Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hello, My Name Is Okieladybug...and I am INSANE!

There are many things I have done in my life, and probably quite a few in just that last month, that makes me think I am insane. But this week...well it takes the cake!

First off I saw where Linda had reorganized her ribbon and I decided to do the same *okie thinks she still needs to get a post up of that* and after 24 total hours I had all my ribbon organized, or at least I thought I did until I realized I have quite a few rolls coming from Linda that we ordered and then I found a box of ribbon when I was reorganizing after getting the headboard.

Now for the SECOND insane moment, act or whatever you want to call it!

For you new readers, here is a little back story. For you oldies but goodies, just ignore the next paragraph.
When I first started my blog I did so thinking I would use it so my friends and family could see what I was making but it quickly became a vehicle for others to get my .cut files. Years ago when I first got my Cricut there weren't as many carts and everyone was hungry for images that weren't available. I would make anything from a card to a hummingbird to a pair of dice and load up on my blog available for download. *okie sighs wistfully* I was a true Design Studio star....there were several of us back in those days, Capadia and Susan BlueRobot, were two others who worked furiously on keeping up with requests from Cricut Design Studio Users. After a time there were more carts available and people didn't need the images we made as much. I was still uploading .cut files though, mostly cards and layouts so people could download and make easily, taking out all the guess work for them. It seemed that slowly people stopped using Design Studio and I stopped uploading my .cut files. And then when the website where they were stored became unreachable I gave up.

Not long ago I did post a few in Google Docs and it seemed to work for people to go download the files and I thought I would just do the new ones I make as people ask for them. But I said...I AM INSANE!

I have decided to bite the bullet and reload all my .cut files! Yes you heard me ALL...well at least most all. I have made pages at the top of my blog where you will be able to go and see a picture of the project, a link to the original post and then a link to download the .cut file. There might be a few Gypsy files in there, but not many, most are for use with Design Studio. I know a lot of people love their Gypsy's but I keep hearing more and more of people who are still AVID DIEHARD Design Studio users so I thought maybe I should just take a deep breath, crack my neck and get busy on doing this.

The downloading of the files should be fairly easy. I asked on Facebook if someone would go in and test for me and a couple of people did and they said the files downloaded with no problems.

If you have a minute please click on the page CARD - .Cut Files and tell me what you think? Does it make it easy to find what you are looking for? Is it easy to see the picture with the original post link and download link and understand what to do if you want to download the .cut file? Uh...guess I should say though, not that I would change how I have done it, I would just like some feedback if it make sense how it is set up.

Okay, so be patient with me guys...this is probably going to take several months for me to get it all together and reloaded, linked and everything available.


  1. You may be insane, but you're also very generous. Thank you for doing this.

  2. I don't think you're insane (ok, maybe a little) but you certainly are a generous crafter. I'm still a die hard DS user. I have a Gypsy, but that little bitty screen is just too much for me to deal with if you know what I mean. Anyway, I tried downloading one of your files and had no problems what-so-ever. Thanks for sharing your files. You've earned another jewel in your crown!

  3. I only use DS and still enjoy some of your files (e.g., staircase card). I'm wondering if the new Craft Room will mean fewer cart releases. Who knows, you may have some future cut file fans. Many thanks for the fun!

  4. Very easy! Thank you!
    carolyn in nebraska

  5. I think you are just - nice. Thank you, it's very generous of you.

  6. Sooo You're INSANE! Not like the rest of us aren't! LOL Don't worry about ALL that ribbon Okie.... I told ya I too have an addiction to it and you DO NOT want to know where ALL mine is stored! Ok EVERYWHERE!! Yes... In closets, drawers, ribbon holders, more drawers, more holders and um... in another room! Sooo You're not the only one who's INSANE! And as for the cut files.... that is just AWESOME! maybe a little insane! But mostly AWESOME! Cause I don't have many of yours and I LOVE my DESIGN STUDIO! Yes I'm kind of getting use to my Gypsy but I still hit the DS first then the G and lastly the CCR.... So who's Insane now? LOL Gonna go download a file and I'll let you know if it works for me.... not that you care... :O) But as an FYI... :o) LOL

