Sunday, January 1, 2012

Here's To A Colorful Year!!

I have my black eyed peas in the crockpot, going to make some smoked sausage and saurkraut later and maybe some cornbread so I can have good luck this year. But, evidently it is a lucky New Year already!

I was working on reorganizing my stamp sets this morning and trying to find names of ones that I didn't know. I get sets at sales sometimes and don't have them labeled so it was a bit of a struggle, but with the help of the internet and my Facebook friends I was able to find the missing names for all of the sets.

Here is a picture of my stamps all labeled now. I do put more than one set in a DVD case as it saves a ton of room and money that way. Most of these are Stampin Up sets but there are also some Penny Black and My Creative Time and various others in there as well. I am still very pleased with my UNMOUNTED STAMPS and can't ever imagine going back to having them on blocks. The little crates are the DVD crates from Walmart I got a few years back. I think they were only a buck or two and they stack in a locking manner very nicely.

While I still have one DVD case left that is unused I know I should probably order a few more soon because I am wanting to have an online Stampin Up party in a few weeks and I will be getting some new sets *okie tries not to ponder on her Stampin Up addiction*.

Oh but the reason I say "colorful year"! After I got all the stamps labeled I was remembering a great site I use to use for Stampin Up color combo's. It was real easy to use, you just plugged in the colors you wanted to use and it would give you a bunch of combo's with other colors. This site went down over a year ago and I have always wished it would have stayed around. Since I was thinking of it I did a search for "stampin up color combo" and up popped this great site called MY CREATE INK - COLORMATCH COMBO and it has color combo's for Stampin Up, Close To My Heart, Copic, or you can mix and match the companies!! I was so happy to find it I sent in a $5 donation and adding their blinkie to my list of favorites!!

So if you are like me and need a little help with the color combinations at times you might want to check it out. Now we can all have a wonderfully colored year!!


  1. Thank you for the inspiration and the link to the color match site. That will come in quite handy.

  2. I "pinned" the site. I can never remember names!!

  3. I remember the old site too and really liked it. Thank you for finding this new one.

  4. Thank-you so much for the info, I have been lost since the other site went down! Chanda

  5. Happy New Year Okie! Thanks for the info.... I too am addicted to anything "Stampin' Up"! I also miss the old Color site... Sooo Thank You for the new info! Heading over there to donate and save in my fav's! Have a joyus and Colorful New Year! :O)


  6. Happy New Year Okie, and thanks for this hook up. It will be very helpful. I am so challenged when it comes to color combos. I tried it out and it is great. I too made a donation.

  7. Happy New Year Okie!

    One of these days I will get brave and unmount my tons of wood block stamps...seems like it would be a very labor intensive process, however I do need the room. Can I ask what you did with all your wood blocks?

    Thank you for the heads up on the color selector site!

    Have a happy, healthy 2012!