Friday, February 4, 2011

Cupcake Gift bag Card Set

I have been making some gift bag and matching card sets lately and thought I better get them posted before you guys think I gave up on crafting completely!

This first one is actually the one I made yesterday. Uh...and the day before. The whole Dexter Season 1 and 2 marathon made me a very slow crafter.
Supplies used:
Cricut Expressions
Cricut Celebrations cartridge
MME Everyday Tango Stack
Spare Parts Brads
Grosgrain ribbon
Tissue paper
Cat eye Chalk Ink
Gift bag

I will tell you that I am posting a picture of the cutest giftbag. I got lazy and only did tissue paper on two of the large cupcakes. I got to thinking that these will probably be thrown away and I don't want to put that much effort into trash.

On the cupcake for the card I just Stickles to coordinate with the brads I used on the larger cupcake on the gift bag. I didn't write anything in the card thinking people might want to use it for something besides a birthday and they could write their own sentiment on the inside.

I cut the paper wrong for the card, I meant for it to run vertical instead of horizotal, like on the gift bag but once again I was on the phone and screwed up *okie thinks she really needs to stop talking on the phone and crafting because she messes up a lot of chit this way*.

On this larger cupcake I just used gift wrap tissue and folded to match the cupcake holder on the Cricut cut. I know the tissue paper does make it look so much nicer, but it was not an easy feat and I didn't want to do it on all four. Since these will be used as prizes at my Christmas party this year and most of my guests are not paper crafters they will never know that the tissue paper looks so much better.

I will be posting gift bag card sets for the next few days.


  1. Cuteness, I'll take 50! hahahaha

    Kathy Wyatt

  2. What a cute set! Love the 3 little bows on the gift bag.

  3. I love the gift bags. I have never done gift bags before though and would love to try my hand at them. I need details...details....details. How do you make them?

  4. real cute...nice job inking, and i like the colors.


  5. Cute card and cute bag! What a great way to give a gift.

  6. Rhonda H said....I like the cupcakes both ways. I agree. You only have so much free time to craft. Make some things easy on yourself. They both look good. Hey, you did more work on a gift bag/card set than I would have! I should really make some of these for the gift wrap closet. I am forever buying gift bags on clearance then not doing anything with them and at the last minute just put curly ribbon on the handle. Lame.
    Waving from Arkansas!

  7. This is a WONDERFUL Set Okie! I Love the paper and the tissue paper and the brads and well the whole darn thing! I also read your post below about the weather.... and you are right.... people shouldn't make fun of other people who don't normally get the snow/ice... I live where we get that kind of crap and I HATE it.... last year we got well over 4ft. of snow and I have the pictures to prove it.... but this year has been much milder for us... VERY, VERY, COLD but little snow... It was -20 degrees the other night and one of my pipes broke soooo I understand the crappy weather and don't like it any more than the next person.... and I live out west too... Try and stay warm and this shall pass/melt sooner than you think! I just keep thinking about Spring! ;O)

  8. Super cute, thanks for sharing. I've never seen Dexter what's it about? Maybe I should avoid it since all of you seem so addicted, that's the last thing I need...

  9. So cute. Who would ever throw that bag away. Not Me.
    Thank you
    Linda in Stanwood

  10. It takes time to create beautiful projects like that!

  11. Great job picking papers and putting it all together. Brads, stickles and ribbon are great touches.