Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Have You Heard Of Vaporizing?

I don't mean like the Vick's Vaporizers...I mean like the kind ya inhale and blow out. My sister stopped smoking in the fall by using the electronic cigarette but she said it was a battle not smoking a real cigarette. A battle I could definitely understand since I had "been there done that". She had saw someone using some kinda contraption and asked what it was. They explained it was a vaporizer that can be refilled and it was better than an electronic cigarette. My sister went to the place and got one and loved it, and loved it so much she told me "I want to get you one for Valentine's day".

The Saturday before Valentine's Day the kids and I went to see my sister so I could give her her Christmas gifts. Cheryl, that's my sister's name, took us over to 405 Vaperz in Oklahoma City so she could buy me a vaporizer. It was a really cool place and they let you try all the flavors for free. There were some customers in there just hanging out and vaporizing...they all had positive things to say about the vapor system. My daughter tried them as well and she was very impressed, Chuck was thrilled she liked it and bought her an economy kit like my sister bought me. I think they were about $60 for the batter, tank and a bottle of liquid.

Since getting my vaporizer I have done a lot of searching on the internet and I am so glad I was able to go into a store and buy mine where it was explained, all the reading can get very confusing! I will try to show the system I am using.

This is the Joyetech Ego C upgrade battery that we have. I would have loved to have had a red but they only  had blue, green, black and silver when we were in the store. We both ended up getting the blue.

The charge depends on how much you use the vaporizer and if you remember to turn it off between uses. It is highly recommended that you do so you don't accidentally hit the button and discharge the unit.

From the research I did most of the systems come with a filter type tank and it can be a pain to fill. The great guy at 405 Vaperz sold this system in the "economy kit". This is a Vivi Nova Mini system and it is very easy to refill, no syringe  needed! There are 3 different "wicks" that vary in resistance, the lower the resistance the deeper the vape *okie is so proud of her use of the lingo*. This system is also easy to clean.

Here is a picture of the batter and tank put together. If you make the picture bigger you might be able to see the liquid in the tank area. I like the clear tank so it is easy to see the liquid and when you might need to refill. My daughter has a cap on the drip tip in this picture, ours are just plain black but there are a variety to choose from out there in the world of vaping!

One of the hardest parts of starting to vape is choosing liquid flavors! It really is a matter of personal choice. Someone suggested the pineapple saying it was his absolute favorite...I was not impressed and actually gagged a little. After trying several flavors my daughter and I both decided we really loved the Fire & Ice liquid. It is kinda like sucking on a piece of Big Red Gum and then the sensation you get when you breath out after sucking on the game. We also both got the Cappuccino but have decided we will likely stick with the Fire & Ice. The 10ml bottle of liquid cost $5.95 and how long it lasts will depend on how often you vape. Mine is lasting me about a week and a half but I am a deep drag vape person, my daughter's is lasting longer because she is a light hitter. Here is a link to where you can see the flavors available where we got ours GOURMET E-LIQUID.

Now for a question you might it bad for you. Well from all the research I can find it is not harmful like cigarettes. There is nicotine in the liquid if you want and how much you will want to get depends on how much you smoke. I smoked ultra lights and less than a pack a day so they mixed mine at 6mg. My daughter was a full flavor and less than a pack a day but they mixed her a 12mg. You can step down if you like or you can go with no nicotine, just however you want to do it.

As of today I have been 10 days without a cigarette. Every now and then I think "I would like to have a cigarette" but once I take a few hits off my vaporizer I am okay and don't think about it again. There are some hard core vapes out there who can probably tell you a lot more about these systems but for my use what I got is working great for me! I would suggest you google your area for vapor stores as they are starting to pop up everywhere, that way you can go in and try the product and flavors for yourself. I found out yesterday that there is a place that just opened here in my town and I am excited because I won't have to order my supplies online now.

If you want to quit smoking but enjoy the inhale, exhale and the bit of nicotine I would highly recommend looking into vaporizing!


  1. I started vaping in June of 2012 and never picked up another cig. I have been on '0' nicotine for 3 months and very rarely even pick it up anymore. It is truly a miracle.
    Good luck, I know you can do it.

  2. This is so awesome! I commented on Facebook, but hadn't seen the link to this post, yet....thanks so much for all the info! Good luck with this!!!

  3. Thanks for this info, I'll recommend it to a friend :)

  4. I'm so excited for you!! As one who smoked for 43 years and now suffers with COPD I'm all for anything that helps you quit smoking. I used Chantix in 2007 and haven't smoked since - I love being in control and I have absolutely no desire to smoke anymore - of course, I can't breath well enough to inhale either - LOL!!! Seriously, I am extremely happy I quit when I did and I hope you and your daughter are successful!


  5. Good luck, I hope it is successful for you and your daughter.

  6. Thank You okieladybug for this...I was beginning to think i was the only smoker left!I also want to quit... Not as enjoyable as it use to be.Good luck to you and your daughter...

  7. I am SO gonna show this to my Sister In Law!! We have lost several family members to the diseases of smoking, and I don't want to lose another! Best of luck to you and your daughter--we need to keep you both around for many many years to come!

  8. Please keep us updated. I have several folks that might get this as a Christmas gift!