Monday, September 20, 2010

Winner? What winner?

Winner of what? Diva's? *okie knits eyebrows together like she is thinking hard* OH THAT IS RIGHT!! The contest ended last night at midnight and I said I would announcer the winner!

Well according to the winning comment for the Diva Va Voom re-giveaway was #131!!

Which was....

Scrappydoo2 said...

You are so generous with your beautiful cards. I love seeing all of them. Maybe I will be the lucky one to win them!!!! One can hope.


(email removed from this post by okie)
September 19, 2010 10:30 PM

Congrats Debbie! I will be contacting you soon for mailing information!


  1. Thanks guys!!!! And thank you Okie for being so generous!! I've PM'd you my information. YEAH ME!

  2. If she doesn't contact you to get the cards, just set them with my SU order and I'll get them when I come pick it up! LOL!

    Congratulations Debbie! I've seen these in person and you're gonna LOVE them!

  3. Congrats, Im sure you will love the cards they looked great. Sad I didnt win!

  4. Hurray for Debbie and Okie for being so generous!