Thursday, February 28, 2013

HappyNScrappin...Stupid Yahoo Merchant!

Poor Shari was getting orders ready and Yahoo Merchang went on the fritz! It even cleared all her inventory and she was quite frantic about the whole situation. I know she posted throughout the day about the problems she was having and I believe it is all resolved now.

If you had issues ordering today please do NOT think it was Shari not doing things on her end. I honestly have never gotten such wonderful service from an online retailer as I have Shari over the years.

I believe the issues is currently cleared up.


  1. Thanks for the "heads up" Okie, I placed an order.

  2. Thanks for the tip. Headed right on over and placed an order for my new DIL's christmas stocking for 2013. Well okay a few things for me. I have to tell you I truly enjoy your blog just rarely post (because I cannot match wits with you) but read all the time.
    Thanks for your site.

  3. Thanks for the tip, I headed right on over and got my DIL's stocking stuffers for next year. Hey for me. 1 down. LOL. I rarely post but always read your blog. Thanks for being you...

  4. Super cute shirts. LOVE THEM! I agree, different colors is definitely better, and I really like both colors!