Friday, February 25, 2011


That is something I tell people. And it is true I tell you! *okie nods to affirm this declaration*

You guys may remember the tshirt that Jenny sent me, proclaiming once and for all to be a paper ho. Well when Jenny contacted me about my information for mailing and said she had something for me I told her I hoped it was not dirty socks because I did not like dirty socks, but I do love string.

Why the love of string? Well there are many reasons, including String Theory, which while I will admit I do not quite understand but find rather fascinating. But mostly I love string because it is so versatile and necessary in life! You need string to tie your shoes, fly a kite and who paper craft! I haven't gotten to use the string yet but I can't wait to try it on some projects!!

Thank you so much Jenny!

And as you guys are reading this I am somewhere between Oklahoma and Florida. I will be meeting up with some Cricut friends who live in Florida and are nice enough to want to come and meet us! Then tomorrow we board the cruise ship for our great adventure on the 2011 Cricut Cruise!