Thursday, January 26, 2012

Double Walled Tumbler and Vinyl

The double walled tumblers make great gifts. Especially when we have Cricuts and vinyl that can really decorate them up! My friend Lisa had a birthday this week and last weekend she came over and I made her a tumbler. Okay so I didn't make the tumbler but I did decorate it. She chose the design for the tumbler and was thrilled with it once it was complete.

Supplies Used:
Double Walled Tumbler
Avery Outdoor Grade Vinyl
Cricut Storybook cart
Cricut Home Decor cart
Transfer tape

I have learned that when cutting vinyl the settings differ for the types of vinyl you use. Some of my vinyl is thicker than other colors. I get the majority of my vinyl from my friend Wendi who has a friend that owns a sign shop and gives Wendi scrap pieces of vinyl. Now when I say scrap, I don't mean small pieces. The smallest is usually at least 10 inches wide by several yards long. These are great sizes for use to use on projects *okie thinks to herself that she is so lucky to have such great friends that share*.

The tumblers I use are ones I ordered from DISCOUNT MUGS. The link is to the 20 oz tumblers because I couldn't locate the 16 oz that I had ordered. I bought a case of 25 tumblers when my daughter was joining a sorority thinking I would make them for her sorority sisters, however since she failed too many classes she was unable to continue her initiation and I still have the tumblers. Discount Mugs is having a free shipping right now and they run that special quite often. You can sign up for their email and they will email you when they are having specials.

If you are wanting to order but don't want that many it is nice to have a friend to order with. I have sold a few of these and sell them for between $12-$15, depending on what the individual wants on the cup.


  1. So a couple of the vinyl on the outside of the cup or is there a middle layer? If it's the outside, how does it hold up being washed?? Thanks!!

  2. The vinyl is on the outside of the cup. Since I use outdoor grade vinyl it holds up to washing well. My daughter has one that she has been using for about a year and it is still in good shape. Just make sure you hand wash.

  3. Looks really COOL Okie! I like the design! I've been wanting to make a design on my tumbler.... but I'm too LAZY! LOL But I do like seeing all the neat designs people are using on them.... Maybe one of these days I'll get around to it! :O)

  4. These tumblers are great! I love using vinyl. The settings for cutting the vinyl also differs from machine to machine. Thanks for the link.