  7. OK.... went to download... everything went well and was able to open in my DS.... When I went to Cards at the top and it opened into the designs you made with the links, that was GREAT! I like that you have your samples front in center... with the links to that post, then for the file cuts... Was super easy to look at... Sooo THANK YOU! :o) You Insane lady! LOL
    I can't even imagine how much time it's gonna take you to put 4 years worth of cut files on here... but you are Wonderful for doing it.... I mean I come here to see what you're up to and get a good laugh and I've only used one of your files.... I know... whats wrong with me???? Sooo I did get a couple I've been wanting to try and... I'll let you know how they turn out.. Try not to over work yourself on this project.... Enjoy your weekend! :o)

  8. Okie, thank you so much for willing to take your time to set all of this up for your viewers. I am realatively new to the cricut and continue to search for ideas and suggestions. Have really enjoyed following your site. QUESTION; If we download these files don't we need to have the cartridges outlined in order to cut them? Some of the cartridges you mention are no longer available.

  9. I have totally enjoyed your cut files through the years ... you are definitely a DS Super Star in my eyes.

    I've saved and used many of your cut files, until I lost them all due to a computer crash. So I am especially happy to see they will be coming back again. But please don't over-work yourself on this task, you have a lot on your plate already.

    You are NOT crazy, however, I do think it's super nice of you to go through all the effort of doing this again to share your great work with everyone.

    Pssst ... I just downloaded one and it works fabulous! =)


  10. I don't think your insane at all for doing this! Well maybe a little for the work involved but I am truly thankful! I haven't jumped on the gypsy bandwagon yet because I love Design Studio!! the way you have it set up is perfect!!

    Thanks so much for doing this!!!

    pruttybird at comcast dot net

  11. OMG! You are not crazy, or are very kind and generous to do this for others. I can't imagine the time it will take you to put this all together. I have to say, I for one, truly appreciate this! Thank you so much for taking YOUR valuable time to do this for us! I have to say I'm excited! Thank you!

  12. Tank you so very very much! I have a gyp sty but still use and love my Design Studio. If I need to make something I do it in DS then load it to the Gypsy.

    Thanx so much for posting and sharing!


  13. WHAT A JOB AHEAD OF YOU - these .cut files work perfectly. In fact, I now have to go back and organize my "okieladybug .cut files" to see which ones I don't already have downloaded - ANOTHER PROJECT!!! LOL!

    You remain one of the angels of the blogging world!! Thanks for all your sharing!


  14. I just adore your posts! I have this awesome mental image of you covered in ribbon, frenetically organizing it, then catching sight of your computer and dashing over there to organize. Just remember, you have helped so many people, and this is going to help even more. You are a wonder!

  15. I wished I had gotten into the Design Studio craze. I LOVE how you have it set up. You can see at an instant what it is where to go and how to download. YOU ROCK. If this is insane I wished more people were insane.


  16. You are very gracious to do this! those of us who LOVE to read your blog are grateful that you publish all the things that you do. Thanks for being an inspiration!

  17. I am SOOO glad you consider yourself insane enough to re-link all of your .cut files!!! I am a Design Studio user and not real thrilled with the Cricut Craft Room so I really enjoy seeing other peoples creations! I downloaded a couple of your .cut files just now and they worked fine. I haven't had a chance to actually cut them them but they downloaded just fine. Thanks for all of your hard work!!!

    Kathy Olson

  18. You are so generous to share all you do. Thank you. Love your blog and look forward to it everyday.

  19. Die hard DS user and always will be!!! Not really impressed with the CCR. You have definitely made it very easy to find your .cut files and love your link to your original post to go along with the download files!!! You are awesome and thanks for taking the time to do this!!!

  20. Hi Okie!
    I sooooo enjoy reading your blog. I am follower and also get it via email, so I can catch it on my phone. I have DS and the Gypsy. I would love to use DS more since I have it loaded on my laptop. I am looking forward to seeing your cut files and hopefully it will inspire me to create some of my own, when I gain some experience. I have way too many carts, and should be using them more often. Thank you for your generous spirit and for making me smile on a reguarly basis. Cheers to you!

    Angela Young