengths of binding material.

5. Left-hand BINDING (see picture to the right):
  • Feed one ribbon through center hole, from the outside to the inside of the album, leaving a 4" tail on the outside of the spine. 
  • Feed the ribbon through the top hole from the inside to the outside.
  • Feed the ribbon through the bottom hole from the outside to the inside.
  • Feed ribbon back out through the center hole (where you started) to the outside. You may have to hold the short "tail" tightly to one side to get through the hole again.
  • Tie off the two tails of the ribbon on the outside of the spine, knot and trim.

6. Align two remaining pages for the right-hand binding, and follow BINDING instructions for the right-hand set of holes.
7. Embellish as desired.

I used Graphic 45 Boardwalk paper for the one I cut using the MTC file. You really need to use double sided paper for the project for it to turn out looking nicely. I did cut some of the pieces for embellishment that are in the file but I also used punches and elements from the Boardwalk paper for embellishing. Maya Road cording was used for the binding.

I didn't take picture of each and every page in the little album but I did want to share a few so you can see how easy it is to embellish the pages. There is a slit that the flap slide into, you might not be able to see it in the picture but it is right along the thin vertical rectangle piece.

I covered the slit on the back of the front cover with a piece of decorative cardstock, making sure to adhere only around the edges so the flap can go in the slit to keep the album covered when not looking at it.

I went through my stamp and found some that I thought went well with the theme of the paper. I had a mess on my table while I was doing this album with all the stamps and papers everywhere.

I found the most difficult thing about making the album was trying to keep it balanced with the pictures and embellishments. I didn't want too many photo pages because I was afraid it would make it too thick and not be able to close.

The photo mats are 3.25" x 3.25", I thought this would make it easy to just cut the photos at 3" that will be added later. If an embellishment overlapped the mat I was careful to make sure a photo could slip behind the embellishment, such as the tag or the row of stamp in this photo.

Now ya might wonder who those men are in the back of the album and truth is I have no idea. They were just an image on a piece of the paper and I thought it would look cool with them at the back of the album.

File Download - GATEFOLD ALBUM


  1. Thanks Shirley that is very cool... do you have to have MTC to cut it..
    Laura D

  2. thank you for sharing this file.

  3. Thanks Okie!!!! I think this would be cute to make a small baby album.
    Or maybe a big brother album. I can think of different ways to use this. Now I just got to do it!!! :)

  4. oh thats gorgeous hunny, those papers are fabulous! love the swimmers!!!
    huge hugs Lou xx

  5. What a great album! Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love your album and your choice for paper (I love Graphic 45, too!). You did a beautiful job with this. Thank you so much for sharing the file and for your instructions.

  7. Thank you! I really am going to enjoy making this album.