Monday, February 21, 2011

Cuttlebug Storage Folders

This was originally posted in March of 2009 I do believe. People have been interested in it again and since I have been super busy I thought I would repost this information....


I knew I would do it. I should have done it in the first place. Why I didn't I shall never know *okie thinks her mind is a mystery to her sometimes and causes her too much work*. But this morning I did it. I made a .cut file for the Cuttlebug A2 folders.

I made the CUTTLEBUG A2 PLANTIN version and the CUTTLEBUG A2 GEORGE version. Yes you heard right. I did one for the Expressions and one for the baby bug. I couldn't forget those that don't have the E *it wasn't that long ago that okie only had the baby bug*

I haven't gotten around to do the ones for the combo sets, borders or 2x2 squares. But I likely will eventually.

The assembly should be the same for both versions.

I inked this version just to decorate it more. I hand wrote the name of the folder on the tab. And YES....I will likely be redoing all the folders I made yesterday *okie needs serious help...mentally that is*. I want to make them colored coded. Ya know like orange for Fall, green for Christmas, red for Valentines, etc.

Here is the cut. The PS version will cut two to a 12x12 sheet of cardstock and the George will cut one on the baby bug. In the pictures I only did the first tab version but there are mats to make graduated tabs. The mats are all labeled. I also made a divider if you want to divide by theme and such.

There is a first tab, middle tab and last tab. So 3 tabs in all. I can't really but them in alphabetical order this way....but come on folks I am not that anal!! NO COMMENTS FROM THE PEANUT GALLERY!! *okie gets a stick to bonk anyone on the head that wants to comment on that*

This is where you score. The score lines will cut for you so no measuring if you don't want to measure. And if you do...well I don't remember the measurements. If they dont seem to line up right just score 1/8" of an inch away from the first score line. I have them lined up correctly on the .cut file but as you know sometimes these machines have their own ideas about things!

I did score one and then pretty much lined up with the second set of score lines, and it was 1/8" of an inch *okay okie is that anal, she will admit*.

I used a ruler and an embossing stylus to do my embossing, but use what you wish. This was just the method I used because it gives me a smaller score line than my Crafters Companion does.

Here is a side view of how the cuttlebug embossing folder will look in it's new home *okie thinks her little cuttlebug folder even smiled in it's new home*.

Due to this version being specific for the width of the A2 folders. Like I said I will try to get ones done for the borders, combo dies and the 2x2 folders. Maybe I will work on those files today and maybe I won't.

I still gotta get that dang Tinkberbell card done before the child turns 5! HA HA HA *okie so cracks herself up*

To emboss the front you will need to put the NONE tabbed side of the folder in the cuttlebug folder.

You will also have to emboss it sideways. But of course if you want to turn it the other way you can. It is totally up to you.

Don't worry you won't break your cuttlebug, I have embossed this way quite a few times and it works just fine. But if you are afraid then just do it the othe way.

This is how it looks after embossed *okie makes oohh and ahh sounds to herself*. Now once you have done this you can make labels for the tabs if you wish, in the edges and or the embossed image, the sky is the limit on how you want to decorate them.

I think this gives you a quick reference to what the folder looks like embossed and I truly do like this method. Just wish I would have done this yesterday and saved me all the measuring, cutting, corner rounding etc. *okie sighs* but ya know sometimes it is better to reinvent the wheel!


  1. Awesome, thanks for posting this, if I ever get ambitious, I will sit down and make some. Thanks again.

  2. Okie, these are just wonderful!! Thank you for sharing your method with us.

  3. oh okie its so lovely to see this post again!! i totally lovd it the first time you posted it and promptly set to work cutting them all out and embossing them and they look fab. I have recently got some mesties too and i keep them in with my cuttlebug embossing folders in a box so I just cut out all the layers for each nestie, glued them all together and popped them on the front of the okie folder instead of embossing it! they look fab and fit great in my small really useful box. So huge thank you's fom me from the original post ( lou thinks omg was it really 2009!!) huge hugs Lou xx

  4. Thank you so much Oakie. This will help me get organized a little more.

  5. What a great idea Okie! Thanks so much for reposting this. I just have mine in a pile and it's getting to be a pain, lol. Plus it will be easier for my 8 yr old to see what they are. Thanks again!

  6. So glad you thought of this because I sure didn't!
    Thanks so much for all your creativity!
    Wish I had today off to do this but soon!

  7. I googled searched this a month or so ago and used your measurements to design my own b/c I don't have any of the cartridges you used and they are wonderful! I absolutely love, love, love them! (Now I just wish I had an E so I could cut bigger ones for the Sizzix texture plates!)

  8. Thanks for reposting this. I liked it the first time but never did it. I have more folders now though so maybe I will. My question is what do you store them in.

  9. Wow lady! This is freaking awesome! Ya wanna come over and do mine?????? :) Seriously, this is just too, too cool! Okay, that being said, what kind of box do you store them in? TFS!

  10. Such a great idea. I don't think Okie is anal, I think she is through.
    You mentions that you were thinking of doing the same type of folder for the 2x2 folders, did you do that?

  11. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the Cutting category today [23 Feb 12:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria