Monday, January 30, 2012

Fab Online SU Party! Thanks Kristen!

I just want to give a shout out to Kristen Long, Stamping UP Demo extraordinaire for being the demo for my first ever online Stampin Up party. I know it was a lot of work for her and she was great about follow up with people, answering questions, changing orders and all the while being sick!!

I first met Kristen on the Cricut messageboard years ago, probably not long after I joined. She was asking members if they wanted to make layouts for a young mother who was a scrapbooker and was suffering from cancer. The mother wanted to leave a legacy for her two boys be able to remember her and know how much she loved them. I can't remember the total number of layouts sent but it was in the hundreds. I thought it was so nice of Kristen to do this for someone and during this time was when I found her own daughter had battled cancer. Lindsey was only 15 months when she was diagnosed. When I joined the board Lindsey was close to her one year anniversary of remission. I remember going to and reading the whole story and just sitting at my computer and crying for hours while I read through each and every entry. I knew from that time on that I would have a special respect and awe of Kristen.

This will be Lindsey's 5th year anniversary which is a HUGE milestone. Instead of me retyping how they are celebrating I am going to post what Kristen has said about this year's celebration on One In A Million: Lindsey Ann

Celebrating Lindsey's 5th Anniversary!!!!!

Well Lindsey's Anniversary is next month. It with be the big "5" year anniversary.  Which means they will consider her cured!!!  

Each year on Lindsey's Anniversary we have taken up a collection of items to take down to the local Oncology department and Ronald McDonald House. 
Her first Anniversary we took Beanie Babies.
Her Second Anniversary we took Stickers.
Her Third Anniversary we took Books.
Her 4th Anniversary we took craft projects!

This year we want to make the donations extra special!!  Many have sent suggestions and I like them all!! Thank you all for the ideas..  So this year I have decided we will take anything and everything to the hospital!!  Someone suggest Pillow Pets! I love that Idea!!  Someone suggest we take down some birthday celebration items, like hats and blowers and things like that!  Perfect idea!!  I love it!!  Had a suggestion about crayons and coloring books!!  Awesome!! Lets do it!!  Also crafting items, like stamps and paper and pens and glue and stickers!!  Wonderful idea!!

So... with that being said.. We plan to take these items down on Valentines day.  There are many different ways you can help!  I think everyone can help!  I totally understand if you can not send any items, if you cant do that how about sharing Lindsey's story with someone?  Right now she has about 600 fans, I would love to increase that!  Just share her facebook page, or her website,   That would be a wonderful way to help!  I would love to spread the word, so please share with family and friends. Thank you so much!!  Here are ways people can help:

Make Valentines for the Children at the hospital and/or Ronald McDonald House.
Send a pillow pet or send donation to have a pillow pet purchased for a child at the hospital.
Send any sort of crafting supplies -- Some ideas are paper, scissors, pens, adhesive, paper, stickers, die cuts, scrapbook albums, crayons, coloring books, Cricut Accessories, any old Cricut Cartridges that you no longer use, or a donation to purchase any of these items.
Send Party Supplies such as hats, streamers, decorations, horns, noise makers, anything to celebrate a birthday and/or anniversary!
Anything else you can think of!
Share Lindsey's facebook page and/or website with family and friends!

I hope to make this the biggest year ever!  If anyone would like to make a donation you can send paypal to or contact me for a mailing address.  I will definitely post pictures! You can view some from last year with our buggy full of goodies to donate to the Ronald McDonald House!  

Thank you all!!

If you would like to help out you can contact Kristen at the above email, or donate directly to the email address given via Paypal.


  1. Okie - this is a touching story and I plan to donate for their gifts to the Ronald McDonald House. We have supported RM for years - it was so helpful when our niece was going thru several heart surgeries due to Downs Syndrome - it's a great organization!!

    Hurrah for Lindsey's 5 year mark!!

    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Oh my gosh Okie!! What an awesome post! I feel extra special!! You are the best!! Thank you for hosting the Online Party!! You are an awesome Hostess!!!

    Thanks for posting about Lindsey... I can't believe you sat and read all of Lindsey's posts.. That must have taken forever!!

    You have such a big heart Okie!! You are always right there willing to help!! You are the best!!

    Thank you again!!