Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Got the BLAHS - BUT!

Ever so often things happen in my life to make me feel BLAH. Well I have been feeling BLAH BLAH BLAH the last few days. It was of my own choices and actions and it will be okay after a time, but right now it doesn't seem like it.

But as most folks know, there isn't much that can keep me down for long! I was able to get in and load some posts for the rest of the week, definite improvement of my mood! I occupied my mind this weekend a bit by making some layout kits for my BFF Karen and I to take and do on the Cricut Cruise for when we have crop time every night. I made the kits simple enough to finish so adult beverages won't interfere with the ability to get them completed.

Oh I have an online Stampin Up party coming up next week. I will post all the details on Tuesday, January 24th. Kristen Long was nice enough to be the demo for this and I decided to wait until Stampin Up's big Sale-A-Bration they have before having the online party. So if there are things you are needing from Stampin Up and want to hold off a bit you are more than welcome to join my party!! I will be having a few door prizes available. Winners will be drawn from names of people who make orders with Kristen. Oh and the cool thing, Kristen is not charging for the shipping from her to you! A W E S O M E N E S S!!! If you are interested be sure to check out my website on the 24th!! *okie thinks maybe a part is just what she needs to cheer up a little*.


  1. Let me know the details on the party. I can hold off on a few things. :-)

  2. Every day you bring happiness to others through your work, your blog, and obviously friendship (from what your friends say.) I think you're entitled to a blah day once in a while. Just don't blah out too long . . . our okie blog withdrawals are NEVER pretty!

  3. It't ok to have an off day Okie. I can't believe how much you accomplish, pretty awesome.

  4. When you are in a profession that requires you to give all the time, you get Blah- I am so glad you are finding ways to overcome it!

  5. What perfect timing ! I was just trying to figure out about getting some Stampin Up items. I'll be looking forward to your information !

  6. I am new to stampin Up so cannot
    wait to see