Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valetine's Card and Mailbox

My daughter seems to think I never make her cards or anything else so I wanted to make sure this Valentine's day she had something made by me *okie swears she makes that kid stuff and the kid just doesn't remember*.

I had plans for a grand card that had great elements on the front and on the inside and that all went to chit when the glue made the papers wrinkle and into the trash it went and I had to hurry up and come up with something else. Even though I used some scrap pieces to do the card and mailbox, to tell ya the truth, I think this one came out better anyway!

The mailbox is one from Target that were available a few years ago. I had my friend Carmen pick me some up and send to me. I haven't used many of them...yes it is the dreaded "but if I use it I won't have it anymore" disease!

I did ink the white metal a bit to help take down the starkness of the white. I could have used a pink or red mailbox but neither color looked good with the papers.

I absolutely love, Love, LOVE making square cards but dont make them often because they can't be mailed without extra postage. I also want to make really embellished cards but yet again I don't because they can't be mailed without a degree of difficulty. This was my perfect chance to make a nicely embellished square card!

I don't generally break out the pretty Prima flowers and nice pearl brads for cards but this time I made an exception. I added mounting foam between the bottom layer and the middle layer and also under the bottom layer, I really wanted dimension didn't I? I also foamed the layers on the tag. The stamp was one I have had for a long time and I have no idea who made it, maybe Sugarloaf.

You can see a little of how dimensional the card is in this picture. I used a stick pin to attach the bow to the tag, just pushing the end down into the foam. Stick pins are another thing I like to use but rarely do because it makes a card too thick to mail, heck makes them hard to even fit in a regular envelope!

My daughter was thrilled with her card and mailbox. I guess maybe she has been a sweetheart lately since Chuck and I both went to great lengths to make sure she had handmade cards this year!


  1. love, love both. i only make the square cards to hand out...weddings, funerals etc. i love making them too! i recently came across a file for a 'box' for the 5" and 6" square i can real 'pile on' the embellies.

  2. Love your treats and so glad your daughter was excited by them. I love the colors your used. Very pretty

  3. This is great! I'm glad she liked her Valentine.

  4. Fantastico! I love those colors.

  5. Really pretty card and mailbox, love the paper and embellishments!!

  6. Hi Okie! I know! I Know! it's been FOREVER since I've been on here! Owning your own business takes up wayyyy to much of your time! I miss crafting and visiting my favorite blogs! But I had a few free minutes tonight (thank Goodness) so I thought I would "POP" in to say HI! I LOVE the card and the mailbox! They are simply GORGEOUS! And I'm sure your daughter really appreciated getting these from you! She's lucky to have such an awesome mom! :o)And the card Chuck made her looks AMAZING! I do believe you're right about him hanging out in your craft room while you're gone! LOL Talent is certainly everywhere! Even in guys with big hands! LOL Good to see ya! or read ya! LOL


    1. OMG!! I can't believe you comment now! I was just thinking about you today and thought "maybe I need to do a post CALLING SCRAPPER69", been wondering where you have been and glad to see you are alive and kickin! LOL

  7. Love your card and mailbox and the colors are so pretty!!!!

  8. Beautiful card and mailbox - you outdid yourself! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Beautiful. I did up one of the mailboxes for my nephew's wedding last weekend. I made several pieces to decorate the rehersal dinner with and the mailbox was part of that display. I cut cards that would fit in the mailbox with wedding theme cutouts from the Tie The Knot cartridge. We asked all those in attendence to write wedding wishes or tips for wedded bliss on the cards and then put them in the mailbox for the happy couple. Everyone really enjoyed the designs and it makes a cute keepsake for the couple.